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Live Blog: Big Brother And The Winner Is…..

Tonight Tim took out 2013 Big Brother. He wins $250,000 plus whatever job opportunities open up for him ad I suspect there will be a few.  Jade was the slighty surprising runner-up. She received $10,00 and a TV. It was interesting to see her parents on stage with her but Big Brother producers did not bring Ed on stage like they did with Drew and Tully.

Tahan was third and gave a full and frank interview about who she wanted to win. It was Tim as she did not think Jade had been herself in the house. She was also given $5000.

Tim was a deserving winner, love him or hate him, he did provide a lot of content and entertainment of the show. Also he played the game hard not afraid to to tell Big Brother who he wanted gone. He was happy to manipulate and create conflict with the other contestants if it suite him.

Tim will now be more famous for his win then his nudie run on the Rhianna plane.

It will be interesting to see which of the contestants get more then there 15 minutes of fame.


Who will win Tahan, Tim or Jade? It has been interesting to see on Twitter which of the former housmates are campaigning for.

Boogs, Jas, Matt, Tully, Xavier and Caleb are going for Tahan. Ed, Sugar sisters, Mikkayla and Maddy are going for Jade and I am just going to assume the rest are going for Tim.

The show opens with Sonia in the diary room and then the evicted housemates come out holding a lantern and dance on stage. Tully did a extra sexy shimmy and looked back at Drew.

7.4opm – Sonia now onstage reveals there is one per cent  between first and second.

7.45pm – Live cross to last year’s winner Ben and runner up Layla on top of FM radio station. Tahan and Jade watch and wonder if they will be on Celebrity Apprentice next year.

7.55pm – A montage of the housemates in order of eviction – the first three – Sharon, Rohan and Xavier. In hindsight if Xaviar had relaxed a bit and not over thought things in those first few weeks he might have stayed in longer. Ed will be even more pissed off that he was manipulated into a relationship with Jade.

8.00pm – Jas, Caleb and Heidi were the next to go. Will Heidi hog the mike tonight? Heidi says she has moved to Perth as she got a job promotion. Will there be more radio people applying next year?

8.05pm – Tim in the spa telling Jade that he knew that Ed’s strength with the public was his eligibility and that is why he made a move on her as it would make Ed make some moves. He did ad that he did like her and if she had liked him back it would have been a win win situation.

8.10pm Matt, Tully and the sugar sisters time on stage. Tully was coy about the Drew situation but I am interpreting it as them getting it on.

8.15 pm: Would it have killed Big Brother to allow Justynn his time on stage? Next up Nathan, Ben, Mikkayla and Maddy. Did they even invite him to the audience – something must have gone down.

825pm: Crowd goes wild for ben. He weeps probably knowing the $250,000 should have been him.

8.35pm: Ed, Boog, and Drew turned for the audience adoration. Ed is saying he is looking forward to seeing Jade. How long do you think this relationship will last?

8.40pm: Just spotted a sign held by a girl saying “Tim I will date you until Bindi is old enough”.

8.45pm: Ben the winner from last year asks Jade’s number one fan whether her and Ed’s relationship will last longer then Layla and Sam’s. That was pretty funny.

So after kissing and saying I love you in front on 1 million viewers Drew and Tully are all coy about whether they are a couple.

9.00pm: First person to leave the house and it was……..TAHAN. I am kindo of shocked but it was the same as last year where Estelle who was nominated so many times was the first to go on finalist night.

How did Jade make top two she barely spoke for the last 6 weeks lest she irritate Ed.

9.05pm: The dress Tahan is wearing is amazing.

Tahan given $5000.

9.20pm: Jade reveals how stupid she is thinking that Tim is going to be a great role model to all the kiddies out there. Did she mean role model of Bindi?

9.25pm: Tahan says  “Jade she’s a nice girl, but she’s not being herself all the time and she wants to work this for job on the outside”

9.30pm: Ben giving a behind the scenes look a the house and the BB production room. Feel sorry for the cameramen when they are on shift must stand still and cannot talk or use their phones.

9.40pm: Jade and Tim’s parents on stage. Wonder how long Jade’s mum and dad were together hope it was not too awkward for them.

9.45pm: Peter Hitchner shows Tim and Jade the news. Jade looked genuinely horrified at Tony Abbott being Prime Minister. Jade confused over US shut down. Apparently Miley Cyrus twerking at the MTV is one of the most momentous news over the last 100 days.

9.55pm Jade hopes she has won over the public because of who she is.


And the winner is finally announced and it is TIM!

10.10pm Percentages revealed Tim 36 percent, Jade 34 percent and Tahan 30 percent. Jade given $10,000 in prize money and the TV out of the Presidential Suite.

In an ad break The Block shows it is taking ideas from Survivor and is doing a Fans V Favourites series.

10.25pm: Tim on stage and loving the adulation.


1 Lizzie { 11.07.13 at 7:34 pm }

Spoon @197 I’m having the same problem! Screen keeps going blank. Maybe our phones are sayin “enough!” Spend more time refreshing than reading . Grrrr

2 Lizzie { 11.07.13 at 7:45 pm }

7pm and I’m lost. Spicks and Specks doesn’t cut it like the Tim Show. I’ll just hang out for Ewan McGregor next Sunday night.

3 Spoon { 11.07.13 at 8:02 pm }

Lizzie, that’s really interesting, I assumed it was just mine and maybe was time for a replacement- lol, it prob is telling us-ENOUGH!!!
Certainly a lot of people have been struggling with their phones messing with their words-sometimes black magic happens.

I know what you mean about feeling lost!! I need a 10 step program :(

Do you think if we shout Encore enough times they’ll hear us??

4 Lizzie { 11.07.13 at 8:26 pm }

Seems a lot of people are shouting “more”. That would be a first for BB. Watching Survivor but it’s all too serious. Beauty and the Geek at 8 30. Should be fun – makeover time.

5 Calorie Loader { 11.07.13 at 9:49 pm }

Yep, know what you mean, it’s slim pickings Lizzie. I almost wished I had the Bachelor to watch-now that’s desperate!! (there’s no rpts are there?)

Some other things ch9 ripped us off by omitting last night/this week:

-never revealed voting percentages for the past couple of weeks evictions where it was hidden
-As Mr Clooney had been there longer than a lot of hm’s he deserved a better send off, but he did show them how it’s done, without tears and just bolt to freedom!! I was almost hoping he’d make an appearance last night after the last few hm’s came on stage, but no such luck. He’s moved onto better things!! Glad he now has a rockstar job and pad to match though 😛
-A JadED reunion-get the boy on stage without the other hm’s once Jade was evicted, and make him squirm one last time 😉
-the long awaited missing interview with Tim as has been mentioned previously
-very little new footage from the house this week (which we know is available from the live feeds), replaced instead by a lot of recaps (can’t deny though, some of those were rippers)
-very disappointed that no rpt of the finale screened on GO! as per every other night this season…the one time the recorder cuts out!!

Otherwise, good show and just disappointed it’s over

6 brain dead dave { 11.07.13 at 9:57 pm }

The Bachelor will be encored on Eleven at 7.30 Saturday night, CL.

These made over geeks look better than Bachelor Tim. Now like Tim, they have to strip for a hen’s party.

7 Honey Bee { 11.07.13 at 10:15 pm }

Waaaah! I miss Tim.

How do you make the sad face again.

I’ll watch Survivor and Livvy on L&A. Munch left. Another sad face.

I love Would I lie to You so that’s a go if it’s on.

8 Honey Bee { 11.07.13 at 10:16 pm }

I also have Dr Phil, JJ and some Graham Norton.

9 Honey Bee { 11.07.13 at 10:17 pm }

Oh and I’m rec AR but that will be for later viweing.

10 Lizzie { 11.07.13 at 10:31 pm }

“Drool everywhere, Drool Central” as the geeks strip at the hen’s party on B&G. Makeover over, but “Brettles” still looks like The Hobbit”.

11 brain dead dave { 11.07.13 at 10:35 pm }

One of the beauties thinks Canadian is a language.

I didn’t know that the schlong was the basic currency of Vietnam!

12 Calorie Loader { 11.07.13 at 10:36 pm }

BDD@206 Thanks heaps! You’re far better than any tv guide :p You don’t happen to know if the BB finale will be repeated, or if it was and I missed it?

Me too Honey Bee@207 Wah, wah, waaaaaahhh :'(

13 Lizzie { 11.07.13 at 10:43 pm }

I don’t live under a rock but what’s with young girls’ obsession with Las Vegas, as with Jade last night and a Beauty tonight.

A clump of casinos plonked in the middle of the desert. Living on baked beans in Earls Court was my preference!

14 Calorie Loader { 11.07.13 at 10:45 pm }

BDD, we could get rich (or die tryin) making a ‘beauty’ dictionary with all the beautisms from reality shows…

Canadian, a ripper! I remember one of the beauties once answering a qn with, ‘Lance Armstrong’ for first person to walk on the moon :)

15 brain dead dave { 11.07.13 at 10:55 pm }

Yeah, the question was “what are the two official languages of Canada?”

The beauty got “English” right and then plonked for “Canadian”

The multiple choice of schlong, dong or pong for the Vietnamese currency , I wasn’t sure~ but I know it’s not the first option.

The geeks are asked questions about Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift.

I’ve got a Barry Humphries “Live At Earl’s Court ” recording from 1967, Lizzie.

Vegas means only Elvis to me. But he checked out.

16 Lizzie { 11.07.13 at 11:00 pm }

My favourite is the metaphors – “those things that fall from the sky”

Oh, and the octopus “testicles” :)

17 Calorie Loader { 11.07.13 at 11:02 pm }

Oh those options for Vietnamese currency are awesome-I have no idea either 😛

I might just have to tune in, this sounds pretty good. I’d all but given up on Beauty and the Geek, as a lot of them seemed like a bunch of hams.

18 brain dead dave { 11.07.13 at 11:04 pm }

The second option is the correct one.

19 Calorie Loader { 11.07.13 at 11:07 pm }

There you go, I was almost going to go pong just because sometimes the most seemingly ridiculous option is right!

20 Lizzie { 11.07.13 at 11:14 pm }

Gee BDD Barry would have been young then. I was there briefly but slummed it up to Bayswater. I was there in 1976 and we saw AC/DC first UK gig at Marquee Club. Was full of people from Adelaide as we knew Bon from his Fraternity days and their roadie was also from Adelaide. Great times!

21 Honey Bee { 11.07.13 at 11:39 pm }

I can see I’m going to have to into Beauty and the Geek to keep up with you guys.

We keep all my left over money from trips for next time. I’ll have to go check if hubby has a schlong in the cupboard.

22 Izobel2 { 11.07.13 at 11:43 pm }

If not Honey Bee, borrow one from Tim, he has three.

Loving this Geek ep, as I knew I would!

23 Honey Bee { 11.07.13 at 11:43 pm }

I saw AC/DC at White Sands Scarborough. We bopped to them in the early 70s.

24 Honey Bee { 11.07.13 at 11:45 pm }

They might let him keep all three remaining girls then Izobel.

25 brain dead dave { 11.07.13 at 11:53 pm }

If you go to Gem you can see a prolapsed rectum or a penis with two “confidence crushing” cysts on the end of it. That wouldn’t look good on Bachelor Tim.

26 Lizzie { 11.07.13 at 11:57 pm }

Honey Bee @233 have you visited Bon’s grave?

A great clip to watch is Bon looking like Justynn!
Google “Fraternity Seasons of Change”

27 Rose { 11.08.13 at 3:02 am }

Anyone who wants to come all the way from Australia just to go to Las Vegas is just an idiot. Most Americans don’t even want to go to Vegas.

What is the attraction?

Maybe the movie portrayals? The way everyone thinks New York is super dangerous and that all Australians do is have shrimp on the barbie? Or that Outback Steakhouse is like Australia because the ladies room has a sign saying ” Sheila’s.”

I would say the same for Graceland. But somehow it seems fine for Ben to want to go there.

28 Rose { 11.08.13 at 3:12 am }

Please please don’t get me addicted to another Australian show. Just trash them all for a few days so I can get away.

I just loved this cast of big brother so much. Compared to our terrible US version, they are gods and goddesses.

I do watch Survivor…

29 mittens { 11.08.13 at 6:20 am }

Rose you could chat with us on Survivor, or Amazing Race but we are probably behind.
It’s 3.19 here, and I should be asleep, so catch you later.
Also no one but Ralp Stewart says Sheila.

30 brain dead dave { 11.08.13 at 10:35 am }

We heard that Mayor Juliani (sic) cleaned up New York’s street crime, Rose. You may enjoy some Australian reality cooking shows like Ma$terchef and My Kitchen Rules.

31 mittens { 11.08.13 at 11:13 am }

I think you will enjoy MC, Rose but it can get ugly.

And that’s just the judges.

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