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Big Brother – Someone Has Walked Out Of The House

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 7.23.47 PMA person has walked out of the Big Brother house and it is a real person not the dog Mr Clooney. Who can it be?

The official Big Brother Facebook page say a Big Brother Housemate has made a game changing sacrifice.

It makes me think it is one of the girl intruders either Maddy or Boogs. If someone else had walked it would not necessarily mean the two girls would get to stay in the house.  They were both on the feeds this morning which means they were in the house longer then Justynn was before he was voted out. Which does give some creedence to the theory he got aggressive and they wanted him out.

It can’t be a nominated housemate as they have not suspended voting and they would need to as people would be peeved if they were voting to save someone that had already walked.

It could be Nathan as he has not been seen on camera much and might be having a hard time adjusting to the Big Brother house.

If Ben left it would definitely be game changing and he would be kicking himself as he is red hot favourite to win. He would have kissed $250,000 good bye. But considering he was sobbing to Tim last week that there was nothing for him on the outside I doubt it is. Also his voting line is still open.

Hit me with your theories about who has sacrificed themselves.

UPDATE: Behind Big Brother thinks it is Nathan going off tweets of people claiming they saw him smoking in Dreamworld. But you would think the producers would have him under wraps until the big reveal.


1 Gabby { 10.08.13 at 12:15 am }

Thanks very much RR, I really look forward to that happening and being able to post without fear of abuse. Thank you!

2 Techhater { 10.08.13 at 12:16 am }

RR Sorry I posted at the same time as you. I’m just over all the BS that’s been going on. I’ve noticed over the past month a number of frequent posters don’t comment anymore. Even i’ve been holding back because of what’s happening.

All I want to say is Daisy, Dave, Andrea and Gabby I enjoy ALL your comments and welcome your differing opinions. So can the personal attacks stop and let’s just get back to normal. Because there are too many others who used to post and don’t anymore and I miss them heaps. :'(

3 Reality Raver { 10.08.13 at 12:17 am }

Gabby – no one started it. I have to take responsibility. I had thought things had settled down over the past few months clearly there is still tension.

4 brain dead dave { 10.08.13 at 12:45 am }

I’ll leave you gice to have fun with the “nice” bullies.

See you on the dark side of the moon.

5 daisy { 10.08.13 at 12:46 am }

Can Woolif and I come too.

6 daisy { 10.08.13 at 12:47 am }

We both love your sense of humour.

And I have a present for you.

7 brain dead dave { 10.08.13 at 12:51 am }

Yeah daisy , I might start posting at The Punch or back at the Tele. RR has my permission to give you my email addy , provided you don’t send any nasty ones.Thanks.

A new bull$hit detector is something I need.

8 daisy { 10.08.13 at 12:53 am }

He he. Cheers BDD.

9 Techhater { 10.08.13 at 12:53 am }

Oy Neither of you are going anywhere without me.

10 daisy { 10.08.13 at 12:54 am }

And I still haven’t returned you tee.

11 daisy { 10.08.13 at 12:56 am }

Ha ha, TH.
It’s Tuesday tomorrow so check your mailbox for your undies.

12 daisy { 10.08.13 at 12:58 am }

BDD I think your detector works just fine.
I was going to send you your long awaited cartoon.

13 Techhater { 10.08.13 at 1:05 am }

Well if it’s Tuesday tomorrow then it has to be a red G-string if it’s not then it’s just butt-floss. HaHa :-S

14 Georgie { 10.08.13 at 1:11 am }

Pity, I’ve been hoping that the BB compound at Dreamworld would spontaneously combust before the blog did.

I just slept through that gice and now it’s all been deleted, I’ll never know what was said.

bdd you know very well there is no dark side of the moon really – matter of fact it’s all dark! Don’t go, I won’t survive here without you. :-(

15 Techhater { 10.08.13 at 1:15 am }

Oops I forgot we don’t get mail on Tuesdays, only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So if I got red undies tomorrow I would be sus of everyone in town. LOL :$

16 brain dead dave { 10.08.13 at 1:26 am }

Speaking of pies, how was Mikkayla at the party. eating all that crap? Every time she was in shot,she was eating like a blue whale loading up on krill.

It must drive people nuts when she’s fishing for compliments after a feeding frenzy like that.

Poor Ben. I mean ~ save those tears for a real tragedy,man,not a nicotine deprived sob act like we saw tonight.

You can well guess what was said, Georgie.

17 daisy { 10.08.13 at 1:33 am }

We’ll be in Singapore tomorrow BDD.

18 Techhater { 10.08.13 at 1:37 am }

Georgie Looks like it’s just you and me.

Seriously it feels like every time I post everyone else abandons ship like a river rat.

You haven’t missed anything significant so please don’t stress over it.

19 Georgie { 10.08.13 at 1:49 am }

I feel like that sometimes too Techhater – a conversation killer. I won’t stress, I was just trying to be funny, although I do like to keep myself informed. :-)

20 daisy { 10.08.13 at 1:50 am }

Georgie, you’re a gem. A sparkly, real one.

21 daisy { 10.08.13 at 1:51 am }

TH, you’re gorgeous, Muriel.

22 Georgie { 10.08.13 at 1:57 am }

Cheers Daisy. Night all.

23 Techhater { 10.08.13 at 2:04 am }

Georgie I know exactly where you’re coming from. Have a great night’s sleep and Daisy will chat tomorrow.

G’night all

24 detti { 10.08.13 at 9:34 am }

Who was right??? I was right!! Hell’s yeah

25 Lauren { 10.08.13 at 2:47 pm }

Nathan had obviously made the decision he didn’t want to be a member of the big brother house a day befor the scheduled evection night for the two intruders maddy and boog I think after Nathan had informed big brother he wanted to leave and they have then come up with a story line they could go with and decided to cut the live feed and cut the 7 o’clock normal time and put it on at 8.45pm. I think they had organised it to make it look like his is giving up his place in the house so maddy could stay and purely becoz they need the ratings. I also don’t understand if Nathan wasn’t happy in the house why didn’t he sacrifice his spot for Justin a week earlier? I think the hole sacrifice/story line they have gone with was just for ratings nothing else