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Survivor Blood V Water – Interview With Tina Wesson

tina and Katie

Tina Wesson had already won the second season of Survivor, however she was keen to come back and play again with her daughter Katie in Blood V Water.

She formed alliances with Aras and Vytas and also thought she had Monica and Tyson in her pocket once the merge occurred it was not long before she found herself on Redemption Island. She did manage to get back into the game and in fact come fourth but she never really was in the hunt for a second Survivor title.

In very sad news for Tina her son was killed in a car accident at Thanksgiving and it was wonderful for her to take the time to speak to me in this very tragic time for her. She was at the reunion and she used the opportunity to tell people they should wear seat belts as it can save lives.

Reality Ravings: First of all I would like to give my condolences from myself and my readers for your son and I cannot fathom what you are going through. It was great to see you on the reunion show and thank you for taking the time to talk to me now.

Tina: Thank you for having me.

RR: You won Survivor Australia Tina so there is a little bit of you in all our hearts.

TW: Yay!

RR: They [Survivor] have never been back maybe because it has been cheaper to film in the Phillipines, but have you been back to Australia since your win?

TW: I have not been back. I would love to come back and anytime I meet someone from your country I always tell people how wonder you guys are. You are so easy going.

RR: When they contacted you to go on Survivor were you keen to go on or were you just going on because your daughter Katie was keen for you to be a contestant?

TW: After every season I keep on hoping they will call me and hope they will ask me to come back on because I love this game and I am very passionate about this game. I love camping and I love the outdoors, this game was made for me. Anytime they ever ask me I am going back.

RR: The last time you played on All Stars you had a bit of a target on your back as you were winner. Were you concerned that would be a factor this time around and was this why you made an alliance with Aras who also was a winner of the game?

TW: I was very nervous about that. Normally if you are a former winner coming back they usually target you. But that is not why I formed my alliance with Aras. The reason is I know him outside the game and he is just a guy with great integrity and just loyal and I thought he would be a great person to align myself with.

RR: Towards the end of the game there was some paranoia going on that if you got to the final three that you would win the jury vote. Did you think that was true considering you had spent a lot of the game on Redemption Island?

TW: Absolutely. I think if it was me, Hayden or Ciera if anybody had won that last challenge they would have won the game. There was some sour grapes about Tyson, Gervase and Monica. I got to sit with everybody as they came through Redemption Island. So whether I had won or anybody I think they would have voted for that person rather then the final three. But with that said I do think the right person won the game. Tyson played a masterful game he won several challenges, he found two immunity idols. He absolutely deserved it.

RR: Was that the mindset of the jury sitting at Ponderosa going into the last tribal council, that Tyson was the guy to vote for. Was there anything that Monica or Gervase could have done to swing the votes?

TW: I don’t think so. Even though Monica did well at some challenges one of the aspects about Survivor is the social game. It is really tricky to vote people off and do it in a way that they will not have animosity towards you and I just think those three there were just things about their game play that everybody that came through Redemption Island and ended up on the jury felt some animosity towards. I don’t think there was anything Monica or Gervase could have done. There are some Survivor shows that you watch and you get down to the three and you like all three people and you think I don’t care who wins because I like them all and other times you get to the final three and you think I don’t care who wins as I don’t fond of any of them. It is hard to play the social aspect of the game and have people not mad at you at the end.

RR: That is interesting you talk about Monica as the jury was quite brutal against her and they were angry with Monica. Why were they? What had Monica actually done that had made her so peeved with her?

TW: I think Monica was just hard to get to know. She was not a very vulnerable person and you’re out there and you are spending 18 or 19 hours a day trying to form civilisation and Monica just never made herself very vulnerable. People kept trying and trying to get to know her at a more intimiate level and she just would never crack. You never felt you got to know who Monica was.

RR: That is interesting you say that Tina as watching the final council and I was watching the questions that Monica was getting and they were fair question like we want to see you be vulnerable but should those questions also been asked to Gervase and Tyson? Did we see them be vulnerable or is it just something we expect to see from fellow women?

TW: I think out there playing the game I think everyone got to know who Gervase was so we did not ask him that question as he was pretty much wide open. Tyson he was kind of funny as he would come in and out. One minute you would love Tyson and he would do something that would make you laugh and he was just such a funny guy. Then the next minute you would hate his guts because he was stealing coconuts and stealing the food and eating all the food and you were just so mad at him. So Tyson you were I love him, I hate him, I love him, I hate him, but you at least had an opinion. But Monica was an enigma to everybody. We could never crack her and find out who she really was.

RR: Back to Redemption Island and THAT challenge where you were against your daughter Katie. You had an conversation where you offered to throw it and she said just play it as hard as you can. If Katie had been closer in that challenge, rather then disasterously dropping the key in the sand, would you have thrown the challenge or were you keen to get back in yourself?

TW: I don’t know that was so hard. I think that would compare to Ciera’s decision of voting her own mum off. Could I have done it? Could I have actually let her win that challenge? That night when we were talking about it Katie had said “Mum let’s just play our own game and see what happens” so we were really just flying by the seat of our pants. Luckily not only Katie’s key dropping in the sand but it got buried deep in the sand so we would have been there all afternoon. I am glad it was one of those things where I would have had to make a decision as I honestly don’t know what I would have done.

RR: You played the old Survivor and the new Survivor with all the hidden immunity idols and Redemption Island. What do you think of the new Survivor?

TW: It is so hard now. It was hard back then but now it is harder. It is now like having a dinner party and no one ever leaves and the whole time they are at the dinner party you feel they are scheming against you. It is almost like a form of psychological torture now. The paranoia is constant and rampant. Not only now are you dealing the elements and the starvation aspect, those things pale in comparison to the psychological games that go on. Out in Australia you form your alliance and stick to it, you don’t spend six weeks of torture you can enjoy your time out there a little bit. But now it is so much harder then it ever was before.

RR: Tina thank you for you time.

Survivor: Beauty V Brawn V Brains starts in February 2014.


1 emp { 01.13.14 at 1:37 pm }

poor tina, she played a good game

2 Trent { 01.13.14 at 2:15 pm }

I would have loved to see Tina win again.. She was only one tribal council off the million for sure.

3 Sioux Denim { 01.13.14 at 5:00 pm }

Great interview RR, thanks so much. Not a huge of fan of Tina, but have a softer opinion of her now after reading this….

4 JStar { 01.26.14 at 12:59 am }

Hey RR. Catching up on these Survivor posts. Been frying in Melbourne’s heatwave at the tennis so am now able to read things as the tournament winds down.

Interesting how Tina pointed out that although the jury had returning players, there were sour grapes amongst the members. If Tina, Ciera, or Hayden made it to the end, I reckon we would have seen a different edit of the Final 3. I don’t think we saw this “guarded” Monica in her edit. She is very eloquent in her on-camera interviews and came off emotional in some but the others don’t see that footage until it airs.

Interesting also how Tina reckons “new” Survivor is harder due to the 24-hour paranoia but Gervase reckons it is easier. Who to believe?

At least Tina acknowledged that the mood of the jury was towards Tyson. It does explain why they were harsh on Monica because they could have one last jab at her knowing that her answers would not change the outcome. Bitter jury. LOL!