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The Block – Episode Two – Jesse And Kenny Wept As Chris and Pas Imploded

Jesse and Kenny who were eliminated from the competition Monday night must have watched last nights episode and wept. They would have realised if they had been put against either Chris and Pasquale or Chantelle and Steve they probably would have won.

Last night Chris and Pasquale (Pas) a teacher and social worker from Queensland were just a mess. The brief again was to style a Downtown Manhattan loft and for confessed The Block addicts they had no idea. Renovating their own apartment gave them no advantage at all. As judge Darren Palmer said after seeing their room “Google is your friend”. True I decided to Google and note what they mean about big furniture, but I could see no street art the judges say epitomises NYC on any of the walls.

Chris and Pasquale looked out of their depth from the start and even Pas’s secret power of talking when there is nothing to say appeared to desert her. Their opponents from Victoria, Chantelle and Steve, did not have much renovation experience but they were prepared to take the hints Scott Cam was dropping them. Steve a chimney sweep stayed behind to gyprock whilst Chantelle went shopping. She seems a little intense but was a machine when it came to the shopping. She at least realised they needed skirting boards something Chris and Pas did not get until two hours before the 24 hour deadline was up.

Keith the Foreman was in this episode helping them get the walls up for both of the team,  and Steve and Chantelle again took the hint that if the graffiti wall is there maybe they should use it. They put some lights behind the beams to feature it. Something the judges gushed over.

Chris and Pas not being local meant they took quite awhile to get to Carpet Court which does not say much about the inbuilt GPS system in the car that Scott Cam keeps spruiking on the show. It was downhill from there for the couple.

Chantelle was out spending money like half their $10,000 budget on a bed and chair whilst Pas mooched around barely spending any at all. She was going to go for industrial pendant lights but then it was revealed at the end she went for white lights that looked like they would be better suited for an office.

Maybe she thought buying cheap would be better, she only spent $5,500 of her budget. The judges  also wondered as they looked at the naff white bed where did the money go. Well it went of polka dot bed coverings. This gave the room a Fantastic Furniture feel. Also she did not buy a mirror or lamps. There was nothing on the walls at all. You know it is bad when Shaynna Blaze points out the best feature are the windows something they did nothing to.

Also here’s a tip for any wannabe block heads if the Scott Cam and the judges give you a gift for the room you use it. Pas and Chris did not get their light fitting up. Another cross on their judging checklist. Although the fruit on a plastic plate on the bed side table had them wondering if they should be amused or horrified.

After the judges smirked and panned the Queensland’s room they must have been relieved when they saw Chantelle and Steve’s room. A big piece of statement furniture – tick. The gift hung – tick. An innovative piece of furniture, in this case a hanging wardrobe – tick. Neale Whittaker said their room was not perfect but it showed ingenuity.

As Scott Cam said the room does not actually have to be functional.

Not even Chris and Pas would have believed the judges when they said to each other “we have to go and decide the winner”, it was an easy win to the Victorian couple. In fact Chris and Pas looked relieved there is no way they would have coped with three months on The Block, something would have had to have give and it probably would have been Pas’s hair.

I suspect Chantelle will be better reality TV watching then nice couple Jesse and Kenny from Queensland and it will be interesting to see if she butts heads with Alyssa and Lysandra. 

The Block Fans V Favourite on Thursday night at 7.30pm.


1 Erin { 01.29.14 at 8:48 am }

Scotty was funny in the episode, and appeared to be giving this group more of a helping hand than the first night (i assume the episodes were just edited differently) and i suppose that made to make up for the fact that, it was pretty obvious half way thru the episode, who would be getting on The (actual) Block.

I think they should have done all four couples against each other and then it would have been a fair fight.

2 Zhee { 01.29.14 at 9:04 am }

Wow, the first room was… well… horrible. The bed was absolutely ugly and they really did nothing with their room. The second room was ok-ish, so it was obious who gets on The Block… I also think it’s a tad unfair that the couple yesterday went home for a pretty room and today those with the mediocre one had a spot on The Block. But yes, I guess that Chantelle will make some good reality TV. I suppose she could be a bitch who will spark the drama with the twins.

3 drb123 { 01.29.14 at 9:26 am }

Picking the two best scores out of four over the two nights would have given the best competitors, but that is under the assumption that best design / reno is what they are looking for

4 Maz { 01.29.14 at 9:38 am }

Agree- Chantelle was casted to take on the twins.
Still think it is unfair the way they decide who goes on The Block when it was apparent that the two stronger teams were on Monday night.

I was thinking that perhaps Pas’s hair should at least get a shampoo commercial.

As for the street art…after checking in with my friend Google the only evidence I could find was framed pictures of street art. Surprised no-one got a framed Bansky print or cushion.
Also every picture courtesy of Google seem to have a bookshelf feature wall.
So perhaps not downtown NYC but downtown Melbourne might be the more apt description.

5 Juz { 01.29.14 at 9:36 pm }

I think the producers put two “nice” couples in the first night, and two “villains” in the second night, so no matter who won each round they would have a couple to cheer for and a couple to jeer. I do feel sorry for the affable miners, though.

6 drb123 { 01.30.14 at 8:36 pm }

Brad’s shirt is strobing on my TV – annoying! Surely the producers could have given him an alternate shirt

7 Gabby { 01.30.14 at 10:31 pm }

I enjoyed the show and the best team definitely won. Pas did not have a clue. She was so slow with her shopping and then she hardly bought anything. Their loft ended up being so boring. It could have been any bedroom in any home and it still would have been boring.
Chantelle went right out with the bed and the chair and they made a good decision leaving the graffiti showing. As RR said they also took on all the hints Scotty was dropping. Speaking of whom, he was getting stuck in and lending a hand.
I must have kept blinking and missing Chantelle being a bitch. Has she been a bitch on other nights? This was the first night I have been able to watch The Block.
I was wondering what all her dancing was about, and was thinking the twins will definitely have something to say about that!

8 Juz { 01.30.14 at 10:44 pm }

Gabby, I don ‘t reckon she’s a bitch, but she comes across on TV as one of those full-on, high energy people that are fabulous to know, but if you had to live with them they’d drive you nuts! So, a reality TV casting dream! Looking forward to more Brad and Dale humour.