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Big Brother – Well That Is The End Of Jaded

Considering Ed is the love of Jade’s life she did not become as hysterical Tully did on elimination night when someone went. There were no banging her fists against the door to the outside either. Jade did turn around and sob “It should have been me”. She is so smitten she would have gladly walked out of that door to save Ed.

Ed live on stage was basically the same as Ed in the house, he was giving nothing away and he was still very non-committal about Jade.

Sonya of course asked about Ed’s cards and what they were. He said it was to take on Tim then later admitted he did not know if he had any.

When Sonia asked if being with Jade had been a strategy he denied it and said it progressed naturally. Yeah progressed as all his mates got punted out of the house.

He was extremely coy about the Jade and whether they would continue seeing each other outside of the house. He said it is a wait and see situation and they will have boyfriend/girlfriend chat once she is out. If that relationship lasts longer then a month out of the house it will be very surprising indeed.

Jade should be ready to be dumped as she admitted she was a douche bag magnet.

Drew  is more enthusiastic over his potential relationship with Tully. He said distance did not bother him about him as he would have lots of time on his hands after Big Brother finished. No work on the horizon for him then.

Tahan was in the diary room and bitching about Jade’s conversation. Saying she was boring as she was just says silly things about the clouds, she also remarked that Jade and Ed don’t fight as Jade just caters to him.

They won the weekly challenge this week and Ben made another return appearance this time on a video of him visiting the Mater Children’s Hospital.

Apart from the elimination there were some amusing moments from tonight’s episode.

It was hilarious in the diary room when Tim was given his eviction night jacket back . He was perplexed that he did not have to do anything for it and he could just take it. He thought if he did it would be bad luck and that it meant he was going home.

The line of the night was when Mike Goldman in  a voiceover for footage of Jade and Ed’s relationship said “In true Prince Charming fashion Ed keeps his cards close to his chest.” said Mike Goldman.

Jade at a dinner said the greater prize on Big Brother was Ed rather then the money.  He at the same time said the same thing. The next day she questioned him about it and he said it was a hypothetical question and she said “I knew you were only saying that because I did”. Then Ed asked Jade if she had been thinking about that all day. She denied it, but Ed and the viewer knew she had been. Jade also started talking about how she would pick to meet the love of her life over $250,000. If Jade wins Ed’s family might be able to recoup some of their money spent saving him.

As the Jaded conversation was going on in the kitchen Tahan said “I would like to be a fly on the wall to listen to what they say”.  Drew responded “You would be a bored fly”.

What happens now there is no more nominations and the viewer starts voting for the winner. There will be a double eviction on Monday.

If you want to vote for one of the five remaining housemates here are the details

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Boog – 1902 55 95 17

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Tim – 1902 55 95 14

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1 Carole { 11.01.13 at 7:17 am }

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Jade has it out with Ed about his betrayal, but he was in the audience and saw her reaction. He has a week to come up with all sorts of excuses which she will probably believe, unfortunately. She is so smitten, I don’t think she would have the gumption to just dump him.

2 Rose { 11.01.13 at 7:29 am }

A question that occurred to me about Ed- could he have been assuming this entire time that Jade was using the relationship as a showmance?? Like he was??
Did he assume all of her gestures were to get farther in the game?

He seemed shocked when she said she would give up the money for Ed and that she found the love of her life…though she backtracked quickly from that, by saying it would be a good story.

So that is my final take on Ed:
He loved the attention but never believed that Jade was serious. Hence he keeps talking about their relationship evolving naturally ( though he admitted it was his brothers hints that spurred him to do more)


Ed isn’t gay but has at least one other girl he is involved with outside the house. So his disinterest in a stunner like Jade was due to his other relationships, not being gay. ( though I might believe he is gay if pushed.)

3 Chrissie { 11.01.13 at 8:07 am }

I feel a bit mean saying it (as am sure Ed is a nice enough guy…just with a few lessons to learn about how to treat womaen) BUT honestly the house is so much better with him gone. It’s such a relief not to hear his voice! ie. the constant Tim theorys and “lets see what happens Jade” on repeat! Phew!

4 Chrissie { 11.01.13 at 8:22 am }

Oh and last night reminded me what a mean girl Tahan has been at times. So disappointing because, as you say, her confidence is a good quality. Hopefully she is maturing and learning not to take it that one step too far.

I think Tim far outshines her in this regard – he has had some very caring and nurturing moments, especially with Ben, Jade and Mikkayla, so add that to his fun and quirky side and I definitely think he is more deserving to win.

5 Andrea { 11.01.13 at 8:59 am }

Miss Mars, good comments, I completely agree, Jade is very meek in the relationship, Ed is very much the master.
She looked a better match with Drew.
Boogs lives up to her name, she couldn’t even sit for a while last night knowing it was live without asking BB if she could go and do a wee.
I’d want to be called Alex if I were her, it might have been a cute name as a baby but not now.

6 brain dead dave { 11.01.13 at 9:10 am }

Jade was in a gang with Fat Cat and the Sugar Sisters. Shit happens and they got voted out.

Humiliation? A bit over the top. It was a reality check.

Jade made a huge drama last week about Tim and Drew nominating friends, when the prawn she’s prepared to put her life on hold for did it to her. I bet she wanted to fall in a hole and die when seeing Prince Charming trash her for nomination points to save his own beige arse.

Hey, she can still fit into a size 6 dress when she gets dumped.

I think the Tahan boyfriend conspiracy is a crock, too, BBM~ just like Ed’s family rigging the votes. T’s Mum said last night that the whole Territory is behind her.

7 Gabby { 11.01.13 at 9:11 am }

Maybe they decided to use ‘Boogs’ for the show as a catch name. I noticed mum last night, when she used ‘Boogs’ it didn’t seem to flow easily from her mouth. So you never know.
Jade will make up some excuse for Ed having nominated her, poor, deluded girl.
I think the way her dad and step mum spoke to her, they realise she has a problem and are hoping she will be more sorted when she leaves the house.
Anyway, she is going to be one very sad young lady when she gets the heave-ho from HER knight in shining armour.

8 Evan { 11.01.13 at 9:38 am }

My other problem with Tahan – how unjustifiably mean she was to Katie and Lucy.
Tahan fans can keep asserting that she should win the 250K because of her honesty, but that is a crock, as far as I am concerned.
Then again, it does not matter what I think, the producers a while ago decided they wanted Tahan or Tim to win.

9 Evan { 11.01.13 at 9:39 am }

As for Jade, she got the reality check she needed. Perhaps now she will grow a brain, stop moping around about something that was always fake, and enjoy what time she has left on Big Brother.

10 Honeybee { 11.01.13 at 9:52 am }

IMO only:
Ed knew Jade was serious. How could he miss it. He might have been a jerk but perhaps he lacked the intelligence to know how to handle that situation.
Also I think the panel last night just wanted Jade to wake up and smell the roses and drop Ed. Like that will happen. She’s going to be accepting of whatever excuses Ed makes.

RR I hope we get some follow up news on those two.

11 Honeybee { 11.01.13 at 9:55 am }

Plus you can’t blame Tim wanting to say “Hang on a minute and let this sink in” since he was criticised by an indignant Ed for voting for Jade. I think I am correct on that (???).

12 Sandii { 11.01.13 at 10:01 am }

Honeybee there is a interesting conversation on the live feed where they are sitting in the spa discussing Ed and his moral high horse. Jade seemed to be confused but not making excuses for him like we all thought she would.

13 brain dead dave { 11.01.13 at 10:07 am }

Okay, being shown Drew doing the Jadaconda act was humiliating.

Ed’s goodbye message to Jade was humiliating.

Big shows like Ma$terchef , MKR, X Factor use humiliation a lot, the contestants have to expect it on these kinds of shows.

Something like Great British Bake Off works without humiliating the bakers, it looks real classy after ninety minutes of BB.

14 Sandii { 11.01.13 at 10:08 am }

Yea BDD the Jadaconda noise would have been a bit ouchy to watch

15 Lizzie { 11.01.13 at 10:12 am }

Gabby @157 – I’ve read that Jade’s dad is flying over from Italy this weekend and will be at Monday’s eviction show. If it’s true, he is bound to sort Mr Ed out, maybe the way Justynne was rumoured to have sorted him.

16 Honeybee { 11.01.13 at 10:13 am }

And I love Sue Perkins BDD.

As for Jade, if they had slapped her across the face at any time it would have been an act of kindness.

Ignorant, deluded bliss and a romance in her mind only, or reality? You choose.

17 brain dead dave { 11.01.13 at 10:19 am }

Nothing better for winding down from watching Jade dry root a comatose Ed than a bit of Great British Bake Off of a Tuesday night..

18 BBM { 11.01.13 at 10:21 am }

You know Rose a guy not being interested in a so called stunner may not be because he is gay (or even involved), just that he may take other things into account as well, like personality etc.

That was Jade’s problem she went for looks, even she admitted to Tim that she didn’t know his personality when he asked if she would go out with Ed if he was not a stunner. Go for the superficial then you get superficial.

19 Honeybee { 11.01.13 at 10:22 am }

I would rather see Drew third than Boog. She’s too loud and pushy for my liking. Jade didn’t even really have a BB experience because she just mooched around Ed.
Drew schemed but it is BB and a comp so that’s fair. He was a sap over Tully but he’s still my best 3rd. The ‘cheating’ scandal didn’t phase me much but the dynamics of his relationship with Tully was weird.
Tim and Tahan, either way, but if I had to choose then Tim.

Ed might not have thought Jade was a stunner. He said she wasn’t his type.

She was pretty but not a raver. She won’t have the shelf life that Tahan will.

20 Honeybee { 11.01.13 at 10:27 am }

Maybe Ed checked the USE by date.

21 peacetrain { 11.01.13 at 10:44 am }

Unfortunately Jade was always going to need a slap in the face with a giant, smelly wet salmon to wake up to reality.
Anything less than that and she was still going to think she had a shot. It will be good if she learns a lesson in lust. Let’s face it. Is anyone here young or naive enough to think she was in love?
Infatuation more like. Besotted yes. Lust yes.