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My Kitchen Rules – Berralicious? Not Likely With Captain Wacky At The Helm

It was Emelia and Andrew’s, the ACT team turn to cook, and Captain Wacky aka Andrew decided to put himself on the plate.

The menu was an entree of Shrimp In A Barrel, Main was Gourmet Gumbo and dessert was Cherry Chocolate Tart with Kirsch Cream. The other teams were wondering why their was nothing from Emelia’s Sri Lankan heritage on the menu, but for all we know it might have been swapped around by the producers. Andrew revealed the entree and main were his dishes and dessert was Emelia’s.

Andrew and his zany behaviour was just annoying. He sees himself as a creative as he is a graphic artist as well as a poet. Thankfully we were spared a poetry reading  since MKR has now dropped any pretence of the contestants putting on entertainment as well as they did in the early seasons. Emelia also sees herself as being a bit different as it was not long before she described herself as quirky.

Their restaurant was called Berralicious after Canberra and they decorated their room with bicycles and balloons which brought out a “Please explain” from the Queensland boys.

They were disorganised from the start, kicking off their prep time fifteen minutes late. In their three hours they made the sauce for the entree, the gumbo base and deveined the prawns for the entree and Emelia did a lame attempt at cleaning the mussels.

Andrew showed he was not as nice as he pretend to be and told her stop being a princess to her. It was all about him.

Little did the team realise the highlight of the evening was going to be the apple schnapps shots they received on arrival. Though Andrew who is also klutzy as well as zany managed to drop his tray.

He is quickly becoming the but of the THAT GUY jokes by the other teams. But it appears Chloe and Kelly rate the Canberra couple higher on their intelligentsia scale then the Victorian twins  who they called dumb and dumber. Not sure why they think they are so bright as I have not seen any sign of it. Parrotting so called food trends like the return of stews is not a sign of a good IQ. Also Kelly’s emotional intelligence appears to be pretty low as she appears oblivious to the eye rolling around the table at her culinary and travel boasting.

The entree of Shrimp in a Barrel looked quite good on the plate though the one piece of lettuce seem a bit redundant and it was difficult to eat. Manu said the prawns was cooked perfectly, but the sauce  which had a weird mix of ingredients including Keen’s Curry Powder, Jack Daniel and pineapple juice was confusing and said the recipe should have stayed in America.

Pete said there were inconsistencies in the cooking one prawn over and another under. He said the sauce was too strong and overpowering. Kelly was sniggering at their poor reviews.

Andrew was nearly in tears back in the kitchen as he was delusional about how great his dish was. The Qld guys summed it up by saying the food can’t be wacky.

He decided to let the table wait as he worked on dessert as he had to make pastry. Why was this not done in prep time? Also after an hour of dessert prep, Andrew realised he had not deveined the prawns or the mussels had not been cleaned them properly. Did they debeard them?

Unknown to them they did not realise there was a lollipop mutiny occurring in the dining room as the guests ate the table decorations. Sidenote to Jason eating five was a tad gluttonous. Hopefully Pete and Manu have wised up over the years and have insisted in their contracts on a trailer they can sit and practice Guitar Hero in whilst the food is being cooked.

It was unclear whether there was a visit to the kitchen by Pete or Manu which normally occurs but it must have been edited out.

Pete said the gumbo was underwhelming. Nothing gourmet about it and the rice was overcooked. He said there was flavour in the sauce that saved the dish.

Manu thought it was unenjoyable and there is one ingredient too many – “Stress”.

Deb said there was nothing on the plate she enjoyed. Jason said he did not mind the base flavours.

Andrew was whipping the cream for the kirsch cream.  However he was too busy singing Devo’s Whip It so over whipped it twice and then blamed the kirsch for splitting it. In the end they decided not to add the kirsch and turn down the speed of the beater. Why did they not fold in the kirsch after the cream had been whipped?

Manu liked the tart and they had redeemed themselves. Pete liked the not set centre and he enjoyed the flavour of the dish. Both seemed to be happy the kirsch was missing.

Kelly  with her olfactory super powers said she could smell that it was burnt however the judges did not mention it, and the other contestants thought it was fine.

As expected the scores were poor and South Australia is proving to be the loweset scorers again.

They were:

WA – 4

QLD – 5

VIC -4

SA – 3

NSW – 4

For a total of 20/50

However the judges were also scathing with Manu giving the entree one point this was  a bit harsh considering he said the prawns were cooked well and it can’t have been as bad as Thomas and Carla’s lavender cheesecake from two season ago. He gave five for main and seven for dessert.

Pete was a tad more generous for entree and gave it a three, four for main  and a seven for dessert.

This was a total of 47. The Western Australian’ girls said they can do better then that but does that mean they are going to tank? Also with all their bitching around the table the other teams will think they are the ones giving the low scores not the South Australians!

My Kitchen Rules – Wednesday night on SEVEN at 7.30pm.


1 bernaette { 02.12.14 at 12:37 am }

Please just send the old guy and his (daughter) home seriouly im gonna break my television screen if I have to listen to his complaints the hole time and him trying to bring the other teams down just because he screwed up their meals.