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Survivor Blood V Water – Interview With Brad Culpepper


It is interesting interviewing reality TV stars particularly the more controversial ones as you wonder if they will be the same in “real life” as they come across on television. In Brad Culpepper’s case that was exactly what you got.

He was forthright with his views which of course makes an interesting interview.

Reality Ravings: You got out there and from day one you just got out there and went BAM I am going to play this game. Was that the plan or was that just you?

Brad Culpepper: A little bit of both. My wife was on Survivor One World and there was an alliance that was created five seconds into the game which she was not a part of so I wanted to make sure that was not happening to me. It just so happened I was the oldest player on my tribe. I’m 44, everybody else was pretty much 30 and younger. The girls made no attempt to talk any type of strategy or any type of game from the get go. And the boys did and that is why we got an alliance. You have to remember that first episode is about four days worth so they were showing me seemingly manic going from one guy to the next guy. It was not quite as manic as it was made out to be.

RR: Before you went on the show did Monica give you any tips on how to play?

BC: I am an eagle scout, I’m a scout master. I grew up on a house on an island in the Gulf of Mexico. My outdoor skill are good, basically I taught her before she went on. I was well prepared. The social game – there is not much you can do especially when playing against a loved one. It is a whole new animal and you kind of have to roll with the punches each day.

RR: You know how you instigated the blindside against John. Did you think at the time “I am about to bust up my rock solid five alliance”….
BC: It was not normal Survivor I am playing with someone I would be putting ahead of myself. If I was playing Survivor and there was not loved one on the other tribe there is no way I would break up the five guy alliance. Unfortunately I am worried about my wife. The vote off before John was Rachel and I got the blame for that. Tyson, I don’t know if he is connected with Monica, but what I do know that he is in her tribe and I don’t know if he is going to take it out on Monica. I don’t know if he is going to get rid of Monica so we can get rid of Brad. I would have taken Monica’s spot if he had been sent down to Redemption Island. My whole strategy is not about me first it is about Monica first. Therefore I did not really care about knocking out my alliance, and if I throw John out it does not affect her [ed. note: Candice, John’s wife was already on Redemption Island].

RR: That’s a good point.

BC: That’s the only point. If I vote out one of the girls one of them is connected to someone over on the other tribe. I did not want to jeopardise her game. In One World she got blindsided by Colton and did not make the merge. The last thing I wanted was for her to go home early. My number one goal is for her to play the game. It was my sacrifice but fortunately she is getting to play the game 100 percent. She has a great alliance and I know I was a part of that.

RR: Since you have been eliminated do you think it has made her more solid now being a solo player?

BC: I don’t know it depends, my strategy was to get to the merge with more couples then singles. Let’s think about this logically if you get to the merge with more couples then less then the couples and pick off all the single people and then you are left with six couples and then you battle it out. If there is going to be six couples and there are five singles, I’m going to stick with the couples and vote them out.

RR: What has been interesting about this series is that completely different tactics have occurred and obviously you have been talking about that.

CP: Everybody seems to be judging it by old Survivor you can’t do that it is a whole different animal. If I make the merge with my wife she’s my number one.

RR: The other thing about you was that you were controversial and you were one of the more memorable players that has come out of Blood V Water. One of the things you allegedly said that you said “you were in an alliance with four guys and a gay”. Did editing make that look worse then it was?

CP: “Four guys and a gay guy” I don’t know what the context was I was even more specific “four straight guys and a gay guy”. I can’t remember what the context of the conversation was about. I am very liberal I am a Democrat I am all for gay marriage. That is not the way I am and if someone is offended then I apologise.

RR: Would you go back on Survivor and if so would you play differently?

CP: I would never go back on Survivor and play loved ones. If I went back on Survivor I am not sure if I would play differently or not but I would play by myself so I would not have to worry about someone else and someone elses tribe. There were no plans to vote me out until Caleb got scared at that eleventh hour. If I was the tyrant that two girls who had no information on me. One girl that I never spent anytime with the other girl who I spent three days has since been arrested for assaulting a Federal Official [Ed. Note: Marissa]. If I was a tyrant they would have voted me out day one. There was never a plan to vote me out until Caleb in the eleventh hour at tribal council got scared and told two girls who had zero leverage in their tribe. He said “I am going to vote Brad, come with me”.

RR: So you had no inkling.

CP: If you watched the episode you would know that until it came to me in the middle of tribal council.

RR: You did looked shocked though there is that thing called editing.

RR: Would you go on another reality TV show and if so which one?

CP: Believe it or not I have about three companies calling me right now wanting to do a reality show here in my house. I don’t know maybe, maybe not.

RR: I’d watch it and I definitely think we will see you back on Survivor as well. 

Survivor Blood V Water on GO Thursday nights at 7.30pm. Also this weekend on GO there is a marathon so you can catch up on what you missed. Well worth watching as it has been a great season so far.

Thanks to JSTAR for assistance with the questions.


1 Lisa { 11.08.13 at 8:55 am }

I’m not enjoying this season as much. There’s too much worry about family relations and not enough mad scrambling for idols and alliances.
I’m over returning players. The game needs some new heroes.

2 Fiona { 11.08.13 at 9:08 am }

@Lisa I am the opposite. I love this season. I was over all the idols from last season and even though this season has returning players their is no Phillip or anyone who is as crazy as him.
The producers must be so pissed that every clue to the idol is getting burned at least Tyson found an idol last episode.

3 JStar { 11.08.13 at 10:15 am }

RR. You are so right! I could almost hear him shooting his mouth off at you at a million miles per minute!!! He makes great TV but boy does he need to take his foot off the accelerator. You know he was a professional athlete for the majority of his life and it shows. In the game and in your interview, he goes bulldozing everything at full speed to reach the end. There is no grey areas with Culpepper!

4 Reality Raver { 11.08.13 at 10:22 am }

JSTAR – Thanks for helping with the questions.

5 JStar { 11.08.13 at 11:16 am }

No sweat! Anytime.

6 Izobel2 { 11.08.13 at 1:07 pm }

Thanks Cochrane & RR! Nice to see you back Cochrane!
Good interview.
It’s definitely a different series putting the loved ones in there.
I like DumbKat’s boyfriend.
I wonder if the dudes writing the cool hidden immunity idol clues & poems are spewing because no-one ever gets to see them as they’re always getting eaten by the fire!! (note Fiona I was just about to hit submit and I just realised you pretty much wrote the same thing – so SNAP!)
I can’t believe more people didn’t do what Tyson did.

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