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Magic Is A Thing In 2014 And It’s Popularity Can Be Linked To Reality TV

A few years ago the thought of a night out to go see an magician would have evoked thoughts of cheesy tricks involving doves and women in sequin leotards being chopped in half. OK so maybe the women being butchered remain because let’s be frank THAT act never gets old,  however these days the tricks are far more sophisticated and the popularity of this genre is on the rise.

Reality TV can be thanked for this particularly the Got Talent franchise where each week a magician is beamed into our lounge rooms and leaving us asking “how did they do that”?

This year two magicians, Sam Powers and Raymond Crowe, made the Australia’s Got Talent finale voted in by the viewer. Both are established professionals however this exposure helps push them from the corporate gig circuit into the mainstream.

Raymond Crowe this January is an Australian magician at the Sydney Opera Houses show The Illusionists 2.0 which includes a line up of top international magicians who ironically have also all been on their countries Got Talent franchises. Which does raise the question is why are most magician’s male?

In an article in SMH  the magician’s  acknowledge the link between the shows and the increase in their profiles with James More saying “I didn’t appreciate how big a break television gives you, just an incredible amount of exposure where you wouldn’t be seen otherwise”.

This show is the follow up from from last years very successful Illusionists show, where the ethos is there is not one star of the show. Which is the reason Australia’s best known magician Cosentino was not on the bill in the inaugural season as he wanted special billing.

However I am sure he is not crying into his weetbix nor has his ego deflated as this year he has had highly rated television specials and won the latest series of Dancing With The Stars. Channel SEVEN have grasped onto the revival in this traditional genre and have declared themselves the Home of Magic with the Network announcing they have secured the rights to hit new British series The Happenings and Tricked, which will join a fourth series from Dynamo: Magician Impossible in primetime in 2014. Oh and expect Consentino to turn up at some point.

For tickets and more information about  The Illusionist 2.0 go here.

Are you a fan of magic? Do you watch it on television? By the way what is the difference between a magician and illusionist? Nothing that is just an illusion….

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1 brain dead dave { 12.23.13 at 11:28 am }

Christmas is the biggest illusion I’ve ever seen.