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Darren McMullen Having A Good Start To 2014

Darren McMullen is going to be busy this year not only will he host the The Voice and The Voice Kids he has also sold his new show The Outsiders to National Geographic.

The Outsiders as mentioned on  TV Tonight is about:

The Voice’s Darren McMullen is rolling up his sleeves to live, work and play alongside some of the wildest characters in Europe. He’s on a mission to not only meet these fascinating people, but to live with them, experience their subcultures and get stuck into their curious activities. From the Viking metal music lovers in Oslo, to the prosperity hunting bear men of Romania, each stop on this outlandish outing is an invite into the lives of people who exist on the edge.

Episode One:
Darren McMullen becomes a Brony in England, attends his own funeral at the Near Death Fiesta in Spain and becomes a Viking metal band member in Sweden.

It is part of the rebrand of Nat Geo Adventure to Nat Geo People. There looks like there might be more “reality TV” on it with titles like Men with Many Wives, Secret America, Ladyboys, Planet Large and Hook, Line and Sisters.

Also it appears he is seeing a new girl aka been spotted out with once but hell it won’t stop me reporting it either. The girl is Crystal Reed who starred in American series Teen Wolf.

(Source: Sunday Telegraph)


1 brain dead dave { 01.12.14 at 10:17 am }

Attending his own funeral , hmmm? This is long overdue.

He’s died on The Voice countless times, along with his credibility.

The SBS test pattern is more interesting than this guy.

2 Techhater { 01.12.14 at 10:47 am }

HaHa At least that comes with music and the world’s weather forecast.

3 cindy { 06.01.14 at 7:44 pm }

where do I sign