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Guest Post: The Biggest Loser Recap

Brain Dead Dave has kindly stepped up to the plate again to write another The Biggest Loser recap. Thanks.
And over to BDD: 
In a quick $hine recap, Shannan once again raises 
Ararat's obesity based crimes against humanity and brays 
that Ararat collectively needs to lose 26,000 kilos to 
remove the shackles of being known as the lard capitlal 
of Australia.

We see a quick preview of The Punisher ~ tonight's 
challenge. Supermarket Cam informs us that "the 
thought of going home tonight makes me sick" and 
quickly the editors cut to some footage of Caitlin 
throwing her guts up on the Opera House steps. Not 

Hayley announces The Punisher.!0,000 steps to be 
climbed at the Opera House.They're not very big steps, 
either ~but enough to send a wave of panic through the 
champions. Mary starts crying because "stairs aren't her 
thing" She's paired up with Cal.They'll race in pairs up 
and down the steps and the two slowest teams will face 
the chop ~ and we're not talking lamb here.

Cal starts like a rat up a drainpipe because he knows 
Mary is going to struggle.Cal gets some kudos from 
Commando for doing 3 repeat laps "for the team". 

Commando tells Mary to focus on her breathing before 
he moves on to give some tough love to Shannon, who's 
bleating about feeling useless and empty. A little back 
story is rolled out here.

Meantime Supermarket Cam and Katrina have put a gap 
in the field. Katrina at 47 is flying while Caitlin 17 is 
stuggling and we see her again throwing up on the 
Opera House steps. "It's just water" cries Shannan. 
Caitlin needs to understand that water loading is for 
before weigh ins-and not challenges.Some back story is 
wheeled out for Caitlin, too.

The champions are starting to drop like flies during The 
Punisher. Next to hit the deck is is Natalie and heroically 
Craig, the town drunk puts in a triple lap while Natialie 
receives some medical attention, recovers and soldiers 

Shannon and Jane are currently in last place, while Mary 
cops a serve from Shannan Ponton, who barks "hon,less 
drama"at her. Matt and Caitlin are doing it tough, too.

So The Punisher for both viewer and contestant alike 
eventually ends with a lot of competitors on the canvas 
and the two teams facing elimination are Caitlin and 
Matt and Jane and Shannon. Supermarket Cam and 
Katrina get the chocolates.

We see a tribal council style gathering for elimination 
and the big vote off. Hayley explains that for every kilo 
the Losers lose there be a kickback in dollars to Ararat to 
literally help the town get get off it's arse. This years's 
winner will get $50,000,only time will tell if that means 
less skullduggery from the contestants. It sounds good.

Cue the drum roll for the big,massive twist as Hayley 
keeps the feel good mood going by announcing that if no 
one votes for anyone to go home, no one will. It'll be a 
secret vote.

There's a lot of dramatic music,tears and suspense as the 
vote is dragged out. Katrina and Mary aren't happy 
about having to vote people from the same town 
out. Journeys have just begun. We're doing it for the 
town. Friends for life.

Well, knock me down with a feather. No one's going 
home. $hine had me sucker punched all week with 
"massive" eliminations.

Tonight at 7.30 we should finally see Shannan's dummy 
spit, Dr Norman $wan's doom and gloom scare tactics 
once more and the "secret mission" of Michelle Bridges.


1 Littlepetal { 01.27.14 at 3:44 pm }

Thanks, BDD. So no one got eliminated? My decoder stopped before Hayley revealed the last vote.

2 sarnias { 01.27.14 at 6:06 pm }

Thanks bdd, for the recaps of TBL.
Don’t know if it’s just me, or whether or not the contestants don’t seem as large this season. Other than the obvious Mary, (yeh, yeh, thanks Shannon, Hayley, Commando etc for continually reminding us that she is the biggest female contest in the history of TBL Aus), and the young obese fellow who holds the record for necking the most beers at the local, the rest don’t seem so bad. Some have only got the odd beer gut, which, I know can be detrimental to ones health, but they are hardly struggling to get out of bed or tie a shoe lace.

Also, what is it with lifting other reality tv programs schtik? You got masterchef using amazing races running around like dickheads segments, now we got TBL using the old survivor flame business when it is time to give someone the arse.

It is very warm and fuzzy at the moment with everyone sticking together like sweaty thighs on vinyl but give it a bit of time and the prize money will separate the wheat from the chaff/chafe.

On the upside, I was impressed the other day when everyone of them gave that flying a fox a red hot go without too much dilemma. There is always the odd one, or two, or more, who chuck a hissy fit and end up in a wobbly pile of sweaty jelly whilst declaring that heights ain’t their thing. Kudos to them for that.

3 sarnias { 01.27.14 at 6:32 pm }

Littlepetal, they each had a choice to choose the pair that they thought should be eliminated, or the other option was to write, “no vote” on their cards. Every contestant wrote “no vote” on their cards so the two losing pairs got to stay in. The dog eat dog stuff doesn’t usually happen until a bit further in.

4 Andrea { 01.27.14 at 6:50 pm }

The whole episode was a bit of a waste of time.
If no one was going home why bother dragging it all out, why have a challenge in the first place to choose the four last contestants if none of them were going home?
The show could have been bypassed entirely and just send the contestants to The Biggest Loser house.
The Survivor type voting system was good though , no discussions and a secret vote even if it were a foregone conclusion. They should do the eliminations like this all the time.

5 brain dead dave { 01.27.14 at 7:22 pm }

No wonder Michelle Bridges has been in hiding. That hairstyle she wore on The Project tonight is from hell. So she’s been hiding in Ararat, training up the town. Massive. The casualties during the pointless Punisher were reprised ,just for good measure.

6 annajjj { 01.27.14 at 7:24 pm }

I missed it but from the sounds of things I didn’t miss much. Great recasp bdd!
Friends for life. Ffl.

7 annajjj { 01.27.14 at 7:26 pm }

1 hour behind here in qld. sigh. Will look out for the hairstyle.

Torn between mkr, bl and block tonight.

8 Andrea { 01.27.14 at 7:32 pm }

Yep, just starting here, will look for the hairdo too Annajjj

9 brain dead dave { 01.27.14 at 7:37 pm }

The entire week’s Loser was encored on Fri night and again Sat arvo last week. On One and Eleven.

Single eps the following afternoon.

The Block is encored so often, I’m going with MKR tonight.

10 Fiona { 01.27.14 at 10:18 pm }

I really thought this season was going to be different, but then we get the stock standard shot of a contestant standing in front of the mirror in their underwear. Damn I really thought they were going to forgo this horrible part of the show. To be fair though it was only 1 contestant.
So Sunday nights episode did turn out to be a bit pointless, I’m sure the producers were hoping at least one person would actually vote….but oh well every body loves each other YAY!!!!

I do sympathize about the challenge though, that looked fucking hard! I would not of been able to do it and I am a normal weight. Just goes to show visually skinny people can also not be fit.

What I would love is for the show to focus more on nutrition in the future. I read somewhere that diet is like 80% and exercise makes up the other 20%. I’m sure off camera the contestants are given a healthy eating plan and taught about calories, but I would love to see that kind of stuff on the actual show.

Tonight’s episode was good, but I’ll wait till BDD writes up his review of it.

11 brain dead dave { 01.27.14 at 10:33 pm }

Fiona, I haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet and with another heatwave approaching here may not be able to review regularly so feel free to comment about what happened tonight. I expect more humiliation and verbal abuse from the trainers.

I thought myself that one person would vote because Cal did a bit of white anting on Shannon in the car on the way to the big vote off/tribal council. Shannon’s relatively new to Ararat, perhaps she’s not accepted as a local yet.

12 Reality Raver { 01.28.14 at 12:26 am }

Don’t they always in the first week have the faux elimination where they give the contestants that offer of saving everybody if no one votes for anyone to go.

13 Veronicali { 01.28.14 at 8:29 am }

Bdd, @11 I’m wondering if Cal was being funny and meant Trainer Shannan not Contestant Shannon?

14 brain dead dave { 01.28.14 at 8:58 am }

That could be the case ,Veronicali. Though the way those three contestants were squeezed into the back seat of that car on the way to tribal council ,it didn’t seem an ideal occasion for levity.

Ch 10 are going down the road of overkill with their promos grimly trumpeting that Mary is the heaviest female competitor in Biggest Loser history~ but that “there’s something about Mary” that ‘s “got Australia hooked”

Note to $hine: you want people to be hooked ,use fresh bait.

$hine are going to get their kilo of flesh from Mary come hell or high water.

15 Fiona { 01.28.14 at 9:14 am }

@BDD I don’t watch Ten beside for TBL, The project and soon SYTYCD. I record all of them so have not seen any of these promos for the show. After reading TBL Facebook page I would say that 95% of the comments that are about Mary are positive with people saying how much they love her and all that feel good stuff. So the Promo may be wrong in saying that Australia is “Hooked” on Mary, but the small audience that TBL does have seem to be in fact hooked/loving Mary.

16 Calorie Loader { 01.28.14 at 2:07 pm }

Thanks for all the recaps so far BDD!!

RR, I haven’t watched every BL season but do remember they did offer the same choice last year (is it possible to still have ‘shock twists’ after 8 seasons?)-only difference everyone voted publicly (which pretty much put pressure on the few that might have been leaning towards sending a team home). Having said that, when they flashed each vote this year, surely some of the hand writing would have been identifiable-so much for a ‘secret ballot’.

Fiona-I have thought the same many times on the nutrition. The trainers previously have mentioned food making up the bigger component of weight loss and yet 90% of what we see is busting up of limbs, collapsing and vomiting. Delving more into the nutritional component may not only help the contestants more but also make it more interesting for the viewer (particularly the repeat viewer).

Disappointed so far this season-not with the contestants who seem genuine and caring towards each other- but with the ‘entire town’ concept not seeming to have delivered anything new. So far, there have been no changes to training methods and general format of the show (i.e. same flash back to back stories every 5 mins, same grim death notices from Norman along with a truck of lard dumped, same bawling over having to vote out people ‘we’ve just become so close’ to.) which is what will make things more interesting. For me, the best season was the families where there was plenty of bickering and entertainment within and between teams (having 4 trainers and teams helped make things interesting and build healthy rivalry).

Most disappointing so far would have to be on tonight’s show where Michelle turned up to Ararat for a challenge where the skinniest people in the town had been hand picked to bulldoze through a big challenge enabling the real show to continue with the 14 house guests. Meanwhile, those who really need the help and training appear to have been cloaked more heavily than elephant man, and left to battle it out themselves, with only the odd gut or arse flash used when Ararat’s tag line is used.

17 Anonymous { 01.28.14 at 9:24 pm }

I seem to recall earlier seasons had a greater general emphasis on nutrition. Classes on cooking and healthy eating were even given. Maybe these just didn’t provide the drama that people spewing and collapsing does and so were axed. They should bring them back.

18 Calorie Loader { 01.29.14 at 5:24 pm }

I agree Anonymous re the drama being the reason for nutrition segments being cut. I only joined in watching TBL at about Season 10 so have seen very little nutrition stuff in that time.