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Big Brother – Was Ed Playing One Of His Cards?

Jade must have thought it was a marriage proposal when Ed asked her where she wanted to live. She said near the beach. She also asked him if he would live at Noosa. What would he do there? He’s a player manager.  Jade is a bit delusional. When she was discussing around the family table who would they feel uncomfortable around when they got out. She nominated Jas because of the time she kissed Ed, and then she said “I am going to do a Tahan and say ‘I got him'”. Ed again showed no emotion at this declaration.

It was interesting dinner time conversation with Tim trying to control it to get whatever message he wants to get across.

First he asked about how they thought the audience would not be liking about them.

Boogs was right when she said people would dislike her voice. Drew was correct when he said the situation with Tully but his reasoning is wrong. He thinks it is because she had a girlfriend but it was because she was so hyperemotional and he was like a lap dog.

Tim and Tahan both did a sales pitch. Tim said viewers would either love him or hate him for stirring the pot. But thinks a lot would like it.

Tahan said that people would not like her honesty as she says what she thinks.

Ed thinks the viewer would dislike his rambling on in the diary room. Thankfully Big Brother edits most of that out.

Jade said because she kept to the rules and then said she had always been like that and had never received a detention.

Tim then asked they why they think they should win. He thought he should win because he made the viewer want to watch.

Ed said he should win as he has been himself the whole time. Clearly not Mr Excitement on the outside either then.

Jade did not know why she should win and Boogs said she would feel guilty as an intruder, but she did want to win and she admitted she had been going hard since she got in the house.

Ed decided he was going to set up the gold bedroom and sleep in there with Jade. He cut out flowers from a plastic bag and sprinkled it on the bed. Was the viewer seeing him play one of his card? Was it a ploy to get the viewer thinking he was such a sweet guy?

Clearly he had not counted on Tahan hanging around like an oyster on a rock and her having an intense conversation with Jade about what their relationship post Big Brother. Jade was happy to talk saying it would be just great to have his phone number, Ed did not comment at all.

Tahan had been instructed by Surly  to stay within five metres of Ed or Jade  and it was funny especially when she had to follow them into the gold bedroom and stay there chatting for awhile. Thankfully Big Brother called her out after awhile congratulated her on winning the task and receiving her Kim Kardashian handbag back. This also allowed Jade to kiss Ed and say you’re adorable. Unfortunately that was all we saw so who knows how hot and heavy it got.

Jade did not seem to mind Tahan following her around she said she thought it was nice.

Again Tim and Boogs were bitching about Ed and Jade’s relationship and how if one of them is evicted Ed will start moving away from her. If the housemates aren’t buying the showmance not sure why they think the viewer would be.

Also won’t be surprised if the RSPCA call the Big Brother compound and ask why Mr Clooney was decorated with a dildo.


1 Sandii { 10.31.13 at 6:49 am }

Mittens I think you forgot to mention when she went into the bathrrom and took his hair out of the drainage plug and put it under her pillow.

2 Annie { 11.01.13 at 1:45 am }

Can anyone tell me what Ed said in Nick’s ear from the stage?? Sounded like “I’m so annoyed” but that seems a bit too un-diplomatic for him – did he forget he had a microphone on?!? Or is the real Ed finally coming out now he’s evicted??