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Big Brother – Mikkayla Has Got The Elimination Edit

Mikkayla got the elimination edit tonight with her cast in a poor light on a number of occasions   At least she gives an opinion. Jade, Ed and Maddy are giving nothing. Ed works out and bitches about Tim, and Jade and Maddy nod in agreement. Jade’s ongoing plot line is her talking about whether her and Ed are going to be together when they are on the outside.

Mikkayla was having some sort of bout of amnesia when she cracked it with Tim for telling Boogs that she did not find her jokes funny.  Because of course Mikkayla has NEVER tattled on anyone in the house aka she has done so regularly as they all have.

She screamed at Tim saying don’t talk about me to people without me being there.  She did not like being caught out and in the end she was crying.

Tim said he was done.Mikkayla said she is so angry at Tim because he does not  take responsibility  Jade thought the conflict occurred because Mikkayla was up for eviction and that was what Tim does. Maddy just nodded.

Tim ran into the diary room to say that was not his fault. The next day Tim was still not wanting to make nice with her when she held out her arms for a hug he said he was not ready to make nice.

Ed was not wanting to make nice with Tim and their feud continued with Tim calling Ed toxic and Ed still moaning about Tim manipulating people to make them look bad.

He would not have been happy when Tahan and Tim as the naughtiest housemates were given the jobs of house wardens where they had to run around tell the others what to do. He would know this would guarantee air time for Tim.

However Ed had his opportunity to get tele time on the radio show they were doing. Tim and Mikkayla and Drew discussed the groups in the house and Tim called the other group boring. Mikkayla does not like the toilet humour aka fart jokes. She also thought Boogs was clinging onto a life raft that had deflated she must be clearly thinking Boogs is the one to go. It will be hard for Boogs to stay in. She will have to hope Mikkayla and Tahan fans are voting to save her so the others got.

If Maddy was up she would be guaranteed to be eliminated she is adding nothing to the show except a bit of conversation about her ex-boyfriends. It was interesting Tim said to Tahan that Maddy was not 24  years of age but she is at least 30. Tahan is also 24 years old.

When it was Ed’s turn on radio with Tim and Mikkayla they were discussing Jade. Ed said he did not want a showmance and they were not girlfriend and boyfriend.

Jade was gibbering about Ed, and Mikkayla and Maddie chimed in saying Ed was sooo intelligent. Jade said she liked how Ed was kept her calm because she was not a calm person. Really yet to have seen any emotion from her.

Drew on the other hand was was getting pissed off with the dinner conversation and the banality of it. He bitched to Big Brother about all the housemates except Tahan and Tim unsure which pissed him off the most. Was it Jade talking about not eating carbs, the tapeworm being pulled out of a person’s ear or just about how Ed has dull conversation starters like “so Drew do you still collect bugs?”

You get the feeling it is going to be a little bit uncomfortable in the house for the next week or so.


1 daisy { 10.15.13 at 11:27 pm }

Me too Lizzie. My motto is “You pay me if you want me to advertiseyour product”.
Doesn’t mean I don’t use nice stuff. I just won’t wear the designers name plastered all over me.

2 brain dead dave { 10.15.13 at 11:30 pm }

I smell Au de dead cat:

Mikkayla 1.65
Boog 2.00
Tahan 10.00

How big was the piece of steak Mikkayla was squatting on? With an ice cream chaser. Enough chips to start a seagull riot.

3 Lizzie { 10.15.13 at 11:41 pm }

Exactly Daisy. Even my “green” supermarket bags are plain. Plastic supermarket bags are banned here!

Yeah Jade has grown on Ed, like a wart. Hard to get rid of.. :)

4 daisy { 10.15.13 at 11:56 pm }

Watching Big School. Just like the real thing.

5 daisy { 10.16.13 at 12:02 am }

Eeew eau de chat.

Pefum de pusse.

6 daisy { 10.16.13 at 12:04 am }

Fragrance de Fluff.