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Beauty And The Geek And The Winner Is….

You either like Beauty and The Geek or hate it and this year I have to confess to not enjoying it that much however a neighbour in my street who hates reality TV runs down to my house each Friday morning to debrief about the previous night episode. He gushes about how funny it is. Go figure…

The finale was last night with four teams left to battle it out the first to be eliminated were Matt and Jenna who was thought to look like Lara Bingle. Lara was worried about her cellulite on the cover of FAMOUS magazine this week I think being compared to Jenna probably damaged her brand more.

Next to go was my favourite Zac and Ntula, with Brett and Emily and Nathan and Erin doing the final quiz.

It was likeable Brett and Emily who won the $100,000 first prize but really they were all winners getting a free holiday in Fiji for the duration of filming of the show.

James Tobin was the host and to be honest I found him bland but maybe that is what he was expected to be. Why is it on Australian TV that bland men can have their contracts renewed time and time again but putting a female in a hosting role comes under all sorts of scrutiny and one small slip up and they are never to be seen again.

Were you happy with the winner? Did you enjoy the series and do you want to see it back next year?

UPDATED: Brett reveals in the SMH that is dating a girl as the show had given him the confidence to ask her out. Great news.


1 Georgie { 11.29.13 at 11:15 am }

Quote of the night for me was Zac, on swimming with sharks…

“It’s not that bad statistically. Only about 100 people are killed by sharks, whereas every year, 1000 Americans choke on ballpoint pens!”

Well done Brett and Emily – deserving winners.

2 brain dead dave { 11.29.13 at 11:45 am }

Erin had been a favourite with me ever since she reduced her geek to a gibbering mess with her lingerie wardrobe. It was a bit too much ,too soon for a guy whose most treasured possession is a toy bunny rabbit.

I would have been happy with any winners. Enough laughs to keep me amused. Like a hobbit in a fireman’s suit stripping.The quizzes are quite well designed for getting laughs at the expense of geek and beauty alike.

Ch 7 must have a machine with the setting on “beige” that churns out James Tobins and Grant Denyers et al when required.

3 Sue { 11.29.13 at 4:03 pm }

Brett and Emily were featured every week in an ad (him jumping in the pool and splashing her).
By about the mid point of the season I started to wonder if these two were going to be the season winning team because they were the only team used in the ad.
So…..thanks producers and advertising guys for ruining the finale.

4 Calorie Loader { 11.29.13 at 6:11 pm }

Sue, that’s really interesting about the ad. I tend to rec and ffd through the ads so never saw it. Did anyone think Emily and Brett’s qns were a bit easier than Erin and Nathan’s? Thought Erin and Nathan’s choices were far more vague.

Re-posting my comments on last night from an earlier thread:

Quote of the night from Nathan on washing the mud off Erin, ‘It was harder than bathing the family dog, she was all over the place’. I only hope he doesn’t employ his elbows washing the dog the way he did tonight taking out Erin.

Is it possible to strangle a slippery eel to death was the question I had while watching Erin squeeze the poor creature until it’s eyes popped out.

Some interesting challenges for the final, my favourite being the kissing booths, swimming with the sharks, and disco dancing.

The beauties reactions prior to, during and after the kissing challenge showed me just how much their attitudes had changed towards being paired up with ‘the most amazing guy I’ve ever met’ in a romantic way, i.e. none. Not saying they don’t like their geek as a friend, and that they haven’t learnt things from them or been surprised by what they have to offer but fundamentally when it comes to picking a mate, they cannot seem to get past the physical. Which is fine, but don’t bollock on when it’s makeover time or date night challenge that, ‘oh my god he looks so hot, I’d date him.’ I have my suspicions about the ‘romances’ between non-paired contestants as well, especially Zac and Cassie. I never saw them kiss until tonight’s footage, and it was cringe-worthy. I think Cassie said something like, ‘there you go’ before quickly snapping back out of reach and looking like she had to re-ingest the roaches she spewed. Production then slips her 50 bucks. Ntula and the other guy were more believable. The geeks of course were loving the kissing challenge and did not seem bothered by their beauties repulsion. The beauties all condemned those girls at Nathan’s school for kissing him only as a joke, but it is completely acceptable for $100k. At the end of the day we are back to the same old friends status between these two seemingly unmeshable stereotypes.

I did enjoy the dancing and the 70s costumes. LOL on the tight jeans. Erin’s poor hairdressing was highlighted further under the harsh light of the disco balls with Nathan’s sloping permed turnip top.

Well done to Brett and Emily.

I do think there are some genuine beauties and geeks on this show, and some genuine moments, but as do most reality shows as they ‘advance’ in seasons, become more contrived and heavy in the cheese ball productions.