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Survivor – Blood V Water – Interview With Rachel Foulger


Rachel Foulger was eliminated last week and she unfortunately did not get a lot of air time but she memorably flipped the bird at Brad Culpepper in what was a memorable Redemption Island.

Rachel was Tyson’s girlfriend and the boys decided to punt her in the hope that Tyson would swap her and therefore weakend the Gulang tribe. It did not occur.

In this interview we discuss strategy, alliances and THAT Redemption Island.

Reality Ravings: When Tyson said to you “Hey do you want to go on Survivor with me what did you think?”

Rachel Foulger: My very first reaction was my heart sank down into my stomach. I got really nervous about the idea as I know how tough the show is. But over time I got really excited going on and having that experience and making money too.

RR: Were you surprised when you got on there and you were told you were on different tribes?

RF: Yes I was, I figured that would happen eventually in the game I just did not figure it would happen so soon.

RR: We saw an edited version of Redemption Island and you flipped the bird at Brad Culpepper and Marissa said to him “Fuck you”. Was there anything else going down? Was there more of an exchange or what we saw was what happened?

RF: That Redemption Island scene really did last for hours. It was so long as you had everybody going off on Brad, you had Colton quitting, you had the duel which lasted for over an hour. Marissa yelled at Brad which was really great and that was fun to watch.

RR: There is different strategy going on in Survivor due to the family/loved also playing. You were targetted because of Tyson. Did you know that was going on?

RF: Not in the beginning. It was not until they asked Marissa and Gervase if they wanted to switch in the arena and then I thought maybe they might want to take Tyson out through me.

RR: Did you know there was an all male alliance in your tribe, did you know that? Were you girls trying to break the trust of some of the men in that group?

RF: From the very beginning they were making it very obvious that they had that alliance. They were not being secretive at all. It was hard as from the very beginning I felt like I had to scramble to keep myself safe. I thought I could be the first to go because I was a woman out there. But I thought I was stronger then Ciera and Katie so I thought I would be safe over them.

RR: Did Tyson give you any tips about the game before you went out there?

RF: It was mostly the social game, making sure you are friends with everybody and making everybody really likes and trusts you.

RR: Would you go on another reality TV show and if so which one?

RF: I think The Amazing Race would be fun.

Survivor Blood V Water on GO Channel Thursday nights at 8.30pm.



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1 Juz { 10.11.13 at 10:02 pm }

Thanks for covering Survivor, RR. After so many seasons I still love watching it.