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Survivor – Interview With John Cody

john cody

John Cody was Candice’s husband and they were late to the game replacing an injured RJ. John was a strong player and looked like he had a strong alliance happening with the males on the tribe however he was blindsided and then had to compete against his wife Candice to stay in the game.

We talk about Brad Culpepper, whether being given the immunity idol clues put a target on his back, and whether he knew he was going to be eliminated.

Reality Ravings: Let’s talk about the Redemption Island challenge the one where you were sitting on a totem pole. Did you know it when you saw it that you were gone?

John Cody: I knew my back was up against a wall in that challenge. I not going to say I was never going to win it but it was a challenge that it was a very low likelihood that I would win. We [Candice] and I joked if that was an immunity challenge then I would be relying on my alliance not to go home. It was fitting it was the final challenge. I gave it my all. It was not really made for a guy like me.

RR: Do you think it was done purposely to get you out of the game and bring a female back in?

JC: I don’t necessarily agree with that as when you go there you are told the challenges are set days and days ahead of time before you even know who is voted out. With Laura M getting back it you had six coupled people versus five uncoupled people and that made the potential post merge fireworks a bit more juicy. Me coming back in the game would have shaken things up as well.

RR: You are probably right. Maybe they planned to put it in at that point to ensure a woman is voted back into the game as they know the females are normally eliminated first and it is a way of getting them back. Who would you have aligned with post-merge?

JC: I knew I could not trust Vytas as I was in his core alliance and he turned on me. I knew I could trust Hayden and Caleb as it was not their idea to vote me out. I had showed Laura Morett clues to the idol and I told her exactly where it was. I could have had Caleb, Hayden, Ciera, and maybe Tyson. As he did not write Candice’s name in the beginning and I could say “Hey I did not want Rachael to be gone either”. I tried to keep Rachael game and it was one the reasons I was voted out. I definitely had a good strategy lined up with some good people.

RR: It is interesting as normally the people coming back from Redemption Island has been at a disadvantage as alliances have been formed but this time the person coming back was in a power position. You and Candice came as late replacements due to an injury to RC. Candice mentioned this put her at a disadvantage as it meant she did not have time to form some links. Why were you not voted out on the beach? Why did you manage to stay in the tribe?

JC: I have no idea, maybe they thought I was going to helpful to the tribe. Maybe the veteran players were being much more strategic and were doing the numbers in their heads and did not count on Candice and I. Given three days on the beach I doubt she would have been the first person voted out.

RR: Candice kept on giving you the immunity idol clues did you know that would make you a target on your tribe and when the blindside came did you know?

JC: The first clue I was very open about what it said as it was fairly vague. The second clue was a bit more specific. I did not have much time to look for the idol as we were going to challenges and Redemption Idol. On the day I was going to look for the idol I told Brad and couple of the guys that I was going to look for it but if I did not find it we were all going to go together to look for it the next day but unfortunately that night I was voted out. At tribal council there were some things being said that if I had had the immunity idol I would have played it.

RR: What was it like Ponderosa when you, Candice and Brad were there together was it a bit tense?

JC: It was a little bit tense. Sure you have a lot time just to sit there and to hug it out. We went over everything and talked it out a number of times and it was fine. I obviously not pleased that it went down the way it went down. Is Brad a bad guy? No, but he did a bad move in the game. Yeah he lied to me in the context of the game. Since then he has not lied to me as he was 100 per  cent forthright about why he voted me out as he was trying to help Monica. Things were better then at Redemption Island that is for sure.

RR: You are back being a doctor so you are doing your internship. Do patients recognise you from the show and how do they react?

JC: Most patients are really thrilled. The last two months I was at the Children’s Hospital at Philidelphia so a lot of people with younger kids watch the show. About one in every four or five patients I saw recognised me. It was a little more concerning for me as fixing their children up for surgery and the parents were saying can we get a picture of you. It was really cool.

RR: Would go another reality TV show if so which one?

JC: I would go on Survivor again if given the opportunity as I have so much unfinished business.

Thanks again to JStar for helping with the questions.

Survivor Blood V Water on GO Thursday nights at 7.30pm.


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1 peacetrain { 12.04.13 at 12:09 pm }

Hi Rose. This one is for you.
I wasn’t really a fan of this guy or his wife. They weren’t baddies but seemed a bit alpha-smug. And the wife seemed to have a sense of entitlement. But then I haven’t seen all their eps.

I don’t really like this format with the loved ones.