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Reality TV Twist: Sophia Pou Does Not Use Compelling Back Story To Define Her

sophia pou

Sophia Pou was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars last Tuesday and it is only now she reveals the reason behind why she chose Father Chris Riley Youth Off The Streets as her charity.

The former villain on My Kitchen Rules revealed to the Daily Telegraph her brother died of a heroin overdose after a long struggle with drug addiction.

Props for her not using this sad story to gain sympathy or define her while she was on My Kitchen Rules or to garnish votes on Dancing With The Stars. Sophia was very close to him also discovered he had died.

The article states:

While Pou has built up a small screen profile – and divided viewers – as one half of the tough-talking “babes” on Seven’s other reality hit, My Kitchen Rules, she is reduced to tears when talking about her “soulmate” sibling, David who died of a heroin overdose in 2002.

The painful family secret has not been kept hidden out of any sense of shame, but Pou’s determination not to “solicit the sympathy vote.”

Now, after her unexpected exit from the dance series last week she said “I didn’t want to walk away not giving people the chance to see the bigger picture, because there definitely is one.”

Pou revealed she signed up for the series and linked herself to the drugs awareness and support charity for young people as a way to “contribute something … and I did it for him.”

Even now, 12 years after discovering her brother’s lifeless body in the family’s Canley Heights home, in south west Sydney, Pou says like many families touched by the scourge of addiction, she feels his death is “a void that you will never fill.”

She also talks about how the death has made her grab every opportunity:

It was this `carpe diem’ (seize the day) mantra which motivated her to sign up for MKRand more recently, Dancing With The Stars.

“People like me, where I come from, don’t get opportunities like the ones I’ve been given and of course, I’m going to take them by the horns,” she said.

Dancing With The Stars is on SEVEN tonight (Sunday ) at 6.30pm.

To her critics, she says: “You can take the mickey as much as you want, but all I’ve shown is I’m willing to give anything a go. You only get one life.”

The full story is at the Daily Telegraph.


1 LB { 11.03.13 at 2:23 pm }

She may not have used it to get votes, but has now used her back story to keep her in the media spotlight. Eliminated last week and in today. No doubt a women’s mag story will shortly follow.

2 Anonymous { 11.04.13 at 3:28 pm }

Good on her

3 ExEssex { 11.04.13 at 3:29 pm }

Good on her

4 Lizzie { 11.04.13 at 3:57 pm }

I feel for her. She will never get to grow old with him. You never get over a losing a sibling. I lost a sister suddenly to an aneurism (the same year).

5 Carmen { 11.07.13 at 1:01 pm }

Sophia was great on DWTS – for her unpredictable authenticity, and chutzpah.