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Australia’s Got Talent – Another Two Through And An Act Pulls Out

Fourteen year old pop singer Ange proved she was popular with the Australia’s Got Talent viewers as she scored the highest number of votes from semi final three. She is in the Grand Final along with Academy of Brothers who were put through by the judges ahead of  the contortionist twins the Rykas sisters.

Dean Brady and his dad were in tonight’s final but his mother who was put through after a on the spot audition pulled out as she did not want to compete against her son. His father did not appear to be on the stage tonight but Dean again proved his was popular with the audience and judges.

Unfortunately the same could be said about Miss Frilby and The Fribles who were buzzed at by the judges.

The Extreme Team kicked off the night with an act that had a lot of stunts but they will struggle to get through to the grand final as the Lee Academy were also very good albeit there was a lot happening on the stage.

The Foenander Brothers will rake in the Granny vote with their Rat Pack crooning. They were smooth.

The Brassholds were OK but it is problem that when the cheerleader dancers went off stage it felt a bit dull. Geri buzzed in.

Miles Elkington did a cute rendition of the popular Carly Rae Jeppson song Call Me Maybe. He should get through but there has been some strange acts getting through. Though Timomatic did not think there was a wow element in the act.

Next week the finalists are:

  • Sydney Dancers Dapper
  • Gold Coast Martial arts team The Real Fruit Ninja
  • Brisbane 13-year old singer Paris Morgan
  • Melbourne salsa dancers Juan and Angela
  • Sydney acrobat team KSTP
  • Sydney musicians Oscar and Josh
  • Sydney band Uncle Jed

Australia’s Got Talent on NINE Sunday’s at 6.30pm.



1 Georgie { 10.13.13 at 11:05 pm }

My guess is the producers told Dean Brady’s father to stay out of the act so they could auto-tune the kid into audio oblivion. If there was anything left that was him, it was then drowned out by all the backing singers. I would have liked to just hear him sing.

2 Jason { 10.14.13 at 6:40 am }

One of the backing singers was Dean’s mother. How does that work? Does she pull out so she can be on the AGT payroll?