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Survivor Blood V Water Interview With Ciera


Ciera Eastin, daughter of Laura Morett was the surprise packet of the latest series of Survivor. The waif like mum never looked like a physical threat but strategically she outplayed a lot of people to make it to the top five.

Here is an exclusive interview with her.

Reality Ravings: I thought you were a highlight of the season and I was hoping you would get the win or at least final three.

Ciera Eastin: Thanks.

RR: You were a strong player and surprised a lot of people and unfortunately my first question is going to talk about your one weakness in your play. Apologies we will get onto how fabulous you are later. You ended up flipping with Hayden and Katie to draw rocks but the week before you did not flip, you stuck with Tyson and you told him the plan that they were going to vote him out. So what were your thought processes for sticking with Tyson?

CE: What you did not see on TV was that Hayden did come to me and said “Let’s get rid of Tyson. Right now it is Hayden, Katie and myself”. I was totally on board with doing that, and about five minutes after that conversation Hayden came back and had completely changed his mind. He came back to me and Caleb and said “Never mind I don’t think I am ready to get rid of Tyson…”. He was all over the place and I did not feel comfortable showing all of my cards and playing the game with them when they did not really have a plan set in stone. I wanted to be the one to let Tyson know what was going on before it all came back to with people saying I was the one who wanted to get rid of him. There was a lot that was not shown that viewers did not see.

RR: That is interesting as Hayden told me yesterday when I asked whether he felt like throttling Ciera when she walked into Ponderosa as it could have been you three sitting in the final three. He said “Yeah, yeah”. He did not ‘fess up to his back flipping. But Hayden and Caleb both ended up voting for Tyson at that final council didn’t they?

CE: They voted for me.

RR: The next tribal council you all decide to draw rocks. Why did you decide to take that risk where you could have been taken out of the game?

Ciera: Everyone was telling me I was four. In my mind previous to this I was really close to Tyson and we had a final three deal. I never trusted Gervase and Monica but I always trusted Tyson that he would stick to his word. However at that moment I realised in order to win the game I had to make a big move to gain the respect of the jury. So I wanted to make those big moves and Tyson would be a huge move. Also I thought he might have the idol so I thought it might flush out an idol. Hayden did an awesome job and he was very convincing and Gervase said a lot of things in that tribal. I did not come here to play four I came here to play for first. I wanted to win the $1 million prize and if I could get rid of Tyson nothing could stand in my way.

RR: Back to the original Tadhana tribe where the women were being picked off  by the men. You looked like your stay in Survivor was going to be short, but Caleb flipped. What were you doing in the background to try and break up the male alliance and how much was it due to Jeff Probst at that tribal. Monica Culpepper thought Jeff had been influential in getting Caleb to flip.

CE: Jeff did an amazing job at tribal. Before we went to tribal me and Katie went to Caleb. In fact we went to all the guys to try and find who was the weakest link here. In all honesty we did not know that any of them were even listening to us. In tribal when Caleb said that I was completely shocked and surprised.

RR: Your game play was fantastic and what you were particularly good at was planting seeds in peoples mind and sometimes they would think they were their ideas as well. Did you know when to speak up and know when to pull back. Was this a strategy you went into the game with or was it something that evolved once you were there?

Ciera: That was a huge strategy going in. I knew it was going to be one of my strengths going in just on the social side of things. I knew just watching and observing people I knew would be my strength. I knew the physical challenges were not going to be my strength. I knew in the beginning I needed to lay low and stay under the radar and I knew after the merge I needed to make some big moves and try and get some jury votes. I was very proud of my game.

RR: We have to talk about one of your biggest moves and that was voting your mother out. We saw by the editing that at one stage you were trying to turn the other people around and try and give a reason on why she should stay. How hard was it for you? Was it a tough decision or you knew you would have to do it at some point in the game.

CE: It was a hard decision. At the same time only one person can win and it was the best move for me as well as my mum. I knew my mum could do well on Redemption Island and she had been out there already and had not had time to build relationships with these people. I thought it was the best move for both of us. Writing the name was easy but when Jeff started reading out the names I felt like the worst daughter on the face of the planet.

RR: Well she has obviously forgiven you. Now did your mum give you any tips on how to play the game of Survivor?

CE: She gave me a lot of advice before going out there, but one thing I took in was always be aware and never get tired and never let your guard down. Don’t feel comfortable. If you start to feel comfortable, something is going to happen.

RR: What next for you Ciera? You have a couple of kids? Has life changed for you or has it gone back to normal?

Ciera: Nothing life changing I am just home with my kids. I am on vacation with my family now. I am going to go back to school as I had to take a break whilst I was out there.

RR: Would you do Survivor again?

CE: I would do it again in a second.

Survivor Brawn V Brain premieres in February 2014.


1 emp { 01.13.14 at 1:38 pm }

ehh she wasn’t that great tbh. she was ALWAYS a four.

2 Sioux Denim { 01.13.14 at 5:12 pm }

Hahahahaha Emp, love it!

I would have preferred Hayden to win!

3 JStar { 01.26.14 at 1:04 am }

Great insight from Ciera with regards to why she did not vote out Tyson (in what proved to be the last available opportunity without drawing rocks). It does show she was always working out numbers in her head plus calculating how the jury would perceive her. The fact that she realised that her people watching skills was one of her strengths made her a highlight for the season.