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Beauty School Cop Out Starts Tonight On MTV

If you like UK semi-scripted reality TV like The Only Way Is Essex, Geordie Shore or The Valleys you might like this new show Beauty School Cop Out starting tonight on MTV at 8.30pm.

Yes it is set in a Beauty School.

Here is the drill:

MTV has plucked from obscurity eight appearance obsessed kids for a new reality show, ‘Beauty School Cop Outs‘. Premiering Wednesday October 30 @ 8:30pm, the hair-raising characters who will be guided by experts in a plush salon in Manchester will be given the chance of a lifetime to kick start their beauty careers – learning waxing, shaving, tattooing – and practising on real customers. What could possibly go wrong?!

Meet our boys – there’s Calvin our Beyonce obsessed Scouse drag queen who wants to learn all the make-up skills to enable him to pass on the ’drag legacy’. Daniel aka ‘Protein Boy’ who is a gym fanatic, phobic about fat people and is often mistaken for being gay so strict is his beauty regime. Jeremy, the Irish model and lothario who would never miss his weekly manicure and lists looking good as his top priority in life. Richard who states that his body is a temple, works as a club doorman as he thinks it’s the best place to score women and believes working in a beauty salon could be another great place to pull.

Then there are our girls – Barmaid Sacha and the baby of the group, dreams of becoming a make-up artist to the stars, aided by a multitude of wigs and varying shades of tan she is forever changing her look. Self-confessed Barbie Savannah, has all of her make-up tattooed on and says this was the most painful experience of her life even more painful than breaking her arm – but obviously worth it to this beauty fiend. Not a fan of the natural look, dancer Scarlett has been fake tanning since the age of 14 and dreams of one day having her own beauty range so other girls can look as fake and over the top as her. Always needing to be the centre of attention, Tara the MILF of the academy is not afraid to speak her mind leaving her unpopular with other girls and despite admitting having very shaky hands she thinks that beauty is the career for her.

You are sure to fall in love with this hilarious new cast as you laugh with and at them on their journey to beauty greatness, starting from the bottom pulling hair from plugs and sweeping floors just like in the real world, witnessing their beauty casualties and triumphs along the way.

Can’t wait for all the hair-pulling greatness to begin? Get tweeting @MTVBeautySchool.