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Big Brother – Mikkayla Eliminated And Treated Harshly On Stage

After receiving a killer edit this week Mikkayla’s nine lives were over and she was eliminated from the Big Brother house. At one point  with one person on 50 percent of the vote and the other two neck and neck I wondered if Boog’s was the one who had reaped all the votes from Tahan and Mikkayla fan. However this was not the case, even though the Producer’s had Tahan and Mikkayla the bottom two it was Tahan who again received the highest saved votes for the second week in a row.

Mikkayla received a bit of a harsh montage on stage and she seemed to look increasingly upset. They really need to think about how they do the edit. Maybe the sugar before the poison? It was only in the final minutes they showed the positive side of Mikkayla’s time in the house.

It was good that Sonia Kruger did ask her about THAT fight with Tim and why she was so upset as all the housemates tattle on each other. Sonia also brought up the time Mikkayla dobbed to the sugar sisters that she had said they were stupid. Mikkayla dressed it up as being a decent person.

Also interesting that Mikkayla thought it was Tahan who was nominating her each week when in fact she only nominated her in the last two weeks. It was sad when Mikkayla saw Mr Clooney as she genuinely loved that dog.

With Mikkayla being eliminated it will only increase the paranoia of Ed and Jade about how if you get drawn into a conflict with Tim you are eliminated.

Jade was trying to have the conversation with Ed about moving to Melbourne. It was cringeworthy as she tried to get any little hint that he wanted to continue the showmance after the show and he was being monosyllabic.

Starting to agree with some commentators here that Drew could be the dark horse to win.


1 daisy { 10.17.13 at 3:12 pm }

Or can I say head for the hills song.

The girl just wants ta have fun. It’s all she really waaaaants.

2 brain dead dave { 10.17.13 at 3:19 pm }

What fame? What popularity? No -one knows who he is. Just another ‘ken petrol head to me. It could be “well documented ” that the no name made a tweet but it’s no proof that a single person was motivated to do anything more than scratch their arse about it.

3 all happening { 10.17.13 at 3:25 pm }

Gregarious, how many of the 45,000+ followers of that twitter account be one bit interested in Tahan. They are on that account because of V8s. Lets face it, most messages on twitter are rubbish anyway. Is there any difference in that to Mikkayla’s sister of the Official Big Brother facebook page, having a go at anyone daring to bag Mikkayla or daring to support Tahan.
Welcome back Daisy, you can sing to us any time you like.

4 all happening { 10.17.13 at 3:27 pm }

sorry for typos on my previous post

5 Techhater { 10.17.13 at 3:29 pm }

Daisy if you go to Hillsong will that mean you’ll be a finalist on either XFactor or the Voice. Lol

6 daisy { 10.17.13 at 3:30 pm }

I’ll do you proud TH.

Any requests?

7 Carol (without the e) { 10.17.13 at 3:32 pm }

Daisy # 51… Most of us here want to have fun too… so I vote you stay!!!

8 brain dead dave { 10.17.13 at 3:35 pm }

Midnight At The Oasis? Help Me , Rhonda?

C’mon! You can do it ! You don’t need a back story.

9 SD { 10.17.13 at 3:47 pm }

The blatant attempt to appease Ben’s fans last night won’t have worked… The reason….. Ben’s fans have already switched off and aren’t watching the show anymore.

10 Techhater { 10.17.13 at 3:52 pm }

Carol (wte) you can register my vote to save Daisy as well. 😀

Dave I would have thought the obvious choice would’ve been GRACElands. :-S

11 all happening { 10.17.13 at 4:02 pm }

SD, please, not the old Ben’s votes to save were not accepted. Voting is all audited by an independent company. I am so over the conspiracy theories when people don’t get the outcome they want.

12 Pam { 10.17.13 at 4:13 pm }

Two at the Big Brother compound are shooting themselves in the foot.
1/ The Smiling Assassin.
2/ Big Brother, with the biased edits and for also allowing Mykkala to be treated as she was on stage after her eviction.

13 Colleen { 10.17.13 at 4:20 pm }

When is the finale? Is it the 4th November?

My prediction is
Maddie, Boog, Ed, Jade
and then Tahan, Drew and Tim for the final 3 and any one of those can win it.

14 Reality Raver { 10.17.13 at 4:23 pm }

With eliminations I think it depends who the housemates are up against. I think if Tahan had not been nominated and it had been Mikkayla, Boogs and either Drew or Jade that she would not have gone home. The feud between Mik and Tahan meant that their fans felt strongly that one should go home. Of course not helped by the edit Mikkayla received this week on the Monday night episode. They say they don’t do an elimination edit but who knows maybe it is just about the drama that is happening in the house at the time.

15 Colleen { 10.17.13 at 4:48 pm }

Also people are not necessarily voting to save someone because they like them, it can be because they want one of the others to go and it depends on the cohort. 50% of all viewers do not like Tahan, it’s only an inference on the mindset of those who vote at that particular time for those particular housemates. I don’t vote, I am too old.

16 bbhm { 10.17.13 at 4:51 pm }

If anyone has had a good edit and favouritism, Its been Ben and Jade/Ed.
Ben has had a good edit by BB and being allowed to talk to to his photos, which is communicating to the outside world and being able to show a quirky, funny, nice side of himself. Then having Bert and Pattie in, pure favouritism. BUT even though BB did that for Ben, the public still voted him out, because he was coming across as a bit contrived, and fake especially with the public finding up out about his hobby as a stand-up comedian.
Jade sand Ed have also been showed favouritism, By being referred to as Prince charming and his princess ( during Jades birthday) Plus they were given that cringe-worthy date in the secret garden, Thank god Cerly the fish made it funny and not so boring with his commands to ED.
So explain to me how Tahan is being favoured by BB ?? Ben, Jade and Ed have been clearly, and it showed that BB is not that powerful Ben was still evicted !!
And who the hell is Tahan’s boyfriend ???? No one knows him outside of V8 and even then isn’t he just a B-grade driver??
And I can’t imagine “Petrol heads” , tuning into BB or writing down/saving that weird 1900 number to call to save Tahan. I would say her advantage is all the Asians and indigenous that she has proudly supported, and all the Asians that Mikkalya made disparaging remarks about.
And on all the evictions they show an angle, Mikkalaya angle was her hatred and rivalry of Tahan and vica versa.

17 Gregarious { 10.17.13 at 5:17 pm }

Just a heads-up for any Sydney people. Due to the coverage of the NSW bush fire emergency, BB Live Nominations will be starting at 7:30pm (not 7:00pm as scheduled). This only applies to NSW.

18 Liberty { 10.17.13 at 5:42 pm }

ty gregarious @67 – I never watch live tv so wouldn’t have known. Sydney radar looks scary – ash & smoke.

19 Liberty { 10.17.13 at 5:43 pm }
20 Carol (without the e) { 10.17.13 at 5:56 pm }

Oh this gives me the shits.

“She struggled with body issues in the house”

It didn’t stop her eating like a pig for most of the time did it? THAT is what pisses people off. I don’t care one bit how much she weighed going in or going out. It was listening to her whine about her weight and then seeing her tuck into a huge fucking steak. Sure she might have the body type that holds onto weight… BUT… what you put into your mouth has a LOT to do with what size you are.

I’ll say it again… I didn’t care about her weight… but the only person that could do ANYTHING about it did. And that person just kept eating!!!

My favourite contestant of all time would have to be Chrissie Swan… co-incidentally (possibly) one of the biggest housemates they’ve ever had. I don’t remember seeing her be such a hypocrite like this.


PORTION CONTROL!!! It’s easy. If you find it difficult… then don’t whinge about your weight!!!

21 Leigh { 10.17.13 at 6:05 pm }

Daisy, I hope you dun leave, it has always been interesting to read ur views and abt woolif.

22 daisy { 10.17.13 at 6:25 pm }

Thanks Leigh, poor Woolif is where I get my best material.
And he was eating 5 or 6 courses at Redang.

He’s used to being the BUTT of my jokes.

23 Len { 10.17.13 at 6:42 pm }

Put a sock in it Carol – get off the Mikkayla hate train – it’s run it’s course and you are still banging on about it even though she’s evicted. You seem obsessed with it so there is clearly more to your rants than just portion control, if anyone needs to control themselves – it’s you!

24 all happening { 10.17.13 at 6:51 pm }

I thought this thread was about last nights eviction and the person that was evicted, namely Mikkayla. A different opinion is NOT a hate comment.
Totally agree with your post, Carol (without e).

25 bbhm { 10.17.13 at 7:09 pm }

Totally agree with Carol (without an e) and All Happ

Len73 — we are here to express our opinions on our Fav HM’s, not get personal against each other.

We hear heaps of negative things about Tahan etc, espc on the Official BB site, we support her and give out view, dont taken it personally. After all I think that overall the HM’s are all friends to certain an extent, and would prob be surprised by how passionate we are all getting.

peace and love Len

26 MT { 10.17.13 at 7:15 pm }

Does anyone think that maybe Ed might like Jade now?
I’m just not sure….he could be a good actor and using her for votes or maybe he is just a man of few words…
He just seems to be different with her lately…
What do you all think?

27 Pam { 10.17.13 at 7:46 pm }

Drew is loving this. He’s the only one laughing.

28 bbhm { 10.17.13 at 8:18 pm }

omg pleaae tell me ED voted for Jade !!!!!!!!!!!


29 Alicia { 10.17.13 at 10:01 pm }

I love that Jade said she couldn’t nominate Drew and he then turned around and nominated her! Heh.

30 Reality Raver { 10.17.13 at 10:16 pm }

MT – I think Ed does like Jade. My theory is he has lost all his mates and she is really the only person he has in the house.

31 Techhater { 10.17.13 at 10:38 pm }

Oops posted on wrong thread. My bad. Not going to post twice go to previous and read what I wrote if you’re interested.

32 Evan { 10.17.13 at 11:05 pm }

Give Mikkayla some credit, she is replying to all of her fans on Facebook, including me.
That shows a lot of class in my book.
The nominations thing tonight was very lame. How predictable that the 2 intruders get nominated.
Boogs or Maddy will go, Jade should be perfectly safe……unless of course she then gets the edit from hell, like Mikkayla did.
Tim will no doubt target Madaline or Jade in the next few days.

33 BBHM { 10.17.13 at 11:32 pm }

There is no bad or good edits, only EDITS.
BB only shows what they are doing, he isn’t forcing them to do things or react in certain ways . He just shows the most exciting things in the house that day.

I am sorry but it looks like all they do is sunbake these days , so it going to be pretty slim pickings and if there was no drama to show, people like us would tune out pretty quick.

34 Carol (without the e) { 10.18.13 at 12:35 am }

Len @ 73… Regardless of what you think… I don’t hate Mikkayla. I just don’t like hypocrisy. You don’t have to agree with my posts though and you are entitled to your opinion.

35 Sweet { 10.18.13 at 12:42 am }

Carol, what a lovely lady you must be. Good on you.

36 Swins { 10.19.13 at 3:29 am }

Face it people in order to be happy in life not just a show you have to be at piece with yourself (ie. happy in your own skin). Mikkayla was so far out of touch with this that in my opinion she shouldn’t have been placed on the show in the interest of her own well being. Her insecurities in her race, appearance, weight, eating capacity and general mental health border on a disorder which is why I believe she came across as a negative, wining, bossy child, that needs to grow up and accept herself including (but not limited to) her Asian features, big hips and beer belly. Thank god she is off the show and I wish her the best in getting the required help she obviously need in order to accept herself

37 Swins { 10.19.13 at 3:33 am }

On a positive note the initial effort she put into training the dog was impressive (accept of course the lack of discipline).

38 Swins { 10.19.13 at 3:49 am }

As for jade I liked her in the beginning stunning woman who at the beginning I thought was more than just a pretty face but the longer the show goes on the more detached from reality and desperate she appears. I wish she would open her eyes and see Ed for the spineless Cretan he is. He’s actually placed Jades head on the chopping block (far worse than just nominating someone) just to save himself.

I have no time for the guy, it is clear that once out of the house Jade might be inline to be Pince Eds “Princess Bootycall” until he finds himself something more to his likings back home in Melbourne. Sadly I think Prince Ed could actually sell this arrangement to our love struck Jade.

To Jade: Seriously woman, you are a beautiful bi lingual woman who by the looks of it has a sweet and good natured heart. You need to open your eyes and grow up, and stop being so needy (it’s such a poor example to young women). If u leave this week I would NOT be going start to your travel agent and booking a one way flight to Melbourne something tells me you might only be a stop over in Prince Eds plan to take the throne.

39 Ammo { 10.22.13 at 2:32 pm }

That stuff you said abov mikayla well to me tahan had just as many cracks she fished all the time about compliments and comparing herself to jade, banging on about her hair, make up eyelash’s the sister extensions, and how dumb they were- she’s a pretty girl on the outside but needed a lot of reassurance sorry I guess we all interpret things differently and she came across as insecure as any of them in there, and certainly as nasty. Also for someöne famed for being straight up her face to face nominations were mild compared to the usual rant she goes on! Nothing personal she- says Its All personal with tahan.

40 Carol (without the e) { 10.22.13 at 2:40 pm }

I have been watching Tahan for a while and can’t help but notice how often she does these unconscious moves to adjust her hair or her clothes etc. I think if someone pointed it out to her when she’s watching this all back later… she would be shocked at how often she does it.

It’s like my bonus daughter (more commonly known outside our house as my step daughter). She says LIKE so often… and UMM… and gets so shitty with herself that she can’t control it.

I know they glance in the mirrors a lot in the house… and really… that’s impossible to avoid for all of them.

However, that move Tahan does with her right hand… to adjust/lift her hair on the right side of her head is so frequent that it’s an unconscious move now. It’s very conceited but I truly doubt she knows how often she does it.