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My Kitchen Rules – New Reality Face – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

It was fresh reality TV meat on My Kitchen Rules with the second round of instant restaurant rounds kicking off. The most memorable  contestants and not in a good way were Jess the smug interior designer from Western Australia and David and Corrine the ageing arrogant bank manager from Queensland with his trophy wife. In fact Corinne was a step mother to a daughter one year older then her.

However Corinne thinks he is quite the catch as she clutched David closer to her when she saw him smiling at young university students from Tasmania, Thalia and Bianca. She looked concerned he might try for an upgrade whilst filming the series.

It was cute couple Uel and Shannelle from New South Wales who were first to cook. They are have a Chinese background and when David saw them he said “I am thinking Asian cuisine”, Corinne thought they would cook Teppanyaki which said “yeah teppanyaki”. Of course they are from Cairns so they think every Asian is Japanese.

Uel and Shannelle in fact did not make anything that was close to asian cuisine which may have been their first mistake.

Entree was  Grilled Lobster with Pumpkin Soup and Crispy Pancetta, main was Lamb Shank Pie with Pea Mash and dessert was Smore’s Pie.  Hand in Hand was the name of their instant restaurant which suited them down to a tee as they were normally hand in hand.

Pete Evans was talking up this bunch saying there were ten foodies around the table, but Harry from Victoria quickly busted this myth by querying whether peas go with a pie. Cue much mirth from around the table. Harry and Christo are like last year’s smiling Sam and his sidekick, good looking affable young men who will probably get flirty with the hot, sweet Tassie girls.

Jess from Western Australia is on the show with her mate Felix and like Chloe and Kelly from the previous round thinks highly of herself says she has been around the world twice. She sees herself as a driven alpha female and of course someone that knows about food. Jess asked the tassie girls were asked how old they were and David chipped in  grinning saying “Twelve…” At least he did not ask for their number.

Corinne his wife is also pretty cocky saying that her and David’s food was better then restaurant quality but she failed to mention whether the restaurant was Sizzler or Rockpool. The South Australian mothers Bree and Jessica seem like they are just observing from the sidelines a the moment but expect that to change.

Harry from Victoria seems to going along for the ride with Christo who seems to be the cook of the team as he has his own business making food at home. Just as reality and drama intercede these days, so does the definition of professional and amateur cook.

Back in the kitchen Uel was having issues with the lobster and in the end they only had small amounts on their plate. Jess said hers was blue aka raw, however Manu thought his was cooked perfectly but told them he would have made a pumpkin puree instead of the soup.

Health nut Pete said there was not enough seasoning meaning salt on it.

For main they made what could be termed as a deconstructed lamb shank pie. They basically made a lamb shank stew and cooked the pastry in domes in the oven separately. The pastry did not dry out but they were criticised for the meat being too dry and not putting enough of the juice on the plate. Jess wanted the bone sticking out of hers.

Manu liked how they presented the pie and thought the pastry was brilliant. However he said that he thought it was missing moisture on the plate.

The Smore’s Pie was sugar overload with Pete saying the dessert was too sweet. Manu said it was his least favourite dish tonight.

The only person who seemed to enjoy it was Tassie girl. Jason from round one probably would have inhaled it.

Their average meal received an average score. These were:

WA: 5

SA – 6

Tas – 5

Vic – 5

Qld – 4

Total of 25/50

Pete scored a five for entree, six for main, three for dessert and Manu gave the entree a five, six for main, three for dessert.

They received a total score of 53 which puts them in the elimination danger zone.

On Sunday night Queensland couple David and Corinne are cooking this looks like a must watch episode.

My Kitchen Rules on Sunday night at 6.30pm on SEVEN.


1 Niconico { 02.11.14 at 2:06 am }

Thinking it’s a beer or a kentucky chicken ad or something. Those supernerd ads maybe. Let’s see, I have this image of him waking up surprised or something like that. I have a great memory for faces and his is memorable, it’s quite the mug.

2 daisy { 02.11.14 at 2:17 am }

I have a good memory for faces too Nico. Trouble is if it doesn’t go with a memory for names and places it will drive you mad.
Here’s hoping.
Perhaps you have seen him about town where you live.

3 Niconico { 02.11.14 at 2:39 am }

Yeah it’s going to drive me mad, but I will get it. It’ll hit me when I’m fishing or fixing something. That’s how the right brain works unfortunately. One of my favourite scenes in a movie is from “Manhunter” when the William Petersen character is trying to solve a mysterious murder, but doesn’t get it until he gives up on the case. Later made as “Red Dragon” which was a totally ridiculous movie and a vehicle for Ralph Fiennes’ overacting. Hopefully not that long though daisy!

4 daisy { 02.11.14 at 2:45 am }

Good luck. Let us know when it comes. :)

5 daisy { 02.11.14 at 2:46 am }

Hey, did you google him?

6 nattie { 02.17.14 at 10:36 pm }

The reason Corinne didnt know bombe alaska and David her dad, sorry partner, did was that it was fashionable in his youth before she was born! Enough to put you off any dinner, shudder.