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My Kitchen Rules – Sneak Peek – Casting Looks Good

Got to hand it to Channel SEVEN they know how to cast a show. It looks like again the contestants on My Kitchen Rules are going to be entertaining to watch. Hopefully a few of them will be able to cook as well.

What do you think?


1 Maz { 10.28.13 at 12:07 pm }

Oh dear God. What is in the water in WA?

Hope we are not going to be subjected to the ‘we are superior because we are mothers’ stickt from SA.

2 brain dead dave { 10.28.13 at 12:13 pm }

I hope Braces and Tatts haven’t auditioned again and are being held in reserve as surprise “gatecrashers”.

But where was ze “Kom-back Keetchen”, gice? More.

No fatties with sob stories ,either, Ch 7.

3 all happening { 10.28.13 at 12:17 pm }

I hope the new contestants put plenty of ‘sores’ on Manu’s meals

4 Georgie { 10.28.13 at 12:19 pm }

Maybe Pete can ask for an advance on next year’s salary now, to keep the wolf from the door.

5 brain dead dave { 10.28.13 at 12:22 pm }

Note to contestants:

If Pete Evans asks to borrow some money, tell him the cheque’s in the mail.

Ah, I see you beat me to the punch, Georgie.

Pete might kill the wolf , and serve it at one of his establishments.

6 Andrea { 10.28.13 at 12:41 pm }

They all look pretty interesting so far, and that mobile truck/kitchen thing with MKR name plastered all over it looks cool.

All of them will have a different story, and will say what the producers want them to, in the long run we don’t vote for the winner like BB, the judges and producers do so it doesn’t matter really.

7 Littlepetal { 10.28.13 at 3:57 pm }

Look like this is not a cooking show anymore.

8 Georgie { 10.28.13 at 4:37 pm }

That’s right Littlepetal, now it’s a ‘Who Dunnit’!

“Who dun got the best tham thar sob story yo all!”

*Said with a hillbilly accent, while your thumbs are hooked through your front belt loops.

9 Littlepetal { 10.28.13 at 4:39 pm }

Beside sob story they also need to have lots of sores.

10 Culinary Boner { 10.28.13 at 5:07 pm }

Looking forward to seeing what Karl Malden and his trophy wife will concoct in the kitchen as this will answer a critical question facing men my age who are in the market for a spousal upgrade to boost their ego – “Can a trophy wife cook?”
I’m expecting the answer to be “no, what sort of moron are you?”

11 Georgie { 10.28.13 at 5:16 pm }

Lol – running sores could be a sob story Littlepetal.

CB, trophies are for display purposes. You need to keep them nice and shiny and take them out regularly to show them off. I hope Mrs Boner doesn’t see your shallow comment. 😉