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Survivor – Interview With Marissa – Is Culpepper Racist And Homophobic?

Marissa Peterson

Marissa was the first person to be voted off her tribe under the guise that that her uncle Gervase had been too cocky about winning a challenge. She managed to cling on for a few weeks at Redemption Island before losing a challenge to husband and wife team Candice and John.

Here she talks to Reality Ravings about Brad Culpepper and his he as overbearing as he comes across, Gervase’s hubris and how she felt about Colton quitting.

Reality Ravings: When Gervase asked you to go on Survivor were there other relatives that were jealous you got to go on with them?

Marissa Peterson: I guess I never considered it as Survivor was Gervase’s thing, so to get the opportunity to play it with him so I was pretty pleased.

RR: After you were at Redemption Island you told Brad Culpepper to f**k off and gave us one of the more memorable Survivor moments. Candice has been getting in on it as well saying that Culpepper that “shushes” the women at camp. Is this true and what is Culpepper really like?

MP: My personal experience was each time that I had a suggestion and have anything to say he would start to speak over me and say a right out no that is not what we are doing. I felt he was a bit disrespectful to the women. He would also say rude thing like “Caleb’s not a real man, he’s a gay man” and he would say things like that all the time. Nobody did say anything as he did have that power and no one wanted to be on the chopping block.

RR: Do you think he had a problem with you because you are black?

MP: I have no idea. One of the first things he asked me was whether I played basketball and I was like “Whaaat? Why don’t you ask Rachel whether she plays basketball as she is tall too”. I was trying to not say anymore as I thought this guy is trying to be the alpha male. Just the fact he was in the NFL and all the other guys loved that he would tell stories about that.

RR: After Gervase yelled out after that first immunity challenge in glee that Gulong had beaten your tribe did you know then your head was on the chopping block?

MP: I was surprised and I was not expecting them to use that against me. What does it have to do with me or the challenge?

RR: Ponderosa – What was that like? And did you talk to Colton about quitting and how when Rachel was eliminated that it was effectively a double elimination?

MP: I know people [viewers] were upset but my perspective was a little different as I was playing a game against him. When he quit I thought it was one less person I had to compete against.

RR: Before you went out of there did Gervase give you any tips about the game of Survivor?

MP: He said keep your eyes open and if you see something fishy going on it probably is. Watch other people’s relationships, but once you get out there it is a different thing.

RR: The challenge on Redemption Island and that it was a puzzle challenge and you were up against Candice and John who are doctors,  not that it means they are any good at puzzles, but did that psych you out a bit?

MP: It did until we actually got started. John said this should be easy and I thought “Oh God” and I thought I need to work fast. As you see how Candice works through things she is very calm.

RR: Would you go on another reality TV show if so which one?

MP: I would definitely go on Survivor again or The Amazing Race.


1 mahlia { 10.23.13 at 11:16 am }

Silly Gervase spoiled it for her. She seems very nice

2 Sioux Denim { 10.23.13 at 11:24 pm }

I don’t think i really like her innuendo…..

3 Carole { 10.24.13 at 11:57 am }

Yeah, she definitely got a raw deal being voted out because of her uncle. I would have slapped him the next time I saw him.