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Big Brother: Tully And Drew Are Splitsville

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Observers of Tully and Drew’s Instagram accounts had noticed there were no lovey dovey selfies from Big Brother pair, so it is no surprise to hear the pair have now broken up.

Drew and Tully hooked up in dramatic circumstances on the show with Tully having a girlfriend on the outside who dumped her over the social media.

Tully confirmed the split of her BB romance to OK Mag, ironically the same publication they declared their love for each other in.

Tully tells OK Mag:

It is true you and Drew have split up?
We’re not together. It was a lot of pressure living in different states, and the regular couples’ issues seemed to be magnified being out of the house.

Who instigated the break-up?
Both of us. It was mutual. We both wanted it to work really badly and when it wasn’t, we’d get angry with ourselves and upset. It was sad. I felt like I’d risked so much for him; I’d lost a lot.

Was it a case of too much, too soon?
No, I think it’s a case of coming out of a reality TV show. Going in, you think about what it’s going to be like in the house − you don’t really think about the aftermath which, for me, has been a lot to swallow. Getting back into your own reality and catching up with friends who don’t really understand what’s just happened; you feel a bit lost figuring out where you’re going career-wise, and everyone thinks we’re rolling in cash but we’re actually all broke. Drew and I were both trying to deal with those issues at the same time and we were taking it out on each other.

So you were fighting a lot?
We were arguing a bit and we decided that we’d go away and get ourselves happy and healthy and then see. We’re still the best of friends; we talk three times a day on the phone.

When did all the fighting start?
You saw how much we bickered in the house − that’s just who we are as people. We’re both a bit dramatic and love an argument. It wasn’t as if we just started fighting. It was more that, unfortunately, outside issues were infiltrating into our relationship – money, career and reality. And the pressure from fans. That’s a lot
of pressure most couples don’t have to deal with.

Do you think you’ll work it out?
At the moment we are supporting each other. Maybe in a few months’ time we can give it another shot, but for the moment we’re just mates.

The full interview with Tully is in the hard copy of the magazine, she also talks about not dealing with her mother’s Alzheimers Disease.


1 Gabby { 02.01.14 at 9:56 am }

I am so upset by this news. After all, they were the perfect couple.
I would be interested to hear the real story behind the bust up, not Tully’s spin on events. I suppose she is a lesbian again now?

2 Carole { 02.01.14 at 10:05 am }

Tully was on Mornings yesterday. I don’t know how she survived in the house as long as she did. They were talking about technology and how people are addicted to it, she said she keeps her phone in a special pillow and sleeps with it and even takes it in the shower with her in a special zip lock bag.

3 Gabby { 02.01.14 at 10:10 am }

OMG Carol, that girl needs to get a life. She can’t go in the shower without checking her messages. Methinks there is a problem there somewhere. But try and tell Tully that!

4 brain dead dave { 02.01.14 at 10:36 am }

Of course the break up had nothing whatsoever to do with Tully being a scene stealing, manipulative bunny boiler.

5 Sabrina { 02.01.14 at 11:00 am }

Wow trying to make money through the breakup and smiling in all the OK mag pics, very cruel and disgusting. No longer a fan of hers, poor morals. Drew will have a line up of girls outside his place for him whereas I can see no one wanting to date her again. Truly disappointed.

6 brain dead dave { 02.01.14 at 11:30 am }

I mean the tormented Tullster can’t go a night without her partner unless she’s looking at porn or take a shower without her phone. Just a tad needy.

Like, I so want to be like her. Like totes.

The fifteen minutes is just about done. Like, bye Tully.

7 Carole { 02.01.14 at 12:57 pm }

I know Gabby, it was hilarious. Gretel was on the same panel and kept asking her, but why? And she’s saying I want to tell everyone what a wonderful time I’m having and don’t want to miss anything. Surely any Tweets can wait till she has had her shower. My God, all her ‘friends’ must be soooooooo jealous of the great life she has!!!!!!

8 daisy { 02.01.14 at 3:42 pm }

So there are two newly eligible disfunctionals out there in the datosphere. Line up boys and girls and those who want to mooch off a bit of ‘celebrity’.
I’ll wait for Tim.

9 Izobel2 { 02.01.14 at 5:57 pm }

I just totally can’t believe that they just bickered, fought and argued all the time. They seemed like such a happy couple in the nut house.

Goodbye Tully. Please.

10 tuffdeck { 02.01.14 at 6:56 pm }

R.I.P Drully

11 stephanie { 02.02.14 at 8:14 am }

when are adelaides 2014 auditions?

12 rose { 02.02.14 at 9:26 am }

I bad about her mother. I can’t imagine what help that must be for her family. I am sure her mother was diagnosed and knew what was going to happen as she deteriorated. So awful.

Tully posted a couple of photos of her as a child with her Mom. She looks just like her mother. It just seems so hard. And must be so tough for her Dad.

I hope Tully can help raise awareness about early onset Alzheimer’s and help them raise money.

13 Gabby { 02.02.14 at 9:54 am }

Rose @ 12 I agree with your last paragraph and if Tully was able to raise some money and bring awareness to early onset Alzheimer’s, that could be one thing she did during her fifteen minutes of fame and look back on with pride.
Unfortunately I have heard no mention of any of it.

14 daisy { 02.02.14 at 9:56 am }

Thanks for reminding us of the wider picture rose.

15 Andrea { 02.02.14 at 10:31 am }

Yes, thanks Rose.
It is sad about her mother, but maybe she wants to keep it private as I haven’t heard her say too much about it, just like Estelle who also had a very sick mother.
As far as the romance goes with Drew, if distance was a problem, wouldn’t one of them have moved interstate so they could be together? Most people madly in love and wanting to be together would have done that wouldn’t they?

16 Gabby { 02.02.14 at 11:58 am }

Andrea, you are right in both counts but with the raising money and the profile for Alzheimer’s, she can’t keep that quiet. That’s what it is all about, while she has this time in the so called lime light she should be out there talking about early onset Alzheimers. Making people aware. She doesn’t have to show her mother. Also if she realised she could create so much more publicity for herself if she did start to do something worthwhile like that, instead of all this useless crap she is always going on about. Taking her phone in the shower in a special plastic zip bag, that’s a great story Tully. Bye bye Tully…
You are right though about her and Drew, if it was true love one of them would have moved so they could have been together. It was basically a holiday romance. The house being the holiday.

17 Andrea { 02.02.14 at 1:22 pm }

Very true Gabby, use her powers for good, not evil hah hah!

18 Georgie { 02.02.14 at 2:47 pm }

I could do anything
If I were you
I would have everything
If I were you

What I would do?
What I could do?

(If I Were You – kd lang)

19 rose { 02.03.14 at 8:47 am }

Yeah. I feel that Tully is just a little damaged from her Moms illness. She is so unstable. I was thinking she might calm down our side of the pressure of the house, but she is just volatile. I hope she can work out her issues.

I have nothing bad to say about Drew. I wish him the best as well.

20 Ryan { 02.03.14 at 9:49 am }

So you’re just mates? More like ‘We’re not a couple anymore but I’m not going to let him go completely because I’m clingy and smothering’. Run, Drew…just run.

21 If-it-looks-like-a-hoe... { 02.27.14 at 3:14 am }

I found Tully (aka Moody Cow), to be the most manipulative person on BB13! She was the biggest drama queen who acted worse than a 2-year-old every time she didn’t get her way. She showed zero respect for her former girlfriend (you dodged a bullet), and spent the entire time sitting on the fence playing every angle to her advantage. Who cares if she’s a lesbian…. it’s the fact she’s a sad, lonely, manipulating, compulsive lying, selfless, petty, immature, narcissistic, boring hag with zero personality… just to name a few!!

Grow up Tully; take responsibility for your actions; treat people with respect; find something you’re good at so you don’t have to ride the coattails of those around you!

You can ‘hit back’ at the social media haters all you like, the fact is, people with half a brain can read you like a book… a book with pictures as words not needed.

Karma is a b!tch and I’ve no doubt it’ll catch up with you very soon.

If it looks like a hoe, walks like a hoe, smells like a hoe… It IS a hoe!!

22 Jackson { 02.27.14 at 3:23 am }

@ If-it-looks-like-a-hoe

Your comment is PRICELESS and so well said!! I couldn’t agree with you more and I know so many people who feel the same.

Tully wouldn’t hate you for the comment, she’d just run of crying those crocodile tears she does so well, hoping someone, anyone, will follow her and ask what’s wrong. She is the fakest person I’ve EVER seen. Her ex-girlfriend should be counting her lucky stars, she’s free of this vindictive spiteful disgrace of a woman.
And as for Drew, you’re too nice and couldn’t see you were being used and played as if you were George Clooney in the beach!! You deserve someone who actually appreciates you and not someone who exhausts every ounce of energy you have. Tully is the ‘see you next Tuesday’ of the year.

Next year it’ll be… Tully who??!! Oh yeah, the girl that works on the street corner every night. Ewww, she gives me the shivers, I’d rather bonk a Hobbit.

23 Anonymous { 02.27.14 at 3:14 pm }

28 days after confirming their break-up, Daily Mail is reporting rumours of them getting back together after Tully spending 4 days with Drew in Melbourne and Benjamin Norris (who they caught up with) also saying he thinks that “she went down there to reconnect with Drew”.

24 Samantha { 02.28.14 at 12:46 am }

“I will never forgive myself…”
But I’ll keep stalking Drew regardless!
I mean seriously, what a load of bullsh!t. What sort of PR spin is that? I don’t care who you are, what you are, what you were doing or what you were on… a cheater is a CHEATER!!!!! Anything that comes out of your mouth after the fact, is worthless. You have a choice in EVERYTHING YOU choose to do, we all do! You chose to be on BB, you chose to flirt, you chose to ‘hook-up’ with Drew, you chose to say my girlfriend will understand, she knows I love everybody, I need love and need to give love (vomit!). That was simply to make yourself feel better for being such a manipulative, lying piece of trash. And you have the audacity to have a go at us, the people who watched you on LIVE television??!! You brought it ALL on yourself and sadly, you put an innocent person in the middle.
You say you want to stop talking about you, yet your sad and sorry excuse for an apology is STILL all about you!!

If Drew has any sense, he’ll tell you to F$%# off for good. The ONLY person Tully cares about, is TULLY and that’ll NEVER change!

You did your ex a favour, at least she can find a decent person to be happy with and not one she has to second-guess all the time, worrying if they’re flying back and forth for attention.

You want the public to feel sorry for you! I pity you! I pity anyone who knows you or who is related to you! You’ll stop at nothing and damn anyone who gets in your way.

Originally, I thought you should be committed and given medication but then I realised there is no medication for the sort of person you are. You are just rotten to the core and we thank you… you showed your true colours and because of that, you’ll never have a long-lasting, trust-worthy relationship with anyone thus leaving you to never know the feeling of unconditional love.

You’re below being trailer park trash… you’re gutter trash Tully, now and forever!!

Drew… there are plenty of girls out there who would love the opportunity to make you happy; not putting you through the emotional blackmail roller-coaster called Tully!! You deserve SO much more. Tons of people voted for you, that says a lot, and you were SO much happier and more yourself once Tully left. She had you being a lapdog, her lapdog. She’ll hurt you too.

Past behaviour is a great indicator of future behaviour!! Tully, prepared to be a lonely old hag!!