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So You Think You Can Dance Starts Sunday On TEN And Here Is A Sneak Peek

This sneak peek is sure to get you excited about the upcoming series of So You Think You Can Dance Australia on TEN.

It was great to see  choreographer Kelley Abby involved.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia starts Sunday at 6.30pm on TEN.


1 rose { 02.07.14 at 4:01 am }

I wish I could find a way to watch this from the US. I’m going to look into some ways of getting access. These shows could find an audience here, even if they just posted them online or on Amazon or Netflixs.

I wish someone in Austalian tv would figure this out! I think big brother Australia would find a niche here. It is so much better than ours.

Maybe I should go into the media business so I could broker this deal. Lol.

2 rose { 02.07.14 at 4:02 am }

By the way : another 10 inches of snow yesterday and a new storm coming over the weekend!!

3 Joseph Skyrim { 02.07.14 at 8:49 am }

I was about to get upset at TEN for interrupting their Olympic coverage for this, but after checking the guide a 2 HR break of something non-Olympics related is probably warranted.

Just hope I don’t miss the figure skating and the sport of kings…. Curling. 😛

4 Joseph Skyrim { 02.07.14 at 8:51 am }

@Rose #2 – Stay warm! Also, check YouTube – it’s not the best source but sometimes shows do make it up there (and are likely to vanish again due to copyright infringement).

5 AwEsOmE { 02.07.14 at 9:15 pm }

Give the snearing host from the project a sandwich.

6 Fiona { 02.07.14 at 9:36 pm }

@rose It’s nice to see an American liking our reality shows.
I just looked on youtube and our short lived version of Wife Swap is on there. Have a look you might like it.

7 Izobel2 { 02.07.14 at 9:59 pm }

Well I’m excited about SYTYCD. Carrie will get to wear some fabulous dresses like Cat Deeley does. I might even get Miss 7 to watch it with me. I think she’d like it.
I doubt it will get fabulous ratings due to its opposition. I just hope they keep showing it til the end.
Eleven has been screening the US Version for years, so as a last resort it could move. But hopefully it will get a loyal following.