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If You Are The One – What Happens Once The Show Is Over?

If You Are The One, the Chinese dating show watched by 50 million people in China and a few people on this blog is become a cult show like Iron Chef did in the 2000’s.

They even took the last straight guys out of Sydney and had an Australian special that was screen a couple of weeks ago on SBS2, Tony Abbott probably would have called it the visa special.

But what happens after the show has ended how many of the couples stay together and how difficult is it to actually to get on the show is in this excellent article on Junkee where they track down an Australian expat who went on the show. It is also interesting how the prize to Greece is used as a hook to get the contestants to choose a partner.

Do you think a show like this would work in Australia?


1 JK { 12.17.13 at 11:07 am }

It would be like a perfect match meets speed dating?

2 brain dead dave { 12.17.13 at 11:16 am }

RR, a version of this show was actually tried in Australia circa 2007-8 , a guy with the surname of Kerley hosted it. I participated in a live blog with him at the Tele about it. Same format. The show was tragically axed after a couple of weeks. I loved it.

I did Asian History at school but this show has taught me so much more about how Chinese people think about life.

Doubt if Australians are as capable of the brutal honesty the contestants on this fabulous show exhibit. Except yours truly,gice.

3 Techhater { 12.17.13 at 11:17 am }

No Australia would only screw it up with “leaches, cockroaches (of the ginger variety) meatheads” etc, and heartwrenching backstories.

This is ONE show that should be left alone. It’s great the way it is and worth the trouble of reading sub-titles.

4 Mittens { 12.17.13 at 11:22 am }

Yay!!! Thanks RR for doing a thread.
I so love this show. I don’t know if an Aussie version would be as good or not. It’s the quirkiness and natural bluntness of the Chinese girls and guys that give the show its edge.

But I would sure watch an Aussie version. I would like them to use fresh faced girls though, not over worked, over made-up celeb wannabes like they do for Bach.
The girls on Farmer Wants weren’t usually done up like a dog’s dinner, or like Barabara Cartland.

5 Mittens { 12.17.13 at 11:25 am }

If the Aussies tried to manufacture the brutal honesty of the Chinese version, they would stuff it up. It’s only good in the Chinese one because it’s authentic.
Except for the poomvey girl. (My grandmother would love that I am putting her home-grown word to good use). Poomvey is the best word to describe her.

6 brain dead dave { 12.17.13 at 11:43 am }

Oh and wouldn’t the Chinese girls have made mincemeat of gormless Bachelor Tim Robards? No sugar coating with these gels. I can see the light now~

“Failed To Get A Date”

The prize used to be Hawaii, wasn’t it? I guess too many jumped ship.

7 Mittens { 12.17.13 at 11:56 am }

No muffin tops on those Chinese girls. Very cute.
Like Pop Asia.
Also I love the scary ones who scare the guy by staring him down. The need to smile isn’t an issue. I love it.

Yes. I think too many temptations in Hawaii. I must look up tourist attractions in the Agean Sea.

8 Techhater { 12.17.13 at 12:35 pm }

I’m looking forward to the Australian special, where they took from memory 30 Aussie applicants. I cant remember if Meng Fei said 8 girls and 22 guys. I do remember it was more guys than girls and it was in response to an overwhelming number of Aussie applicants and viewers.

Mittens maybe you saw that announcement as well.

9 Maz { 12.17.13 at 12:38 pm }

I love If you are the One. They are so brutal.

This would not work in Australia as the culture is different and we all know what type of contestant would be casted.

BDD @6-that would have been funny to watch

10 Mittens { 12.17.13 at 12:41 pm }

TH I already saw that one weeks ago. The girls were Chinese living in Australia. Some Chinese Aussies, some temps.

11 Techhater { 12.17.13 at 12:57 pm }

Damn Will have to wait for reruns now.

12 Mittens { 12.17.13 at 1:05 pm }

Don’t worry TH, it wasn’t really different to the other shows.

Maybe the girls did cutesie a bit less. That’s about the only thing I recall.

13 Mittens { 12.17.13 at 1:08 pm }

BDD, I would like them to list Tim’s qualities.

No I really would. Starting with the penis?
That would be a deal breaker I’m sure.
“Looks like wanton noodles”.

14 Littlepetal { 12.17.13 at 3:20 pm }

Can’t see this show work in Australia. The girls won’t be too honest with their opinions.

15 Mittens { 12.17.13 at 3:39 pm }

Doc Phil is trying to be honest with the woman who hasn’t worked in twenty years but wants to live like a Kardashian.

I bet she had a housekeeper when she was married.

Talk about bloated sense of self-entitlement.

16 brain dead dave { 12.17.13 at 3:41 pm }

Littlepetal @17~Unless Braces and Tatts are cast……

17 Mittens { 12.17.13 at 3:48 pm }

Yes, B&T wouldn’t have a problem saying what they think.

BDD just watching Steven. Aaaah, he has a massive disability…his mother. Yikes.

18 Littlepetal { 12.17.13 at 5:11 pm }

But B and T will over exaggerate their honesty and still come across as nasty. Whereas those Chinese girls can say it as it is without nastiness.

I am in a foul mood at the moment. Still no power and missed the cricket at the crucial moments. Not happy Jan.

19 Mittens { 12.17.13 at 5:22 pm }

Sorry to hear that Littlepetal.

Yes I agree, the people on IYATO pull it off beautifully. It’s just honest talk.

How can we cheer you up. I know I will make you a happy tee. Think about it. A bicycle? :)
Love Mittens

20 Andrea { 12.17.13 at 7:46 pm }

That Steven was a pathetic case and his mother should be ashamed of herself for treating him like a baby, I mean, come on, powdering her 28 year old son? Creepy.

21 Sandii { 12.17.13 at 8:04 pm }

I love this show, BDD I also loved the Aussie version but it didn’t last very long only a few eps and I couldn’t understand why they gave it the can. Was it called Taken Out?

22 Sandii { 12.17.13 at 9:00 pm }

Here is an interesting read about some of the girls

23 Littlepetal { 12.17.13 at 9:42 pm }

Thanks Sandii for the link. Very interesting read. It looks like many of the girls just want to have a public profile.

24 Dr T { 12.17.13 at 9:50 pm }

I absolutely love this show. But my biggest complain is that it is so so so so hard to watch a subtitled show and tweet at the same time without missing something!

If search for #ifyouaretheone on twitter there are some great snapshots from the screen. I used some of them in talk for my younger colleagues, went down a treat!

25 brain dead dave { 12.17.13 at 10:23 pm }

Yes Sandii , that was it. Well done . I just Googled “Australian dating show Taken Out” and found a page of links and some You tube clips as well. James Kerley was the host. Ch10.

26 Sandii { 12.17.13 at 10:26 pm }

Yea I will have to google it now. I loved the show, all my friends thought it was stupid.

27 brain dead dave { 12.17.13 at 10:36 pm }

Sometimes it’s best to hide one’s addiction to reality television. My friends don’t understand, either. Fuck ’em.

28 brain dead dave { 12.17.13 at 11:01 pm }

Looking at this, the show was actually created here for Australia~ duly axed and then exported everywhere else.

29 Sandii { 12.17.13 at 11:04 pm }

Just watched the awesome ABBA special on ABC1. I even knew all the words to all the songs.

30 Mittens { 12.17.13 at 11:52 pm }

I don’t care if my friends think I’m mad :)

My rec has Doc Phil, the Bach, Judge Judy, B&B, AR, Survivor, The Walking Dead, IYATO to name a few.

31 brain dead dave { 12.18.13 at 12:01 am }

You might want to add Out Of Jail And On To The Streets on ABC2 tonight,then.

Before that I watched US Bachelor. That guy would be to quote Dr.Phil~ “Out of his depth in a birdbath”

32 Mittens { 12.18.13 at 12:13 am }

Thanks BDD. Done. Just put it on rec.

Sean is acting like a bit of a doofus. Those girls could eat him alive.

33 Mittens { 12.18.13 at 12:28 am }

The girl on the US Bach that showed the most guts was the girl from Bagdad who said, “Na, I’m not going to jump into frezzing water to win Sean’s love”. And “Na, it’s not a once in a lifetime experience”.

34 Maz { 12.18.13 at 12:55 pm }

BDD- Thank you for that Dr Phil quote. Certainly applicable to people one is forced to associate with.
Sandii@22 Thank you for the link. Found it interesting that weight is a key attribute.

35 brain dead dave { 12.18.13 at 1:06 pm }

No worries, Maz.

Today’s Dr Phil is about a woman who’s given over $60,ooo to a guy she’s never met. Online dating scams. Unbelievable.

36 Mittens { 12.18.13 at 1:37 pm }

Is that the stupid woman whose son took her on, and even after they proved to her, in lots of ways, the guy didn’t even exist, she still reckon she loved him?

BTW finally got RR working on my laptop.

37 JK { 12.20.13 at 8:26 am }

Finally watched 90% of an episode, could.not.stop.laughing.