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Big Brother – The Staples Don’t Look Too Be Ending Anytime Soon

There is no way the big brother housemates are going to be able to pass the task this week. They are so not freezing still when they are meant to. Maddy just keeps on giggling. When the choir came in Tahan and Tim were also moving. There were smiles and movement when Ed’s twin brother came in and also Tahan crying was not great either when her mother and sister came in.

Well if they are on staples for another week they can have another KFC dinner and again get the looks of ecstatic delight when they smell and taste it. You can’t get better product placement then that.

It is a very funny task particularly when Ed and Jade were sent into the Garden of Eden and then frozen and Tahan and Tim were sent in. The cheeky pair had a lot of fun with it. It was also funny when Tim was caught eating chocolate under the doona. Drew was then told by Big Brother to go and take two of the remaining four cans of tuna and put it in his “housemate of the week” fridge. Then Tim threw over a cushion with a chocolate in it to Ed and another tin of tuna was gone.

Drew won housemate of the week after giving Big Brother the best pitch saying he kept Tim under control.

Tim said Drew was annoying him with Boog. He said that Boog just wants to constantly getting under his skin with her niggling. He said that Drew also has a little side kick. Drew said he was hurt by Tim thinking he was riding on her coat tails.

He was also seemed to be miffed that Drew decided to go on a huger strike in support of his and Tahan’s. Drew was doing it to try and get Big Brother to give the housemates back their tuna. Then Drew decided he would not use his right hand.

Big Brother said to Tim if he is Drew’s right hand man he could eat from the executive fridge and he would get the cans of tuna back for the other housemates plus a bonus. As you can imagine there was much bitching about how Tim went on a hunger strike and now is getting to eat from the executive fridge. What they don’t get is that Tim creates story lines for himself. The other thing he did was become a life drawing model for the girls whilst they were doing their art.

Tim also told Drew that he felt like a third wheel around Drew and Tully and now him and Boogs. Drew was gobsmacked about it all.

Jade was happy to be showing her breasts when they were dressed up in the country and western gear. Ed and Jade appear to be a bit more serious but maybe he has Stockholm Syndrome. On Friday’s episode he was having a go at Tim and Drew for nominating Jade when she thought they were friends. However when they confronted him about putting her  up for eviction instead of Tim that week. His excuse was he was not as close to her as he is now. Jade defended him and said it was a totally different situation. Indeed it is, as Drew and Tim were not party pashing her. Also the following week Ed nominated her.

Also the conversation was funny when Jade was asking Ed whether he was comfortable going out with an actress, meaning her. Props that she has the gumption to decide that is what she wants to do, but has she even taken an acting class? She asked him if he would feel comfortable with the sex scenes. Seriously she has not been cast in anything yet.

Maddy continues to niggle about Tim and the others she is certain to be eliminated on Wednesday.



1 all happening { 10.22.13 at 2:31 pm }

carol(without e) Agree with your comments on Drew. LOL on your comment ” I just don’t know where that talent was when Tully was in the house”…….aaarh it fell from his head to a lower portion of his body.

2 brain dead dave { 10.22.13 at 2:37 pm }

The gels on Home And Away won’t piss on the garden or in bathtubs to be noticed. Alf wouldn’t cop that.

3 jitterbug { 10.22.13 at 3:10 pm }

Streuth! I forgot about Alf.

He turns a blind eye to a bit of tweenage slap and tickle though.

4 Carole { 10.22.13 at 8:37 pm }

Well Big Brother is very wasteful. First he freezes them while they are cleaning their teeth and the water is left running, then he gives them ice creams and freezes them until they are all melted. Very cruel since they are on staples and an ice cream would have been a nice treat.

Poor Madaline had to do all the yukky stuff. Having to kiss all that seafood, yuk!!!! Why didn’t Tim have to kiss a few fish too. Not very fair.


5 Carole { 10.22.13 at 8:40 pm }

FUCK!!!!!!!!! Big Brother is really being an arsehole in this task. Freezing them and getting the ninjas to swap their dinner. Tim is really losing it.

6 Sandii { 10.22.13 at 8:40 pm }

Jade-aconda….. Classic Gold!

7 Carole { 10.22.13 at 8:41 pm }

Ok, I take it back, he swapped them back, except for Tims because of his temper tantrum.

8 Ammo { 10.22.13 at 8:48 pm }

Sexy kiss from tullz! Bit rough those juicy burgers getting taken away -oh wot now being brought back in! pffft what the, and I’m thinkin Tim would jump Mr Clooney if he was left in a room alone long enough he’s that horney the poor bugger!

9 Carole { 10.22.13 at 8:51 pm }

Ha ha ha this will be good. They have to act all lovey dovey while the others watch and neither will be able to tell the other.

10 Carole { 10.22.13 at 8:55 pm }

Ha ha ha they’re not fooled!!!!!

11 Carole { 10.22.13 at 8:56 pm }

Oooooh, Boog seems to be jealous!!!!!

12 Carole { 10.22.13 at 9:08 pm }

Oh my God, Jade’s gonna wait for him whether he likes it or not!!!!!!!

13 Andrea { 10.22.13 at 9:17 pm }

Ed must be feeling really cornered by Jade, we never see him saying similar stuff to her.
He’s really not into her but she just can’t see it!
She will be there waiting for him when he comes out never fear Ed!

14 Carole { 10.22.13 at 9:53 pm }

And he’s going to have to change his name and go into witness protection!!!!

15 mioaw { 10.22.13 at 10:13 pm }

OMG I just fell in love with Tim even more. Could this be the real thing? I was just admiring the way he is good to creatures and then he goes even better by revealing he is a perfectionist. We are made for each other. Crazy in more ways than one.

16 mioaw { 10.22.13 at 10:19 pm }

Side on, Mad looks like Princess Anne.

17 Pam { 10.22.13 at 10:41 pm }

OMG., the tantrum the “prince is displaying ” is just like a two year old”.
I’m not the best house mate. I’ve got to do something. So we go own a 24 hr starvation strike, BUT as soon as th foods up, “maybe I can do it”.
Tim ,if he was consistent, maybe I would feel differently . He needs to be himself and not playing up to all with his little boy, innocent baby talk.
Drew or Twhan behind you,both.

18 willow { 10.22.13 at 10:51 pm }

Madeleine has been so much better not saddling herself with Jade, Ed and Mikkayla.

19 brain dead dave { 10.22.13 at 10:57 pm }

Never thought I’d see a threesome on BB.

Lady Jady, Mr Ed and Mr Clooney.

My friend who fosters dogs was telling me that dogs trying to sleep above your head like that are attempting to exert dominance. He’s not even breaking into a sweat wiping the floor with Ed,managing to slide under the doona like that.

As it is, Ed will need a pack of Dobermans to keep the Jadeconda out of his bed.

Nice work, Surly. I think Boog looked jealous, too.

20 willow { 10.22.13 at 11:03 pm }

JAEd were both so smug thinking they got one up on Tim, catching him flirting with Mad. Jade: ‘Oh he did that with me too’.

Mr Clooney has been trained to wipe his bum on people’s heads by Mikk. That dog is going to need some serious therapy when he gets out. His new owners are going to have a lot of work to do.

Dogs don’t know who the pack leader is when they are allowed to sleep on a bed.

21 Ferral { 10.22.13 at 11:08 pm }

Jade is probably wondering what her fb status is now.

Mr Clooney’s fb status: in a threeway.

22 Ferral { 10.22.13 at 11:11 pm }

Now it’s from group date with Jade, Ed and Mr Clooney to group date with rebel Wilson and co.

23 BBM { 10.23.13 at 1:19 am }

BBHM, great FB post you quoted, I agree I watch BB with my kids, only one of them takes any interest but I don’t think the HMs have to be role models for them. For me I would be more horrified at them taking after Jade, than Tahan.