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Australia’s Got Talent – Two More In The Finals

It was no surprise to see young Dean Brady got through to the Australia’s Got Talent grand final as the kid has got talent. The Foenander Brothers who are Australia’s mini rat pack are also through.

It was the second last semi-final and the highlights were Uncle Jed who received a standing ovation from the judges, Oscar and Joshua, tumblers KSTP and boy dance group Dapper were not perfect but the audience loved them.

Uncle Jed might find it hard to get through to the finals.

Paris Morgan the 13 year old opera singer was good but it might be a tad niche for the AGT audience and Fruit Ninja was dreadful but that is what you get when you put in joke contestants.

Next week:

Melbourne Dancers Ministry of Dance

Cairns magician Sam Powers

Perth singer 10-year old singer Chloe Marlow

Sydney singer Julius Firdaus

Perth pole dancer Joanna

Sydney singer Valere

Newcastle band Greg Gould and The Chase

Australia’s Got Talent on NINE on Sunday night’s at 6.30pm


1 Georgie { 10.22.13 at 1:15 pm }

It’s been mentioned before that 150 acts from the auditions were given the nod to come back. However only 43 of them were selected to actually return a second time. The fact that Tommy Franklin and now the idiot who smashes fruit everywhere were 2 of the 43, leaves me shaking my head. Surely of the 107 who missed out, there were another 2 better than these. AGT, you’re losing me!

2 Andrea { 10.22.13 at 1:35 pm }

The Ninja fruit guy was unbelieveably bad, I have no idea how he got through, they made a bad mistake there.
I liked Oscar and Joshua, when they added a little comedy routine into their performance it worked well, and they were very gracious wishing the other contestants good luck ( even though their mum probably told them to say that )
The group next week seem to be a much stronger mix than this weeks.