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Big Brother – Nominations And Alpha Players Are Up

It was uncomfortable to watch when Jade told Ed she loved him and it was even more awkward when later she wanted to talk about it. Jade blurted out the three words when she thought she only had two hours left in the Big Brother house, she then kind off wanted to take it back saying it had come out accidentally.

Jade is starting to look like she should have been a bachelorette on The Bachelor Australia rather then being on Big Brother.

Later that  evening after Maddy had been evicted the conversation returned to her saying “I love you” and for poor Jade there was no declarations of love in return only him mumbling about how he did not want to hurt her. He did then tell her that he cared for her which is just one rung above a “I just want to be friends” speech. She did look a little sad. She must have been starting to think he was feeling the same as her. It is like she is having a relationship in her head which does not match the reality. Ed is totally reliant on her now for company and emotional support and she is thinking this is love.

The other housemates knew there was some ‘heavy’ conversation going on and were wondering what it could be.

Maddy’s exit speech to the house was a bit of a kick in the guts for Drew and Boogs and basically told them they were the divisive ones in the house. Boogs and Drew moaned about it in the diary room saying they were not bullies.

It was interesting nominations tonight with the housemate loved ones getting two points to nominate with. What it meant was four alpha contestants were nominated with Boogs and Tahan safe to go into the final week. With Boogs not being nominated it means anyone could be going.

Some of the relatives were more savvy then others in the booth, imparting information, either hoping their loved one was listening or trying to get a message to the viewer at home they wanted us to hear. Oh and Tim your Dad is cool and his nomination was  funnier then yours.

Here’s how the nominations went down:

Tahan’s mother gave two points to Jade for the “wouldn’t be sorry if she were dead comment” and Tahan flung Drew three points. Her rationale is even though she is friends with him in terms of the game he has become more intolerant of people. She said when he was stating opinion he was just a little bit meaner.

Dougal, Drew’s room mate,  gave two points to Tim as he sees him as a threat and  he knows Drew won’t nominate him, and Drew gave Ed three points. Originally he was going to nominate Ed and Jade so they could be on the nomination bench just to see what would happen.

Tim’s dad nominated Ed for two points for manipulating behind Tim’s back and  turning Mikkayla, Maddy and Jade into Ed clones. Also he was bore – ed. He also said that he talks about having cards up his sleeve and Tim’s dad said he has lost his pack of cards and needs to be evicted so his time in the Big Brother house will have end-ed.

Tim nominated Tahan as he had not nominated her before he did not think you should play the game with someone who is off limits and he had never nominated her.  He said he wanted to be able to say that this week that he had nominated his two biggest competitors in the house.

Boogs mum nominated Ed for two points as he comes across as one dimensional and boring. Boog’s nominated  Jade for three points as she is the person she has gotten to know the least.

Jade’s cousin gave two points to Drew and he has said a few comments behind Jade’s back and she is not sure he is worthy of her loyalty. Jade nominated Boog for three points as she knows she is going to be up and she wants a fighting chance against them.

Ed’s twin gave two points to Drew as he thinks he has figured out Tim. He doesn’t like how they have targeted Ed as a bit of a boring person as he assures us he is not.He said Tim has really tried to use his relationship with Jade against him saying he is using it to further himself in the game. Ed then tried to tell the viewer that two of the most boring people in the house are Drew and Tim. He must think the viewer is as easily manipulated as Jade. Ed nominated Tim for three points as he wants to be up against Tim and Drew. Maybe Ed thought he was making a call to arms or in this case to the phones for him but it will most likely have the opposite effect that people will be voting to save other people.  Ed also said Tim is a cruel operator.

In the end it was Drew on 7 points, Ed on 7 points, Jade on 5 points, and Tim on  5 points.

It will be interesting to know if the housemates are wondering why  Drew was nominated by two of the housemates loved ones.  Tahan was hilarious getting so excited about not being nominated while the others had just received their bad news.

This week will be a very interesting elimination show indeed.


1 Pam { 10.25.13 at 11:21 pm }

BDD. You missed what I said. None of them deserve to win.
That is why I said , pay the money to charity. Maybe to an animal shelter. Mr Clooney, I think would agree with me.
Sorry but they are not the sort of people that the original BB had on the show.
These are all wanna’bs .
Please bring back the original concept…..LOL

2 AndrewL { 10.25.13 at 11:27 pm }

@Ammo47: Thanks for your comment.

I understand your point (and similar views of others above) about Drew not being genuine on the basis that he criticises other players behind their backs, and has become increasingly irritable in recent weeks as the duration and social constraints of the game begin to overwhelm his initial good-naturedness.

Perhaps I should clarify my comments.

What I meant about him being genuine was that he seems to me to react to the circumstances of the game in a relatively open and instinctive manner. This adds to his interest for me, especially given that I think his character is quite complex and unresolved in a number of ways that he himself might not fully appreciate (apart from his admitted concern that he may be somewhat immature for his age). Drew seems to respond to developments in the game intuitively and naturally rather than in accordance with a clearly pre-meditated and clinical strategy.

This is evident when Drew’s behaviour is contrasted with that of Tim, who strikes me as acting very clinically in accordance with a pre-determined strategy. Tim seems to be very self-aware and conscious of a strong need to be in control. He seems always to be very alert to other players’ comments and behaviour, quickly analyzing them, and responding instantly with comments, questions or actions that will drive the others to reveal more of themselves, or behave in a way that conforms to Tim’s strategy, and in particular to show themselves in a less than flattering light. Obviously Tim is not as crudely simplistic as these comments suggest, but they do seem to me to be explain many of his actions in the BB house. My jaundiced view of Tim is motivated by an irrational antipathy that I developed in week 1, when Tim reacted (it seemed to me) in a quite philistine manner when the BB producers introduced an ItalIan speaking BB to joke with Jade about her faux marriage to Drew.

But back to Drew: his instinctive (and genuine) and not quite fully self-aware behaviour was most on display in his relationship with Tully. At first, this seemed an odd relationship, subjecting yourself to often quite irritating and demeaning nagging, and partnering with a very high maintenance “friend with benefits.” You would think someone with as many romantic options as Drew would select someone more companionable. But it’s worth remembering Drew admitting to rarely if ever being without a girlfriend, and that in week 1 he developed a strong crush on Jade, which he graciously abandoned when the faux marriage ended and Jade swiftly re-aligned and began deploying her substantial assets in a massive offensive on Ed.

Drew’s relationship with Tully became fascinating watching – he obviously needs a partner, and has a sufficiently modulated and possibly submissive personality to prefer an intense and at times emotionally draining relationship with someone who clearly wanted to dominate the relationship. At least that is how it appeared to me from the footage used by the BB producers on TV. However, there may have been more to Tully than we saw on screen. As noted by @Liberty39 above, the Tully that was interviewed post-eviction was a much more articulate and self-possessed woman than we had seen during her time in the house. Drew’s attraction and interest in Tully may therefore have more to it than what was evident on the shows.

So for these reasons, Drew appeals to me as a complex, genuine character, sufficiently undeveloped to be an interesting work in progress to watch, and entertaining enough to warrant winning the game (albeit with the reservation I noted in my earlier comment).

One final comment: @Sue26 above notes that Jade’s intense attentions to Ed may be driven by a possibly limited family life in the real world, and a compensating need to develop a strong intimate relationship of her own. That’s very possibly accurate, but Jade doesn’t seem to understand that the intensity of her actions may eventually repel the object of her affections. Ed clearly likes her, and wants them to be good friends after the show, but Jade’s uncompromising get-to-the-church-on-time approach will likely prove too intense for Ed, and end in tears. You hope she won’t be too badly hurt.

As I noted in my original comment, this year’s BB has provided very watchable and intriguing characters, relationships and events.

3 Pam { 10.26.13 at 2:20 am }

My goodness, AndrewL. What a great synopsis of all the house mates.
I still say that there is not one of them, playing for the fun of the game.
If they were not so money hungry, it would have been so much better.
Channel 10, please take it back. Please give us the old BB.
Much better to watch and much better house mates.
I think, I and most people are over the wanna B’s
All the original shows had people that were worth watching

4 Ammo { 10.26.13 at 6:13 am }

Ok its been a long night and I’ve just got home, but I must say AndrewL I am finding you and your observations to be more interesting and genuine in anaylasis than the actual housemates collective ability to entertain. Or in the very least provoke enough emotion for me to even vote for one of them. I WILL however garner up the energy to put my money where my mouth is this week. To who though I’m still undecided, I do think if Mr Clooney could get votes and the money went to RSPCA that they would be in trouble, even his fake snore with eye’s open, when Jade and Ed were talking by the pool the other night had perfect comedic timing. I DO agree with alot of what you have said, although, do not see Drew as a standout, to me though you are right as far as a potentially dynamic work in progress. I feel you are spot on in regards to Tim. I only wish ( well kind of) I had watched other years so I had a little more to base on this lot do seem quite …. Self absorbed or maybe the enviroment create’s that.

5 Louloubelle { 10.26.13 at 9:15 am }

Jades cousin didn’t warn her about ed because she’s probably seen it all before. This is clearly jade’s MO when it comes to getting guys. And fair play to her, it’s working better than I thought it would. He’ll probably still run when he gets the chance. And don’t think she’ll be that devastated watching the footage, she has a thick protective layer of delusion and will make excuses for him

6 Louloubelle { 10.26.13 at 9:25 am }

Oh and tahan’s nomination spiel on drew was very smart and well timed. I thought he might pull off the win, but his mean side is coming out a bit too much. I do enjoy him but life has been a bit too easy for him and don’t want to see him handed the $250k.

7 flyby { 10.26.13 at 9:29 am }

Yes Loulou, Jade’s determination seems to be working but I want the post BB episode/s (with subtitles and signing for Ed) where Ed tries to drop her again.

Jade is like Pepi la Piew, or the love sick cat in Felix the Cat.

8 AndrewL { 10.26.13 at 11:17 am }

@Pam53 (and @Ammo54 again): Thanks for your comment.

If you are wanting to see the HMs play for the fun of the game, you may be waiting in vain. I suspect the players are well past the stage of enjoying the experience for the fun of it.

For most players, the novelty of the game probably wears off quite quickly. It would soon become more like hard work, isolated from the real world, unable to move outside the relatively small space of the house, under 24/7 surveillance (even in the toilet), and subject to the uncontestable directions of TV producers obliged to create a popular and commercially successful entertainment from the players’ responses.

Most players probably sign up for the game hoping for fame and fortune. But that success is rare, mainly because most people with talent succeed using more traditional paths, and the people on BB are probably chosen for their potential to react as normal people to the stresses of the house and its games. It was notable that the players on BBAU1 were largely shunned by other TV talent when given a table at the 2001 logies event (they had been nominated in the light entertainment category). Most industry people probably thought the BB players had not really earned a place in TV talent land.

The only players I can think of who managed to parlay their BB time into a successful media career were Chrissie Swan and Blair McDonough. Swan was a strong and independent player. She successfully stood up to and embarrassed one of the more socially barbaric characters in the house in her year, and was strong enough to complain to the producers in the BB diary room when staff in the house camera race seemed to be making fun of her when she was showering. She has gone on to develop a substantial media career, even recently surviving public revelation of an addiction to filtered nicotine during pregnancy. McDonough managed to develop a successful soapie acting career on Neighbours.

The limited scope on BB for people with substantial lives was most obvious this year in the Madaline narrative. Madly was a mature, self possessed fully qualified lawyer. Yet the public quickly voted for Boog when the opportunity arose. Boog, a thoroughly engaging Aussie chick, revels in her lack of learning (“can you give me a fact about the moon to impress the housemates”), has an accent as broad as the River Murray in flood, a capacity to contain her enthusiasm and opinions as effective as the Wivenhoe dam in the 2010 rains and floods, and only knows how to party.

Madly on the other hand was soon engaging Ed in poised and mature conversation soon after entering the house, much to Jade’s distress, who looked alarmed and territorially threatened until it became clear Maddy was much more interested in Drew. Jade then quickly developed a relieved sisterhood bond with Maddy.

Maddy’s strategy with Drew was symptomatic of her square peg/round hole place in the house. Her legalistic cross examination of Drew in the kitchen (something along the lines of “are you now or have you ever been artificially constrained from liking me because of a perceived obligation to the aforementioned Tully?”) had Drew out of there like someone affronted by an unwanted odour. Maddy was similarly effusive when questioned post eviction by Sonia Kruger on what might have happened in a relationship with Drew (“the question is hypothetical and therefore not worth answering”).

Maddy was one of the few intelligent and self possessed people ever to appear on BB. The viewing public’s response (voting her off at the first opportunity, until saved by another intruder keener to leave, and then giving her an 11 per cent share of the save vote after nomination) is a timely reminder to anyone like Maddy thinking of a political career or any form of public life to prudently opt for a life less dependent on the voting public.

The only player who seemed to be having fun all the way through this year’s show was Ben. A relatively limited life (“I’ve got my mum, my nan, and blue rays to watch”) seemed to translate perfectly into the open book personality that is gold on shows like BB. His untimely exit was unfortunate, because were he still there, he would be balancing and modifying the split house we’ve been left in the Ed//Jade vs the cool kids routine.

Ben is also the only one of this year’s players likely to parlay his time into a successful media career. He seems to be a television natural, and the challenge for any agency wanting to develop him will be to steer a course between Graham Norton style commercialism and Alan Carr/Liberace style campness to preserve Ben’s appeal as a sincere and innocent personality.

I suspect we’ve seen as much as the BB2013 players can provide this year. So no more fun for me with this year’s BB. I will watch mainly for a TV masterclass in how to produce another 15 hours of television from relatively exhausted material, and of course to see if Drew can win. But I think my antennae for the public’s selection will be as finely tuned as Maddy’s.

9 AndrewL { 10.26.13 at 11:57 am }

Re my AndrewL58 comment: please note that the “Madly” references should read “Maddy” – a case of not checking for rogue auto-correct lapses.

10 Ammo { 10.26.13 at 1:53 pm }

Oh stop it!! : -) ANDREWL = Wordporn

11 Anon. { 10.26.13 at 2:22 pm }

AndrewL @ 58 Brilliant!

12 MJD { 10.26.13 at 3:29 pm }

AndrewL, your comments are terrific. Keep them coming! :)