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Is Mel B Going To Be A Judge On The Voice Kids?

Rumours have been circulating that Mel B is going to be a judge on The Voice Kids clearly I have been repressing them as I thought they must not be true.

However it appears to make sense considering she has signed on to do the breakfast radio program on Today FM with Merrick Watts, Jules Lund, and Sophie Monk. However it won’t be too onerous for her as she will only be on for one hour a day.

Delta Goodrem and Joel Madden have already been announced as judges on the show and there are two more chairs to fill.

NINE must think Mel B is a ratings winner with them trying to sign her for Australia’s Got Talent, and SEVEN successfully stopped her. They must think she will bring in the viewers.



1 Loz { 12.15.13 at 10:59 pm }

Mel is actually a really good judge.. not sure what you have against her. She was great on X Factor.

2 Reality Raver { 12.15.13 at 11:08 pm }

I am just not a fan of how she operates.

3 Albee { 12.16.13 at 12:38 am }

Na, I’m not a fan either.

4 Littlepetal { 12.16.13 at 7:34 am }

I hope Jess Mauboy is the other judge but she could be too busy.

5 brain dead dave { 12.17.13 at 10:47 am }

I appreciated at times Mel B’s honesty toward the contestants on X Factor. But The $pice Girls were so autotuned , it’s doubtful she can actually sing herself.

Then I note she’s still doing ads for Jenny Craig~ which is an expensive,exploitative rort.

6 Techhater { 12.17.13 at 10:58 am }

BDD i saw her on one of those American morning shows the other day singing a Christmas song. When she finished she asked could she do it again as she knew she could’ve done better.

Says a lot for autotune.

7 Mittens { 12.17.13 at 11:05 am }

Mel B; myeh. No real talent, no X factor personality.

But maybe judging on a talent show is what they do when there isn’t enough singing work.