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Kyle and Jackie O Burn Bridges With Today FM

It was the big story in radio at the end of 2013 that Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O were moving to 106.5 FM with their breakfast show.

With the ratings season about to start they needed to let Kyle off his leash to talk about the move and props to him he does not give sanitised media interviews. It is an interesting read but chances of him ever being employed by Today FM again would be slim. Well while current management are there anyway.

The interview in the Sunday Telegraph has these gems in it:

On SCA’s chief content boss Guy Dobson:

Kyle: “Guy Dobson is a f***wit. He has come out and said that because he knows they are in a world of sh.t. They have slapped together a breakfast show which won’t work and he’s trying to make himself relevant. I’ve even sent him a text saying; ‘You’re a f*** *** for saying that’. And then I had other executives from Austereo contact me and say; ‘Don’t worry about what Guy says … that’s not how we feel, we are devastated you’ve left.”

On 2Day FM’s new breakfast show:

Kyle:“You have four alpha personalities on there, all together which means it’s all gonna be (AHHHH weird noise) – ‘I wanna be the star,’.

“Then you bring in one guest and all of a sudden there are five voices, it’s just sort of sounds like a massive mess. But I wish them the luck. I like three of the four people on that show, so I wish them the best. But they probably won’t be very successful….(laughs). Sorry.”

Jackie: “Well look, I think it’s foolish to say people won’t sample it.

“I think people will sample it out of curiosity. I think it’s arrogant to say people are going to come over immediately. That’s not realistic to say at all, so we are aware that will happen and they will be curious.”

Kyle: “Well Mel is only there for 3 months, one hour a day. That won’t last…They would have done that because they had Merrick, Sophie Jules, and thought f***, this isn’t good enough. Let’s get Mel to do it.

“I know that already for a fact, she’s only there for three months, one hour a day as guest, which to me, feels like interviewing the same person everyday which would be a nightmare.

“But I like Mel she is a good talent, but she’s not very much a morning person, neither is Sophie, so it’s going to be very difficult. I’m very much a morning person, I’m gone by the afternoon. I’m sure Jules and Merrick will be fine for the morning (but) I don’t think those two will get on very well either, knowing them. I don’t think they’ll get on, cause Merrick is a f*** head and Jules is nice.

“It’s just gunna be a disaster. I’m so sorry, but I totally believe that…I know all those people and I just can’t wait for it to fall apart. So Mel will be the first one to leave in 3 months, and it will be a battle – it’s him or me, between Jules and Merrick, and yeah that’s it. It’ll end up being Jules and Sophie in 6 months’ time. That’s what I think.”

Full interview here.

I tend to agree with Kyle that four people on the breakfast show is going to be too much.


1 brain dead dave { 01.12.14 at 10:08 am }

****heads calling other ****heads ****heads.

Next first world problem,please.

2 Techhater { 01.12.14 at 10:44 am }

“Guy Dobson” Not to be confused with the brother of Abby Dobson (the Voice season 2 and ex lead singer of Leonardo’s Bride) whose brother is also named Guy and was a minister who performed my wedding.

3 Maz { 01.12.14 at 10:12 pm }

As long as K & J are not syndicated across the country who cares.

No-one is expecting that morning line-up to remain intact for the next twelve months but again who cares as long as the Austereo network does not syndicate it across the network.