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Big Kevin Back On The Biggest Loser – Is That Fair?

Kevin Moore
Big Kevin Moore is set to return to The Biggest Loser in what will be a shock to the other contestants as he has no link with Ararat at all.

It appears to be a strategy to get some fatter people in the house. This year none of the men are as big as has been seen in previous years, with not one near the 200 kilo mark and Shannon did not even hit three figures.  Kev who was on the show last year with his mother Rosemary is still at that mark and that is with losing over 50 kilos in the past year.

The Daily Telegraph is talking about this surprise and it will be interesting to see how they link his entry to the house with the Ararat story line. Chances are he will be voted off quickly if he lands below the yellow line.

What do you think of his return will it add some drama to the show? Maybe they should get mum Rosemary back so she can have a crack at the trainers again for criticising her boy’s diet.

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1 Angel86 { 01.29.14 at 8:00 am }

Why are they bringing him back? He has nothing to do with Ararat and was a whiny, lazy brat. He had his chance and blew it, there are far more deserving contestants if you really want to do a second-chance thing. I just hope the rest of the contestants use it as an opportunity to keep one of their own for an extra week by voting him out first chance they get.

2 Joseph Skyrim { 01.29.14 at 8:25 am }

Gimmicky huh? Hopefully he doesn’t go back as a “contestant” but as a challenge for the contestants. Like, lose more kgs than big kev in x exercise to give your team an advantage in the next team challenge. That I’d be ok with.

Having the town do an external challenge that wins one team an advantage is a bit cheesy to me. Did the “town” get to pick what team they were on and did they know who was on what team?

Poor Mary. If the blue team goes into elimination they should all vote her out. She’s trying yes, but in the words of master Yoda: “Do or Do not. There is no try.”

3 Littlepetal { 01.29.14 at 8:49 am }

I am interested to see how much weight he has lost since the last finale.

4 Fiona { 01.29.14 at 8:58 am }

So big Kev is coming back, not sure how I feel about that.

Last nights challenge was so unfair to make not just Mary but all the contestants do it. Maybe if it were a few more weeks down the road if would of been a bit more fair to have a challenge like that. There was no way the blue team was going to win even if they did not have Mary. Also the blue team let their frustration get in the way of working together as a team. If I were there I would of said to the team before the start of the challenge ” Look this is going to be extremely hard for Mary can we all promise ourselves that if Mary is struggling not to yell or get frustrated at her. Can we please not lose our cool with her and only say encouraging things to her. because getting angry is not going to help our team work well together.” That blonde lady was such a bitch to Mary. And yes Mary gave up and had the wrong state of mind during the challenge, but her confessionals that were cut into the challenge really explained her state of mind as to why she struggled through out the challenge and at the end of the day she eventually pulled her self up and continued until she passed out.

5 Andrea { 01.29.14 at 9:07 am }

As Joseph has said, I would be happy to see big Kev return as long as he is not part of the actual competition.
He obviously is still struggling on the outside and if it helps him that’s a good thing and it might be good for the others to see how they could end up if they don’t change their lives.

6 brain dead dave { 01.29.14 at 9:19 am }

If that’s Mary’s “110%”, I’d hate to see it when she pikes out completely.

Not fair to have Big Kev back as a contestant but bring his meddling Mum back for a laugh,please.

7 Arr { 01.29.14 at 9:51 am }

I don’t care about their manufactured narrative so it doesn’t bother me that he’s not from the town. In some ways I think there’s a good message here: you can’t just go on the biggest loser (crash diet plan with crazy exercise) and instantly expect your weight problems to be over. Perhaps even half the contestants in future seasons could be “failed” losers.

8 Fiona { 01.29.14 at 10:05 am }

Kev had/has a lot of weight to lose. It is going to take him years to get to a healthy weight range. Nothing wrong with that. The longer it takes kev to lose the weight in a healthy way the better I think. At least this way he might get a little fitter while in TBL house which really should be a person priority instead of losing weight. Pretty sure the fitter a person is the more easily it is to burn calories and also the fitter a person is the better it is for the organs. I would love TBL to do a full body scan on the contestants to reveal how much internal fat they have around their organs, which by the way is a lot more dangerous than the fat just under the skin.

9 Carol (without the e) { 01.29.14 at 12:01 pm }

I think the show has an opportunity here to turn it’s reputation around… IF they handle the Kevin thing the right way.

It should be about him needing more guidance… and being an inspiration to all of them (especially Mary).

We don’t need them to try to tie him into the Ararat story line (his great great grandfather was Ararat’s founder or something). Let it be about helping someone who needs it and inspiring others and showing them what CAN be achieved.

Now… let me put my bitch hat on for a second.

Has Michelle had surgery? Her eyebrows look too high… I think there’s botox mixed in there somewhere. She just doesn’t look like she did last year. My scrutiny of her started with her 12 week challenge ads where she’s obviously reading off cards. She must have been trying to make it look normal… but all she succeeded in doing was looking like she was cross eyed or off with the pixies.

OK… normal Carol hat back on now.

10 Aubergine { 01.29.14 at 2:00 pm }

“Not fair to have Big Kev back as a contestant but bring his meddling Mum back for a laugh,please.”

I agree, BDD. I want to see his meddling and foul mouthed Mum go Michelle “That’s Life” Bridges big time. Now THAT would be worth seeing.

11 Carol (without the e) { 01.29.14 at 2:42 pm }

Oh and Fiona @ 4… I agree with you about the blonde lady.

At first, her constant water works and sooky la la attitude were really irritating.

Then she started to level out and seemed capable of communicating without tears.

Now I think she’s just an annoying bitch. All I could hear was her screeching at Mary and I just wanted to smack her (I think my bitch hat is back on).

I can’t help but think that these people are going to have little mini feuds going on in Ararat when it’s all done and dusted.

Will the cut and thrust of this show divide the town?

Will they wish they’d never seen the 3 skinny overactive types enter their town?

Time will tell (along with New Idea, Women’s Day etc – who I’m sure are staking out the town for all the goss and subsequent fall out that is to come)

12 Littlepetal { 01.29.14 at 5:37 pm }

I don’t mind Kev coming back but from the story it looked like he didn’t lose much weight since the series ended last year. He lost 55kg while in the TBL house. I may be wrong, Must wait for his weigh in.

13 seepi { 01.29.14 at 10:51 pm }

The blue team were hopeless on the challenge – even when mary got halfway up the wall, only one person was trying to push her over. Huge contrast with the black team where that guy just got on the ground to act as a step for the rest of his team.