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Heidi and Spencer Pratt Dumbest Reality Stars Ever?

Heidi and Spencer

OK big call I know but Heidi and Spencer Pratt must be the dumbest reality TV stars ever. Yes even dumber than Snooki and The Situation.

It was not the fact they admit to blowing $10 million in just a few years it was why the spent it. Apparently they believed the world was going to end in 2012 because of the Mayan Prophecy. This is real it this is not an April Fool’s Day joke. reports they thought they were Beyonce and Jay Z:

In a new interview with InTouch magazine, the couple say they went from one of reality TV’s richest couples to living with Pratt’s parents in Santa Barbara.

“We were immature and we got caught up,” Pratt told the mag.

“Every time we’d go out to eat, we’d order $4,000 bottles of wine. Heidi was going to the mall and dropping $20,000 to $30,000 a day. We thought we were Jay Z and Beyoncé.”

The couple revealed earlier in the year that they were so convinced that the Mayan Apocalypse was coming that they blew millions of dollars before the calendar hit December 21, 2012.

“We made and spent at least $10 million,” Spencer later told OK! magazine. “The thing is, we heard that the planet was going to end in 2012. We thought, we have got to spend this money before the asteroid hits.

“Here’s some advice, definitely do not spend your money thinking asteroids are coming. The world didn’t end,” he added.

Speechless, just speechless. Do you think there are dumber reality stars then Spencer and Heidi?


1 JStar { 12.10.13 at 9:27 am }

Big call RR. Sure they are dumb for believing that the world would end last year. Very dumb. But they can’t be that stupid if they earnt millions by having no discernible skills at all except the abilities to manufacture screaming arguments on cue and constantly getting media organisations to grant them (paid) interviews? Same goes with Snooki and The Situation. They are still hawking themselves in public and some people are still interested.

I think the really dumb reality TV stars are the ones that weren’t memorable but still try and shove their profile down our throats. Years ago, I remembered the first evictee on Big Brother (the year when Fitzy was on) suddenly re-emerged just prior to the next year’s launch of the show with extreme plastic surgery enhancements that would make Heidi Pratt proud. I don’t even remember her name but she hoped we all would remember her. Dumb? Yes. Sad? Absolutely.

2 Culinary Boner { 12.10.13 at 9:29 am }

And herein lies the fundamental flaw in the whole Mayan Prophecy saga:-

3 Wazza of the Gold Coast { 12.10.13 at 9:40 am }
4 Techhater { 12.10.13 at 9:48 am }

Wazza of the Gold Coast. You might be dumb, but surely even you don’t think you’re that dumb.

CB love your work.

5 mittens { 12.10.13 at 10:21 am }

Yeah, he had his DNA on that one TH.

6 Culinary Boner { 12.10.13 at 11:16 am }

Yep, yep, caught out gain.

Given this site’s recent troll attacks on bdd for the crime of actually being funny, I thought this topical:
Though this may explain the Pratt’s understandable confusion:

7 Fiona { 12.10.13 at 11:23 am }

I’ve never seen the hills, but I have watched the season of celebrity BB that they were on and they acted so horrible, but were very entertaining at the same time.
Are they stupid for spending 10 million so quickly? yes I think they are.

8 brain dead dave { 12.10.13 at 11:25 am }

There was a fatty called Michelle on The Biggest Loser who knocked back $50,ooo so she could stay on the show. She ended up with nothing.

Adro is one of the dumbest reality tv stars I’ve seen, The Biggest Loser just keeps punching above it’s weight in this area.

But Big Brother’s Sarah- Marie is the dumbest thing on two legs I’ve ever seen. She was proud of it, too. Her and her “dumb dance”

9 Techhater { 12.10.13 at 11:37 am }

CB Thanks i’ll never dunk my Aztec or Mayan coin in my milk again. I wondered what i was doing wrong.

10 Techhater { 12.10.13 at 11:41 am }

True “Dumbness” paying off. Thinking you can cook, when you can’t even make potato chips and winning MCA2013.

11 mittens { 12.10.13 at 1:23 pm }

CB I tried to bite into an Aztec coin once thinking it was an orieo. Does that mean I’m stupid?
And if my jokes aren’t funny, is that a crime too?

Reggie was dumb but in a good way.

And I never knock anyone who manages to make a lot of $$$$$$ for just being dumb. There’s abit of smart in there somewhere. Or is that the whol;e world has gone idiot.

PS If you don’t dumb down at work, you’ll get the most jobs.

12 Georgie { 12.10.13 at 5:06 pm }

If people without skills are making money from being dumb, it follows then, that the people paying them for it, are even dumber.

13 mittens { 12.10.13 at 5:22 pm }

There has been a movie made about it, Georgie. I can’t recall the name but it’s how the people with the smart genes put off having babies for their careers and all the bogans (US bogans) breed all over the place and then in the future two really dumb people from the ‘present’ day become the smartest people in the world.

It’s something like Devolution, but not.

14 Georgie { 12.10.13 at 5:34 pm }

Although I’ve never seen the movie mittens, I understand the concept. In fact I’ve been saying for many years, that intelligence is being bred out of the human race by virtue of the fact that clever people aren’t prolific breeders.

15 Scuba { 12.10.13 at 5:36 pm }

“Idiocracy”, mittens. Great film.

16 Georgie { 12.10.13 at 5:42 pm }

Thanks Scuba, I’ll get a copy.

17 brain dead dave { 12.10.13 at 5:46 pm }

Just watch Hot Seat to see that intelligence has been bred out of the human race. Eddie often has to help the contestants or they wouldn’t win a pie.

Scuba sounds smart. Well done.

18 Georgie { 12.10.13 at 5:56 pm }

I’ve never watched Hot Seat bdd. Is it worth a try?

19 mittens { 12.10.13 at 6:10 pm }

Hot Seat rule of thumb….old lady in sensible cardigan or twin set usually knows the answers.

20 mittens { 12.10.13 at 6:11 pm }

Hot Seat rule of thumb….old lady in sensible cardigan or twin set usually knows the answers.

Unless it’s about Britney Spears’ Tuesday undies.

21 mittens { 12.10.13 at 6:15 pm }

Georgie, if you are like me, you will be yelling at the TV, “Why the hell did you go on a quiz show?” They know NOTHING!

But that’s OK because apparently the correct answer can jump out at you “for some reason”.

22 mittens { 12.10.13 at 6:18 pm }

My opinion, and I am serious; Dr T failed the Hot Seat audition for knowing the answers.

23 brain dead dave { 12.10.13 at 6:18 pm }

Yes, I ‘d give Clot Seat a try, Georgie. Always a laugh to see hardened academics go to pieces when a question about the Kardashians comes up.

Have never seen anyone win the million yet.

“For some reason” ie Eddie practically water torturing the contestant to change their answer to the correct one.

It’s like Ma$terchef…get rid of the ones who can cook during auditions.

24 Georgie { 12.10.13 at 6:21 pm }

I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the cameras and lights mittens. It renders people dumbstruck. There’s the ‘dumb’ word again – who says we get off topic?

Yes bdd, you need to be an all-rounder for quiz shows. Being a RTV viewer and blogger definitely aids your education.

25 Reality Raver { 12.10.13 at 7:45 pm }

Georgie #12 – got to pay that comment.

26 kelley @ magnetoboldtoo { 12.10.13 at 7:52 pm }

I call bullshit and they are just angling for another show.