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Survivor Blood V Water – Interview With Laura Morett


Laura Morett spent most of her time stuck on Redemption Island and showed her reputation as a powerhouse challenge winner was indeed true. Laura was on the show with her daughter Ciera and in fact it ended up being Ciera who was calling the shots in their team at one stage even voting her mother out of the tribe.

Here is an exclusive interview with Laura discussing that move by Ciera amongst other things including whether the producers helped Russel Hantz find the idols.

Reality Ravings: Early on in the season you made a post on Facebook that you were angry about how you had been edited in one of the episodes in relation to you getting flirty with Aras. 

Laura Morett: It really upset me that they tried to portray there was something romantic about it. I have been married 25 going on 26 years. I have a great family. I felt it was it was very offensive just the way they edited it making it look like it was a romantic situation. It wasn’t what so ever. They did not show that I gave the exact same massage to everyone on the tribe that night. We had just come back from a challenge and everybody was sore. Of course they don’t show me give Kat or Monica a massage. They chose that one with Aras and I did not think it was very fair.

RR: You are a machine at those challenges on Redemption Island and also in the team challenges. You were perceived as a threat from day one did you think that was going to be the case when you came back to Survivor?

LM: I didn’t as a lot of the returning players knew each other from before and I don’t really run in that circle very much. I did not know them and I was shocked day one when my name came up three times. There were others that I thought would have a bigger target on their back’s like Rupert. It was very clear from day one that they thought I was going to be a big threat.

RR: What was it like playing with your daughter, especially after your first time on Redemption Island, she had formed these alliances. The editing showed you were listening to her strategy and doing what she thought was best. Were you making some moves as well? Was that true?

LM: That’s exactly it. You have to remember that I had been on Redemption Island for seven days. When I get back into the game I had no idea what relationships had been bonded and who is with who. That’s why I went to Ciera and said “tell me what has been going on” as I have had no contact with anybody. It was such an advantage to have a loved one there. I was the only person to get back from Redemption Island and not be sent there next vote. This was because my daughter was able to fill me in on who was in alliances with who.

RR: How did you feel when Ciera voted you off? And would you have done the same thing to her?

LM: Everybody saw the mix of emotion. The first of it was as a competitor in the game, no don’t vote me out, I don’t want to be voted out. But as a mother I was so proud she was taking the game in her own hands and she was playing hard and she was doing what she needed to do for herself. I probably would have done the same thing. We had the opportunity at that point to decide how are we going to get further in the game and what did we need to do. Ciera said “Mum you are good at challenges and if you are going to win challenges you are best to do it at Redemption Island and I will stay alive over here where I am”. We knew that one of us would have to go and we figured that was the best move at that point for both of us. At that point there had not been any real big moves and this was a big move on her resume where she can say “I voted my mum out, you can not say that I am not playing for first place”.

RR: I was hoping Ciera to make final three as I think it would have been an interesting jury then in regard who would have won between her and Tyson.

LM: Yes. I think Ciera would have won. That is why Tyson brought Monica with him as he knew that Monica was not playing for first place that Monica was just playing to get into the top three. As a player it was frustrating to play with someone who was willing to settle for second place or third place.

RR: There was that crucial challenge on Redemption Island where you helped Tina alot which meant Vytas was eliminated, which of course broke everyones heart who had a crush on Vytas and there was a social media meltdown. Why did you do that? Was it fair?

LM: Why I did that? If you go back to the beginning Aras and Vytas were coming after my daughter and I. Aras was the one who orchestrated my blindside, and Vytas had been writing Ciera’s name down on day one. They were trying to get rid of us so I took that opportunity to get rid of him. Whether it was fair or not it was part of the game. If you go back to the flame puzzle I was doing against Kat, they were all yelling at Kat about how to put the flame together. They were telling him how to do it and they were telling John to knock his pieces over. This is a game for a million dollars.

RR: You have played with one of the big players over the last few seasons – Russell Hantz – I understand you won’t be Facebook friends soon and that you mentioned in a previous interview that you thought the producers were helping him find the idols. Is that true?

LM: Yeah and I think Russell knows that it is true and I think that is why he has a beef with me as he knows I am not scared to talk about it.

RR: How were they assisting him?

LM: I don’t really want to waste a lot of my time talking about Russel Hantz. On that season what happened was that I was on that bridge that he found that idol at all day long. Then production calls us back and all of a sudden Russell finds the idol. He and I both know what happened as he knows he can’t walk around saying it is legit.

RR: Would you go on Survivor or another reality TV show?

LM: I would definitely Survivor again and I would love to do The Amazing Race with Ciera.

Survivor: Beauty v Brawn v Brains coming in February 2014.


1 Hi { 01.13.14 at 9:37 am }

Very interesting re: russels idols…

And your favourite answer again…the amazing race

perhaps they should do a season of swaps where people who thought they were going on TAR go on Survivor and vice verser

2 Sioux Denim { 01.13.14 at 5:05 pm }

She’s a fiery one….great interview!

3 JStar { 01.26.14 at 1:12 am }

Definitely one who is not afraid to speak her mind. However in Survivor, probably was her downfall. What is great about Laura is that she gives 100% and doesn’t give an inch. But that is why she is such a threat and it is worth noting she never saw herself as one – hence the votes against her on Day One plus her blindside.

Laughing at her and Russell’s fight. I do believe the producers had a hand in making it easier for Russell to stay around longer in Samoa. Did they rig the game? Well it wouldn’t be reality TV without some manipulation of the “truth!”