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Australia’s Got Talent And The 2013 Winner is…..

Uncle Jed were deserving winners of the $250,000 first prize on Australia’s Got Talent beating the other singing group Greg Gould and The Chase. There was a part of me hoping Tommy Franklin  would win this series just to show that if you are going to put a joke contestant through this is what can happen.

The finale opened with an energetic opening number involving all the acts then it was time to eliminate them three at a time “in no particular order “. What bollocks is that so The Other Superman who was the first to get the flick could have come in fourth? Or is it just the block of three being punted in no particular order.

The first three eliminated was The Other Superman, Sam Power, and Swagamama. Dean Brady, The Foenander Brothers and Tommy Franklin soon followed. Raymond Crowe was in the next lot to be eliminated  as was Angel and Oscar and Josh.

Judge Timomatic wowed the crowd but unfortunately Geri’s toned down version of Wannabe was just awkward.  She looked nervous and unsure of herself. Her reasons for singing a Spice Girl cover  and not her new single is here on her blog. Who knew that you only need 393 of your single sold to make a top 100 hit in Australia. It does not seem very much. Hopefully Geri will come back and judge the show again next year as she was a definite highlight of the series.

Academy Of Brothers were the third last team to be leaving AGT leaving Uncle Jed and Greg Gould and the Chase on stage. They performed one more time each and Uncle Jed were announced as the winners. They will get bigger and better gigs out of the win and just maybe a hit single if they are lucky.

Greg Gould was  2004 entrant into Australian Idol when he was 16 years of age. He made it to the top 40 but once he was eliminated it knocked his confidence and did not sing for four years. Maybe it is not a good thing to enter these talent shows too young. Expect to see Australia’s Got Talent back next year and hopefully the delightful Julia Morris hosting. She did a sterling job.


1 Georgie { 11.11.13 at 10:01 am }

I predicted the final two acts and the winner before the show. Should have put some money on it.

2 brain dead dave { 11.11.13 at 10:20 am }

They were at one point being culled in no particular order,RR.

Tommy was finally hit by the karma bus. He should have been turfed long ago before Funky Bunny . I personally felt a lot more inspiration and joy when the dancing poodle, Jackson did his thing than watching someone have a bad trip onstage.

Well picked ,Georgie.

3 Georgie { 11.11.13 at 10:44 am }

Lol bdd – that would be your “rug cutting poodle”? Definitely worth the price of a ticket imo too.

4 Slugger { 11.15.13 at 5:55 pm }

I finally got to see Salty Brain to see what the fuss was about.

Hmmmmmm. As entertaining as the lady who slaps spoons on her knees. They may be a compliment. You will never know.