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Survivor Blood V Water – Who Do You Think Is Going To Win?

Tina, Katie and Laura M went head to head at Redemption Island and Laura as usual was a machine and won.

Would Tina throw the challenge for Katie? In the end she did not maybe because Katie was in a heap of trouble after dropping her key into the sand and it would have taken Katie forever to finish.

The Redemption Island winner comes back in next as it is the final two hour episode on Monday night.

Tyson started looking very anxious at tribal council when he realised Monica might have been got at by Ciera and Hayden. Ciera had told Monica all the nasty things Tyson and Gervase had said behind your back. As Monica is a tad paranoid it definitely left her a bit rattled.

Hayden and Ciera were desperate to stay in the game. Ciera managed to win the immunity challenge and Hayden knew he was in trouble. In the end Monica did stick with her alliance with Gervase and Tyson.

Everyone thinks they can beat Monica and maybe there are right. If Ciera makes it to final three she must be in there with a chance as does Tyson and Gervase. Ciera knows the person that comes in will be in her alliance but they are going to have sell it to Monica that she has a better chance if she does not stick with the boys.

GO Channel are fast tracking the final two episodes of Survivor Blood V Water and the Reunion Special on Monday night from 7.30pm.


1 peacetrain { 12.13.13 at 1:25 pm }

My fingers are crossed for a Tyson blindsight.

I’d like maybe Mon, Ciera or Tina to win.

2 KG { 12.13.13 at 3:20 pm }

Wow – lucky you noted day final show is on TV – was just assuming final eps and reunion would be on next Thursday night. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine tuning in next Thursday to watch and it not being there. Would have been devo.

3 peacetrain { 12.13.13 at 3:57 pm }

Aaaaahhhh! And KG THANKYOU for drawing my attention to that. I didn’t notice and would have had to wait to dl.

4 Fiona { 12.13.13 at 6:27 pm }

OMG Gervase needs to shut up, he needs to stop yelling at people.
If he makes it to the final 3, there is no way that Hayden, Aras, Katie and Tina will vote for him.

5 Juz { 12.13.13 at 9:42 pm }

Tyson for the win! He has to play the HI idol next week, so he’s safe to go through. If Laura M comes back and Monica flips to her with Ciera, Gerv is a dead man. I tend to think Monica won’t flip, though. She was rattled, sure, but she’s got to know Ciera was desperate.

6 Sioux Denim { 12.14.13 at 1:16 am }

Wow, thanks for the tip RR for Mon night finale….cant wait!
This has turned into a cracker of a season…Really impressed with
Hayden, seems like a great guy….am sorta hoping he comes back into the game, would love to see him in Final 3….
Monica has been my fave since day 1, not sure she playing the right game here but she must be thinking she is.
Gervase has some anger issues I reckon, he really has been lead about by Tyson on a leash moreso than Monica….dont think he would even get a vote!
Just dont like Tyson at all….I think its cos I know someone just like him and I dont like them either…funny that!

7 mittens { 12.14.13 at 1:56 am }

I’m with you Sioux Denim. I do like Monica. I don’t like Tyson. And I would be happy to see Hayden back.

Tyson seems mean.

8 Techhater { 12.14.13 at 10:11 am }

Juz i’m with you TeamTyson.

Sorry Mittens and Sioux. However, i do agree about Monica and Gervase. I would like to see all 3 of them in final 3 knowing full well Gervase wont get any votes. And IMO it would be really interesting to see how it would pan out between Tyson and Monica.

I thought Monica isn’t as “paranoid” as some are making her out to be. This was evident when she didn’t flip.

RR Perhaps if you get the opportunity to interview her you could ask her about the allegations from other contestants regarding her emotions and paranoia. This week is the most we’ve seen her for ages.

9 Fiona { 12.14.13 at 10:19 am }

I think Tyson is trying to play a much smarter game than last time. He has risen to the top of pack and with that position comes the pressure of being seen to be a leader, the other players will always try to make someone else look like the leader. Monica is playing an emotional game, but she is doing well at challenges and may well win immunity and end up in Final 3. If Laura wins her way back in to the game then that will shake things up – Ciera is talking her chances up but if her mum comes back those chances go way down – would Laura let her win after fighting to hard to stay in herself? This has turned into an interesting season….

10 Techhater { 12.14.13 at 10:29 am }

Fiona It certainly has been a great season.

11 mittens { 12.14.13 at 10:30 am }

TH, it’s nice that we can have differing favs and we’re fine about that. It’s normal.

12 Techhater { 12.14.13 at 10:41 am }

ABSOLUTELY Mittens. Otherwise this would be the most boring site on the web.

And i still love reading you comments and others regardless of whether they agree with me or not.

RR Keep up the great work. It really is appreciated.

And remember…….

Variety REALLY IS the spice of life. O:-)

13 Sioux Denim { 12.14.13 at 11:32 am }

The current jury all seem they would lean to vote for anyone not in that alliance of three, maybe that is what Monica is banking on as she might think she would get their votes if they had to choose…..I would be really interested too to read Monica’s interview after the show.

14 mittens { 12.14.13 at 11:58 am }

Even though I wanted Monica to flip, it was a smart move for to stay. It might make her appear to be more loyal even if it was undeserved, and if the others had been villainous then it would be better to be in a final 3 with them. I would like to see what would happen in a jury vote between Mon, T and G.
G looks like he coasted on Tyson.

15 Techhater { 12.14.13 at 12:17 pm }

As it was already mentioned Gervase is the dog on the leash. And he’s acted like it all season.

16 mittens { 12.14.13 at 12:34 pm }

TH the hubby you wanted to borrow is out making a fort for the grandkids now.
What a Trojan!

17 Carrie { 12.14.13 at 1:02 pm }

Well I’m still hoping for a Hayden win and if he doesn’t get back in, then I would go for Monica. I know Tyson has played a very strategic game, but I didn’t like the way he told Monica to shut up (or words to that affect). And I also think he is very selfish. I have enjoyed Monica’s game, but wonder if she has done the right thing by sticking with T and G. I’m really enjoying this Season.

18 emp { 12.14.13 at 9:57 pm }

out of monica, ciera, tyson and gervase gervase has done the least and is the least deserving of the money

19 Juz { 12.15.13 at 11:15 pm }

I read elsewhere (maybe on Rob C’s website??) that the editing of Monica may be showing her as more paranoid than she is. For example, when she says she loves Tyson and Gerv but had to look after herself, speculation is that is from the finale, but was edited in to the last ep to make us think she was flipping. I feel a bit sorry for Laura M; she’s been an RI powerhouse but is still no chance for the win. I wish we could see more footage of Gerv doing something other than shooting his mouth off. Would love to see snippets from his first season to remind me what he was like then.

20 q10 { 12.16.13 at 10:42 am }

Pretty sure Tyson is going to win, his edit on the show is that of a winner

although I’m happy to be proven wrong (I thought this last season about cochran)

and thanks to GO for fasttracking, it is one of the few things Ch9 are great at!

21 JStar { 12.16.13 at 11:29 am }

Let’s hope the reunion show is not so disrespectful to the pre-jury members than last season when Dimples made them all sit out with the audience members to hide the fact that Brandon Hantz had been banned from the reunion. And to make matters worst, Eric (who was medically evacuated with days to go) and Sherri (final three) weren’t even asked a question on stage. Instead we got the Rudy and Hatch show and Boston Rob pimping his book. Mega fail!

Anyway, the person who should return from RI has to be Laura. But her story arc is already complete – (the one with Ciera that had been highlighted all season). It would be a bitter way to go out if she loses to Lady Luck Tina or Hayden. Hayden or Laura coming back would ensure a quick vote out at the next tribal whilst Tina may have some cards up her sleeve being a former winner.

Anyway, Ciera is toast. She is the most dangerous person preventing Tyson from the win mainly because she has a knack of getting into people’s heads to swing the votes. If she doesn’t win immunity, she is the next to be voted out. Monica will not flip at this last stage and don’t expect Gervase to do anything without Tyson telling him what to do. The final three should be Tyson, Gervase, and Monica barring an immunity run from the RI returnee.

So who should win? Tyson as he has had the better edit but he also made all the big moves. He backstabbed a lot of people but in a game with returnees plus loved ones who are students of the game, he may have some grudging respect. Sure there will be bitterness amongst the jury but don’t expect an epic moment like Brenda telling Dawn to show her teeth to the world! Tyson’s only handicap is that he is cocky and jury management is the key for him.

Gervase, won’t win. His gameplay was linked to Tyson and unless he can convince the jury otherwise, they will see him as the sheep. That has gotten votes in the past (cough, cough, Natalie beating Russell Hantz in Samoa) but not in a jury with returnees who can appreciate moves.

Monica is the wildcard. She has played a competitive and good social game. Her flipping at the merge was mainly because she was told she was number five by Tina. Whether or not the jury sees that is another matter. However, she made the right moves and was in the majority alliance every twist of the game from the initial tribe, to the tribal swap, and then the merge. Should get votes from those bitter with Tyson. But enough to win? Depends on what she says and she is the most eloquent speaker out of the three.

The returnee from RI will win hands down if he/she gets to the final tribal council. Who doesn’t love an underdog story?

Avoid all internet until tonight so as not to be spoiled by the news of who won!

22 Techhater { 12.16.13 at 11:53 am }

JStar I really love your ability to analyse this game and how you cover every possible outcome. Can’t wait for tonight. I’ve already warned the family that the tv’s mine tonight, as i’ve had to watch most of this season a week behind and therefore had to avoid a lot of conversations.

23 Reality Raver { 12.16.13 at 7:31 pm }

Agree JStar is a Survivor savant I had forgotten just how disgraceful the last reunion special was.

24 JStar { 12.16.13 at 8:21 pm }

Techhater & RR, way too kind with the praise. Let’s just hope Dimples remains sensitive towards Tina and Katie at the reunion. Will be a hard balancing act as Aras has good news about his recent engagement and that he will be a first time dad. Now. Bring on the grilling by the jury (and RR with her questions for the interviews).

25 Reality Raver { 12.16.13 at 8:27 pm }

JStar interviewing tomorrow morning still got to get Caleb and another one up.

26 JStar { 12.16.13 at 9:21 pm }

Thanks RR. You have to be kidding. 7 interviews?! And transcribing each one? I have to get my thinking cap on, big time! I hope we can think of questions that aren’t the usual run of the mill. Although I have great respect for Katie and Tina to front up and do interviews during this painful time. And PS, what is all this trying to make Monica cry at the Final Tribal Council? I get people are frustrated and mad but why not spread the bile around evenly to all three?

27 Juz { 12.16.13 at 9:48 pm }

Ask Monica why she talks about herself in the third person all the time. lol. And did the others twig that Tyson and Gerv were the Coconut Brothers!

28 Techhater { 12.16.13 at 11:34 pm }

Great finale BUT no people’s choice award. Really wanted Monica to get that. Also why was Marissa the only one not asked a question.

And just have to throw it out there… That photo of Brad Culpepper when he was younger was DEFINITELY my Desi when we first met.
Admittedly he could now pass for Santa Claus LOL.

Looking forward to next season.

And lastly how wonderful were Tina and Kate. It must have been so difficult for them.

29 Reality Raver { 12.16.13 at 11:56 pm }

Techhater – you are right no people choice award. But thankfully no ceremonial walk to recollect the former contestants. Brad was not a looker at all

30 Techhater { 12.17.13 at 12:08 am }

RR “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” HaHa i like men to have a bit of meat on them.