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Survivor Blood V Water – Interview With Gervase Says New Survivor Easier


Gervase Peterson had a 13 year hiatus from playing Survivor but he came back and managed to get himself in the top three. Here he talks about Old Survivor V New Survivor, the moves he made in the game and whether he would have flipped on Tyson. Thanks again to JStar for assisting with the questions.

Reality Ravings: You waited 13 years to play Survivor again. Had you been approached to return and play again prior to this or was this the first time?

Gervase Peterson: They called me back for two other seasons but it did not work out logistic wise.

RR: You mentioned in tribal council that you played well in old Survivor and the new Survivor. What are the differences between the game play?

GP: Old Survivor is you get to know people, you get to know a little bit about their character before you make an alliance with them or partner up with them. New Survivor they make an alliance on the beach and they don’t care who is in it. Colton came to me day one and said here is our alliance it is me, you, Aras, Monica and Tina. And I said if I don’t like anyone in that alliance I have to play with them for 39 days? He said “Yes”. I said “that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard”. That makes no sense to me. They like the big moves and the blindsides they live for that. If they don’t make a big move or a blindside they don’t consider you playing the game.

RR: Speaking of big moves and blindsides if Tyson had not won the immunity necklace at the top five would have have swapped and made your big move then and gone with Hayden and Ciera and tried to get rid of Tyson from the game at that point?

GP: No I was locked in with Tyson and Monica to the end. I just couldn’t trust Ciera and Hayden. Ciera flipped back and forward so many times. I am saying to myself if I get rid of Tyson I know they are going to flip on me and vote me out next. They weren’t going to keep their word.

RR: When you were doing your jury speech you said you were contemplating getting rid of Tyson or was that just your jury talk to try and get some votes.

GP: It was always in the back of my head to get rid of Tyson and Monica, that is always in the back of your head. You go through every scenario assessing what is going to be in your best interests. But every time I ran through the scenarios it was never in my best interests. There was never a good enough reason to do it – where I could see myself making the final three without Tyson and Monica.

RR: Obviously we only get an edited version of tribal council and your pitch to them was saying that it was not just Tyson making the big moves it was you as well. What were your big moves? You mentioned getting rid of Aras. What were your other big moves in the game?

GP: Aras was a big move as that took out four people, Aras, Vytas, Tina and Katie as they were so tied to Aras. That just set the groundwork for us to get through the game. I made up a lie that we found the hidden immunity idol on the beach and I told Hayden that and it stopped them making a move against us at a certain point of the game. Tyson and I talked about every move we made so we would just sit down and discuss it at night when everyone went to sleep and we also did what was in our best interests together to make it into the finals. The moves were jointly made together.

RR: You were in the first season of Survivor and you did not know what to expect as it was breaking a whole new ground. What do you think of Survivor now with the hidden immunity idols and Redemption Island and tribes being switched around before the merge to try and bust up  alliances.

GP: It makes the game easier. When you know you have one shot and that’s it and you don’t play it right and you are going home you play different. Knowing there is Redemption Island you can be a little bit looser you can take a chance you would not do as you think “Hey I can go to Redemption Island and I still have a chance to get back in”. Having a hidden immunity idol same thing. You can make moves that you would not normally make as you have this idol in your pocket that no one knows about.

RR: The editing of you this series or an aspect of you was that you shoot your mouth off and that is what gets you into trouble, particularly in the last few episodes where you were having a go at Monica and she was saying to camera that she was considering flipping which we now know is not true, Ciera at tribal council,  and why Marissa got voted out first. Is that you in real life or was it bad editing?

GP: Good question. I do shoot my mouth off, this is true. But you have to look at it in the context of the game. That first challenge I thought we had lost it and it was my fault if we had lost and we went on to win it. That was just emotion of celebrating “Yeah we won”. It was also to let Tadhana know they would not beat us in any challenge. Going in they thought they were going to win every challenge as they were younger and stronger then us. Marissa she got voted out on her own that had nothing to do with me. She had votes for her day one on the beach and she called Brad out early when he said he would share his tarp with Monica so she was already a target with Brad. Ciera that was planned going into tribal council. I knew that I had to make it look like Tyson had more blood on his hands than me and the way to do it was to provoke Hayden and to argue with him  because the more I argued with Hayden  he would just continue to tell people that Tyson was running the show and making the moves. Tyson would speak up and he did when Katie got voted out and said “good job and by the way that seat over there is yours” and that was a mean nasty thing to do at that moment of the game. I was like “yes” you need to look more like a jerk then I do for me to win this game.

RR: The Gulong tribe did keep on winning did anyone ever talk about throwing a challenge to get rid of Colton or try and save one of their loved one on the other tribe?

GP: Yes, Aras tried to do it in the second challenge. But was me who had to roll the balls at the end of the challenge and when I found out I was said “you never throw a challenge” something you never do on Survivor as you don’t know how it effects the game and if we had thrown that challenge and lost it and voted somebody out and then Colton quits and then you are down two people just like that. That was one of the reasons I felt I could not trust Aras in the game because he wanted to stuff that were not saying to me Survivor moves.

RR: What have you been doing in the 13 years since you played Survivor and what is next for you?

GP: I own a cigar lounge and a vodka company, the vodka is Chat Vodka check it out at I still teach basketball and raise my family I have four kids. Just going through life like everybody else. Just sitting by the phone waiting for that phone call to go do Survivor again.

RR: So would you do it again?

GP: Absolutely if they call me tomorrow I am on a plane and I am out of here.



1 Sioux Denim { 12.20.13 at 12:12 am }

I really dont believe he played a good game at all and that is why Tyson took him to Final 3, no votes proved correct….man, why cant he just own that….he is a little deluded in my opionion…

2 Fiona { 12.21.13 at 2:25 pm }

Hey RR did you do an interview with Ciera?

3 Reality Raver { 12.22.13 at 1:58 pm }

Fiona – Yes have interview with Ciera will hopefully get it up tonight with Hayden’s as they both have a different take on the same scenario!

4 JStar { 12.22.13 at 2:53 pm }

Problem with Gervase’s game is that he was so intent on having Tyson seen as a target that he couldn’t distinguish his game separate from him in front of the jury.

Interesting on how Gervase thinks the game is easier now. I would have thought it would be mentally more draining as you are constantly paranoid – hence the fact that most people could not sleep properly for feat of others conspiring against them when asleep.

Gervase was not memorable the first time playing. But then again, all the memorable players in the first season had already been asked back namely Hatch, Sue Hawk, and Rudy. Only Colleen refused to go back and Greg moved on with his life. After Jenna ruined any chance of being asked back for a third time with her sex video of her wedding night, I guess Gervase was the next can off the rank.

And RR, you need a transcription typist to help you!