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LIVE BLOG: The Bachelor Finale – Who Will Tim Give The Rose To?

Tim Robard’s reckons he is looking forward to being out and proud with his new love after tonight’s episode airs.

Will it be Rochelle or Anna? Can you find true love on a reality TV show?

Both girls say they want to have a relationship with the good looking chiropracter but will he actually propose to one of them as has been the tradition in the US series.

What we do know is The Bachelor has been good for TEN and it will be back next year.

Chat about the finale and all things Bachelor here.

7.31pm – How long will the recaps of the season go for?

7.36pm – OMG it looks like there is a diamond ring? Will it be a promise ring? Rochelle and him appear to have more chemistry but still think he will go for Anna.

7.44pm – Rochelle meet Tim’s family who was lucky enough to come to Thailand as well. Tim’s sister looked underwhelmed by Rochelle and her not shutting up.

7.56pm – Anna meets Tim’s family and they seem far more enthusiastic about her then Rochelle the model from the home shopping channel.

7.59pm – Anna tells Tim’s mum that she realises what she has been missing. As she has not had many relationships this must be what she is liking

8.01pm – Advert for The Biggest Loser – The Town Challenge – Will Ararat become known as Arafat?

8.03pm – Another shot of Tim shirtless, and Anna has the first date with Tim.

8.14pm – Maybe Anna and Tim are well suited neither can make decent conversation.

8.16pm – Anna reading out cards about what she loves about him. It has gone the full cornball.

8.17pm – Anna tells Tim that she is falling madly in love with him and can’t see her life without him. Eyerolling moment.

8.20pm – Rochelle now on a date and he showed her a trunk, an elephant’s trunk.

8.25pm – Tim says to Rochelle there is this old Thai ritual that the women usually does for the man…. Rochelle is thinking what he wants me to perform fellatio on camera?

8.26pm – Thankfully to keep it in the PG timeslot it was just falling backwards into the water.

8.36pm – There does seem like ther is more chemistry between with Rochelle when they are snogging.

8.52pm – Waiting, waiting, waiting

8.53pm – Things are not looking good for Rochelle she is the first girl up.

8.54pm – Rochelle is breathing so hard and is pulling faces like she is giving birth. She is taking the news quite well and has not donged him over the head with her stilettos.

8.55pm – and the final indignanty Rochelle is walked out straight to a car to be driven from the resort.

9.05pm – Tim tells Anna “You have my heart I have fallen madly and deeply in love with you”

9.06pm – The ring! The ring! Bugger only symbolising the journey not an engagement ring. How long will this relationship last?


1 Christian { 11.20.13 at 11:45 pm }

I was all for a Rochelle win until tonight when it just seemed like she was all about the win rather than Tim himself. When I saw how genuine Anna seemed with his family (and when she used my viewing party’s nickname for the show – “The Batch”) I was happy for her to win.

Didn’t really warm to Tim’s family (just like I didn’t warm to Tim himself).

I cringed when Rochelle just wouldn’t shut up on that Elephant ride.

It’s been fun though – my first Bachelor series, and I’m definitely up for Season 2. I wish they’d make a gay version but the contestants would probably just hook up with each other.

2 sarnias { 11.21.13 at 12:53 am }

Some great comments here. True, Tim gets them to declare their undying love for him, then says catchya. I think he made the right choice. Was obvious from the beginning though, wasn’t it? Anna gets a boat ride and Rochelle gets to touch up an elephant.

Christian @ 51:

3 bella vita { 11.21.13 at 1:48 am }

I picked it would be Anna from the start. They were seen together at one of the races in Melbourne a couple of weeks…though kept their distance!!
Anna seems like a lovely genuine girl, unlike the majority of the rest who all have Star Now profiles in either Acting, Modelling, Dancing or whatever they think they’re good at

4 Calorie Loader { 11.21.13 at 2:08 am }

Interesting and yet somehow predictable final. Lol RR, on your out an proud comment on Tim.

So Tim’s Dad had the hots for Rochelle saying Tim was, ‘punching above his weight’ with a giant grin across his face…cut to snarky mother unimpressed and impatient to dismiss Rochelle.
The whole family’s attitude toward Rochelle(minus Dad) seemed so concrete and that was just as she entered. It makes you wonder whether Tim had already chosen at that point, told family and whether the filming was out of sync (aside from the final ceremony obviously or Rochelle wouldn’t have bothered to turn up).

Lol again RR on showing he a trunk..Rochelle can you handle this?
RR, your take on the ritual females perform 😛 Actually I was thinking along the lines of popping ping pong balls from the nether regions (blame Priscilla Queen of the Desert), but the only warnings were coarse language (when did that happen?).

Tim on Anna spilling her guts in study cards, “I’m so glad we’ve come through this together.” Seems Anna’s been travelling solo in expression of feelings until the end, but least the cards she had to play eventuated.

5 Calorie Loader { 11.21.13 at 2:17 am }

Final moments..

Rochelle prior to final ceremony, “how could we cut things off at this point? It wouldn’t make any sense to me.” Unless you’re happy to have Anna tag along on future dates….

Did anyone see Rochelle’s hand tug away from Tim as soon as he said no, and the ‘yep, yep…lets rap this up, you’re eating into my time here….TA-XI!!”

In the taxi, “why was he so forward with his affection toward me if he wanted Anna?” Because he could. Because there were 25 women and 1 man.

OMG the slipper loafers-Tim was so busy looking in those bathroom mirrors he forgot his shoes!!

Anna does seem genuine though, so hope he treats her well.

So much for the ring he designed for ‘her’…for the herd he had trimmed.

6 Andrea { 11.21.13 at 9:05 am }

Sarnias, thanks for that very funny link, it just proves that a gay “The Bachelor ” would never work LOL!

7 ang { 11.21.13 at 9:15 am }

I think Anna is way too good for Time. Ali would be more his style. Glad it wasn’t Rochelle – the botox, lip fillers, breast implants and heaven knows what else looked odd (in my opinion anyway).

8 brain dead dave { 11.21.13 at 9:31 am }

I thought Tim definitely had the best breast implants.

$hine’s formula worked ~part The Shire, part dating show.

Rochelle gave Tim her box and still couldn’t win.

9 Anonymous { 11.21.13 at 9:33 am }

Funny how there are always 2 or 3 women totally in love with the bachelor at the end. Some would have to be production props to keep up the suspense. Rochelle was probably producer’s choice. Tim really did not seem to be into her and she seemed to know he was not going to pick her even before his final rant.

10 mittens { 11.21.13 at 10:23 am }

Where did the mum learn psych? At the Gestapo training centre? Very poor chatting skills. She might as well have grabbed the girls around the throat.

11 mittens { 11.21.13 at 10:25 am }

And yes Caloriegirl. A very dry-eyed Rochelle left the ball.

She might as well have shrugged her shoulders and said, “Oh well. Plenty of other gigs in the sea”.

12 Andrea { 11.21.13 at 10:54 am }

She just had a gig on Studio Ten modelling bras, does that count?

13 aa { 11.21.13 at 11:03 am }

I really did not like Tim.
Did anyone notice when he spit water in Anna’s face at the beach? I thought that was pretty disrespectful. But maybe that’s what people do these days when they are being romantic. Who knows?

But I couldn’t warm up to the guy at all hopefully next years contestant is better.

14 mittens { 11.21.13 at 11:12 am }

Were they ‘lip bras”?

15 Christian { 11.21.13 at 11:19 am }

Sarnias @ 52 – hilarious! Thank you!

Gutted that I have to work tonight and miss the reunion special! I give Tim and Anna 7 months, tops.

16 mittens { 11.21.13 at 11:29 am }

Just record it Christian. I think we can expect some contrived, cooked up insanity.

17 all happening { 11.21.13 at 12:29 pm }

I haven’t watched any of this series but never miss reading all your great comments. I have some very weird visual sensations happening with girls touching up elephants, lip bras, third appendages, just to name a few. Oh! all too much for me I think.

18 sheenyshine { 11.21.13 at 12:42 pm }

Has anyone seen this? cutest bachelor hands down :)

19 Ali { 11.21.13 at 6:13 pm }

aa @63

Yep, spitting is the new foreplay.

This is taken from the article about how Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden (remember him?) “spit on each othe r – for love”.

“Delta would start it by casually lobbing a small load of spittle on Brian’s face. He’d return fire and the game would escalate until they were covered in phlegm.

“It was a sign of affection,” he told listeners.”

And look how that relationship ended.

20 Ali { 11.21.13 at 6:53 pm }

Tim’s mum, Tania, reminded me so much of the comedian Jean Kittson – the way her mouth turned down, the way she spoke. Just a more “tired” version of Jean.