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The Block – Kara’s Smile Gets Smugger and Smugger

The contestants must hate it when they lose a day of working on the renovations to be sent off The Block to do a “Shelly Challenge”. But the TV beast must be fed and there is only so much plastering and floor laying the viewer can take so a challenge it is.

Last night the teams had to make two light pieces to go in their bedroom this week as well as buy two bedside tables to go with them.

The twins were pissed as they had already ordered their lighting. They were delegating all the making of it at a factory which resulted in the producer stepping in to tell them to do something. They then half heartedly spray painted it, and when they were back at the challenge room they got more hands on as a bemused Shelley looked on.

Brad and Dale mangled their copper pipes and were not in with a shot at winning. It will be interesting what they look like in their room.

Chantelle and Steve made two very creative retro service station pieces, they were really nice. She matched them with some vintage tin side drawers. Not sure how this will go with their modern in the wall bed. In fact did they even need bedside tables that have been thrust upon them.

Kara and Kyal did hanging wooden pendants which looked good. They paired this with the same side tables as the twins had, which just confirmed in Kara that she had great taste. However her ego got even larger when her and Kyal won the challenge making her look even more smugger then usual.

Do you think the best team won?

The Block Fans V Favourites on NINE Sunday to Thursday nights.


1 tara { 02.06.14 at 11:36 am }

hey RR, thanks for the recap. im really surprised that you think Kara’s smug/big ego. i didn’t get that impression at all! what makes you think so? am really enjoying the block this season and am keen to see the first room reveal and know what kind of styles they all have. I also am quite liking the twins this year, even though last year i couldn’t stand them!

2 Reality Raver { 02.06.14 at 11:43 am }

tara – just her passive aggressive nature toward Chantelle and how she dissed her in the team challenge. Saying to camera I don’t know how they are going to go once they get onto the real block. You know what reality TV contestants are like you can love them one ep and dislike the next and vice versa.

3 tara { 02.06.14 at 11:48 am }

thanks RR. thats interesting. ill keep it in mind when watching. I did notice that both kara and kyle very obviously pause and think about the words they say to camera about the other teams to avoid saying anything negative in a mean way. but i thought that was quite nice.

4 ziii { 02.06.14 at 12:19 pm }

I liked Kara too, but maybe I didn’t see the smug look either. I can’t stand the twins and pick up on their snide remarks about the other teams or the fact they didn’t do much work in the challenge. Loved that they got pulled up by the producer.

I did laugh every time Shelley said a $2500 laundry “appliances” from The Good Guys. That must be some fancy washing machines, dryers and irons.

5 Carol (without the e) { 02.06.14 at 12:42 pm }

I haven’t watched it yet… but I think I agree with Kara when she wondered how Chantelle and Steve were going to get on in the real block.

Keep in mind… Chantelle was trying to put a Winnie the Poo pillow into a room to match the judge’s style.

I think Kara was spot on.

6 Bella { 02.06.14 at 1:12 pm }

Is it just me or does Kara remind you of Ali from The Batchelor?

7 Gidgitvonlarue { 02.06.14 at 2:03 pm }

I’m glad you did this write up as my recording of the Block stopped too early just as they were judging the lights. I was hoping Chantelle & Steve would win but eh – smug Kara. Also it sounds harsh but I get the ‘bit of a thicky’ vibe from Kyle. The twins are just annoying, Brad & Dale just seem like they are goofing off constantly. I really do wish all four couples were new contestants. Seeing three of the four ‘fav’s’ actually WON their seasons it just seems a tad unfair. Just like when they bring back contestants on Survivior – why bring back contestants that won?

8 PetieRee { 02.06.14 at 2:12 pm }

I was so relieved when I read the title of your article because it validated my thoughts that Kara is smug! In their first episode I quite liked KK & thought they would be chill & friendly. As each episode passes & with each win the look on Kara’s face is more & more smug. I can’t decide whether I like her or not but Kyal doesn’t seem too bad so far.
Chantelle & Steve are infuriatingly naive. They seem like lovely people but I agree they are in way over their heads. I can only assume that was intentional casting for more mishaps

9 Agent 86 { 02.06.14 at 3:28 pm }

I’m not enjoying this season of The Block so far. And it’s because none of the teams are likeable. I really don’t like the returning players, especially the three who have already won The Block.

The twins are rude and arrogant. The boys are harmless enough, but don’t appear to be taking it seriously at all. And neither of the new couples is engaging with Chantelle and Steve appearing as though they wandered onto set from another reality TV show entirely.

However, the actual “Block” is pretty great this year. An awesome space in a terrific character building. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the cast of House Rules is as entertaining as in the first season.

10 Shellbot { 02.06.14 at 4:05 pm }

Thought it strange too re: the $2500 in laundry appliances and then the winning team gets another $2500!? how can you spend that just on the smallest room in the house? Seems a waste to me. They could get a nice fridge or something at least… even the contestants faces looked nonplussed until they mentioned the $5000 cash, then they lit up :p

Oh and yes, Kara is smug but I can totally see how comparing herself to Chantelle could make her feel that way haha

11 layla { 02.06.14 at 4:06 pm }

I like kyal and Kara. They both seem like very skillful, headstrong and hard working people. Steve and chantelle, on the other hand, seem happy to let other people make decisions for them. I don’t blame Kara for getting irritated at steve and chantelle during the challenge. Along with Chantelles horrible taste, they also strike me as being lazy.

12 Gabby { 02.06.14 at 10:15 pm }

I’m enjoying The Block. I think Kyal and Kara are working hard and getting stuck in to every day and went head first in to the challenge. When I saw Chantelle wandering around another 2nd hand shop, I wondered what on earth she was doing there, and then when she bought those two old chests, you were right RR, they won’t go very well in their modern bedroom. All Chantelle and Steve seem to do are shop. Did you hear the way Steve spoke to Keith about the electrical plans, so cocky. He won’t get far with an attitude like that.
The twins are just being the twins. I don’t know much about the guys. They seem pretty laid back.
What do you mean by three winners? Who are the three winners?

13 PetieRee { 02.06.14 at 10:50 pm }

Gabby, the 3 winners are the twins & Brad :)

14 Gabby { 02.07.14 at 12:06 am }

Cheers, PetieRee. That’s right, the twins had to share. Yes it would have been good if everyone were newbies and hadn’t won before. The faves do have a bit of an unfair advantage, knowing the layout of the game. Anyway with Kyal being a builder and Kara being on the ball they are showing they are a force to be reckoned with already.

15 bella vita { 02.07.14 at 2:39 am }

I think the people cringing the most would have to be the couple that lost to Kyle and Kara. To see Steve and Chantelle (he is completely lazy and her style so far is more $2 shop than anything luxe) on this show is a complete waste of casting for people that actually HAVE a clue and want more than their 5 mins of fame. Going by her websites and past experience, she seems to want to dabble in everything, but not really good at anything at all.

The cameras at the moment are loving Kyle and Kara..and why would they not? He is a The Block dream…chippy, knows what he’s doing…she is good at shopping and seems well organised. To me they seem like Josh and Jenna…and once you got to know them more and more they were very much disliked by the public for their smugness. I tip Kyle and Kara to win the season.

The twins this time don’t seem to be overly upset leaving their young children, and after being asked nicely to leave by the SA police force (honestly, they couldn’t go back to normal duties) what were they gonna do with their time? If they think anyone will want to buy homewares from complete bitches think again.

Brad and Dale. Absolute snore fest. Why they picked these two is beyond me. Dale had his extra 5 mins last year with Mark and Duncan…and Brad and Lara weren’t that interesting last time.
Noticing of course they always go with the typical australian wholesome people.
I’d love to see a couple of Lebanese, Indians, Sri Lankans, Italians, Turkish etc etc in the mix…then we’d probably get fantastic tv with some interesting cultures in the mix!

16 Anonymous { 02.07.14 at 6:21 am }

I am fast losing interest in The Block this year and I think it’s because the producers decided to bring back previous contestants. Part of the mystique of reality shows for me, is to get to see new contestants.
In this series I like KK and don’t see her as “smug”. They are a couple who work together in harmony (so far) and their individual skills appear to be good enough for them to go on and win this years Block.

17 Zhee { 02.07.14 at 6:59 am }

I think it was actually Techhater who commented on knowing Kara. He lso claimed she’s a very nice and warm person. He wrote it as I also was a bit on RR’s views regarding Kara. It was simply my impression as the editing didn’t show her in a nice way towards Chantelle (who is really annoying).
Dale and Brad are for the comedic relief, that’s all. I think people think they are nice blokes and fun to watch. The twins know what they are doing, have a great sense of style and their attitude makes great TV.
Chantelle and Steve, oh well, I guess they are going the be this year’s Dan and Dani….

18 Shellbot { 02.07.14 at 7:15 am }

at least Dan and Dani had a good style and had applicable skills, I think they were more hated for their competitiveness where as C&S will just be an annoyance, like bringing your kid to work with you :p

C&S may be more like Dale and Sophie and have to win the judges over to their sense of style…

19 brain dead dave { 02.07.14 at 8:24 am }

Kyal and Kara can win, hopefully. Can’t stand any of the Favs, especially the twin turds. Not interested in your bowel movements gels, I can tell you’re both full of shit 24/7.

Apart from that not much is new about The Block and it’s White Australia Policy. Let’s party like it’s 1959.

20 Zhee { 02.07.14 at 8:59 am }

Sorry Shellbot, I compared them to Dan and Dani regarding the hate they will receive. I suppose they were chosen being the black sheep, only lacking sense of style. Even if they go down the Dale & Sophie route, they still will make 4th place.

21 PetieRee { 02.07.14 at 10:05 am }

Maybe Kara just has a smug looking smile/smirk. I think her & Kyal are talented & will have a great place & if they can keep their egos in check & not get cocky then they will probably end up being the majority’s favourite team. The boys probably have little chance of winning but, as was mentioned, will be comedic relief throughout the show.
What I am really happy about is that the judges won’t know who they are judging! I hope it would stay that way throughout the series but I highly doubt it. I think they can’t help but let their bias (positive or negative) affect their scores at least a little bit

22 Agent 86 { 02.07.14 at 12:02 pm }

I’m liking the Super Ks more and more. But, I’m still wary about whether their design skills will be to the judges’ liking.

I was really put-off by the juvenile humour from Dale (or is it Brad) in the most recent episode. Is The Block really so desperate for footage that they needed to screen the boner and breast so-called humour? If I didn’t dislike that team before, I certainly do now.

The twins were their usual selves. I’m intrigued about the need for an outdoor shower in an apartment. Is the building near the beach? Does their apartment have its own private pool? I thought they were in the inner-city and there was only a community/residents pool?

And the six stairs to a tiny study area also baffles me. Who wants to walk up and down six stairs to a tiny little heightened floor area whenever they want something from their desk?

I think Chantelle and Steve are in for a huge shock at the first judging. I don’t think any of the judges are a fan of purchases from $2 stores, The Reject Shop or bargain basement blinds and curtains. And, to be fair, given the expected reserves for these apartments, I think the buyers would be expecting more as well.

I really hope they maintain the “blind” judging for the entire series. I’m not sure that will be possible, but it would be a great way to ensure that the scores are fair. In previous years, a bit of bias did seem to creep in for some of the teams from time to time.

23 Gabby { 02.07.14 at 1:18 pm }

I must have missed that about the blind judging but I am pleased to hear it. I think the judges are fairly good on judging who has designed what though, it won’t take them long to work out what apartment belongs to which couple.

24 Anonymous { 02.10.14 at 11:10 pm }

First room reveal (Darren, Shayna, Neale)
C&S 7,7.5,6.5=21
K&K 8,7.5,7,7=22.5
B&D= 7.5,7.5,7.5=22.5

As if the judges didn’t know who designed what. Can’t say the stairway to nowhere is very practical in the twins room.

I would like to know if the couples did consult with an architect before committing to the floorplan to get the proportions right. At the moment the drama about waste holes makes me think that of all the Block properties this is so not the one to purchase.

Its a shame though as it is an apartment block that could have had some character if done professionally and not as a backdrop for tv drama.

25 trisha { 03.03.14 at 10:17 am }

not enjoying the smug super k’s. think the others should just let them do the competitions whilst they get on with the renovations. that way they don’t waste time when they won’t win anyway. How funny would that be.