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Survivor Blood V Water – Interview With Series Winner Tyson Apostol


Tyson Apostol after playing Survivor three times won Survivor Blood V Water. He won it comprehensively getting all of the votes except one.

Here we talk about the final tribal council, future plans and whether there should be a Captain Wacky season of Survivor.  It what was a fun interview.

Reality Ravings: You must be exhausted. You’ve won Survivor and a million dollars you must be wanting to celebrate instead you are having to do interview.

Tyson Apost0l: Emma there is no one I would rather celebrate with more then you.

RR: [Laughs] Thanks. You’re very smooth Tyson, you are smoother than Vytas and that is saying something. 

TA: I definitely am.

RR: Have you forgiven Vytas for not voting for you and not giving you a clean sweep last night? 

TA: No I don’t have a problem with that I get paid the same whether I did the clean sweep or not.

RR: You went into tribal council and you were against Gervase and Monica. Did you think you had it in the bag there if you could just give the speech that you gave that it was all strategy and there was no intention of malice. Not being seen as the alpha leading male of the pack?

TA: I thought going into tribal I would have a fair shot against Gervase and that both of us would  beat Monica. Then leaving tribal council I had a much better feeling about my chances.

RR: Everyone seemed to be concerned about Tina if she went before the jury she would win, but did you actually believe that considering she had done nothing for so many days sitting out on  Redemption Island?

TA: What you have to go on in the game is the reaction of the jury at tribal council. So when we, me, Gervase and Monica would be voting someone out the jury would scowl and they would be all rooting against us. At that point I thought my best shot is with Gervase and  Monica. But seeing how the votes played out I probably would have had a better shot  then I thought against Ciera and Hayden and people like that. At the time in the game there was not way and that the jury would be so upset with me they would give one of the others the win.

RR: Tyson you won the $1 million cheque and you are obviously in love with your girlfriend Rachel what held you back from making the live TV marriage proposal?

TA: That’s all been done before.

RR: Do you think marriage is on the cards for you to? What is next for you and Rachel and what are you going to do with the money?

TA: We are going to go on a bunch of vacations.

RR: Now the rock draw – You’re sticking there and suddenly you realise your controlled well planned game was going a bit pear-shaped. At any stage were you tempted to swap your vote to Monica just to save your own skin?

TA: Only for a split second. I did the maths in my head to see where I would be and thought if Monica goes home tonight, then me and Gervase goes home the next night and then last one of us will go home after that. I had not been playing in the challenges very well so I thought my best option was to draw rocks and see how it goes. The worse case scenario I’ll end up on Redemption Island and win my way back into the game.

RR: This is the third time you played. Have you found Redemption out there by winning after that dreadful mistake you made the first time you played?

TA: I don’t know if it is redemption so much but it felt like I finally given myself a little closure on Survivor. It is a game I always thought I could win and it has never worked out for me and my game has improved everytime I have played. It feels good definitely.

RR: Who have been your favourite players to play against?

TA: I enjoyed playing with Boston Rob. Coach was fun as he was so entertaining. This season I really enjoyed playing with Gervase and Aras we had a lot of fun out there. There is a lot of people I have really liked playing with. I wish I could have played with Phillip as he seems amazing.

RR: Who do you think would be saner Coach or Phillip? Less wacky?

TA: I think Coach is a little less wacky but I have never met Phillip.

RR: Maybe they need to have a Captain Wacky season, that would mix things up a bit.

TA: I think they should with Phillip, Coach and Laura B.

RR: Yes Laura B, but what about Laura M, I liked her, but she seemed like she walk the edge at times. They won’t bring back Brandon Hantz. Who do you keep in touch with out of Survivor?

TA: Aras, I talk to Aras a lot now. Gervase too. I have even grown pretty fond of Vytas. Right now everybody tends to stay in contact with everybody. From past seasons I keep in touch with Boston Rob quite a bit. I’ll go and visit him in his home every year or so. Steve Fishbach who came second in Tocantins I talk to him a lot and Coach and that is pretty much it.

RR: You’ve won and Cochran said to me last year he would not go back on Survivor. Would you play Survivor again?

TA: For the love of the game you would have to. You look at these professional athletes that retire on top or take a salary cut and play for less money so that they can continue to play the sport they love at 40 plus years. So which is more of a respectable action?

RR: Speaking Cochran and  Culpepper. Jeff Probst always calls the alpha males by their last name. Why doesn’t he call you by your last name Tyson? Have you had it out with him about that?

TA: [Laughs] I never ask him to. I don’t know if Jeff has a big of a crush on me as he does on those guys.

RR: I think it was one of the highlights of Cochran’s life when he was annointed with last name status.

TA: I have never been called by my last name so it would have been weird.

RR: You’re last name is probably not as easy to say. Would you go on another reality TV show and if so which one?

TA: I would probably go on The Amazing Race as that is the one Rachel really, really wants to go on.

RR: You all say that. [Ed’s note: I am thinking of dumping this question for Survivor contestants as they all say the same answer – The Amazing Race]. Congratulations on the win it was well deserved.




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1 Juz { 12.18.13 at 10:49 am }

Good interview, RR. I think Tyson may now be my No. 2 fave Survivor of all time – after Cochran and Boston Rob.