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Brynne Edelsten Strikes Back – But Both Parties Are Spinning Bulldust


The Edelsten divorce is like watching a game of tennis as the outside observer flicks between weekly gossip mags to watch each party sledge each other. This week it is Brynne’s turn.

She is in New Idea saying she is broke.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting she could not go to her Grandmother’s funeral in the US because she had no money and Geoffrey refused to py for her.

The Telegraph writes:

“I asked if Geoff was willing to help me with airfares to get to the funeral, but he wasn’t,” she tells the magazine.

“Geoff had threatened to change the locks on our apartment and he’d done that quite a few times in the past, so it wasn’t something that was unbelievable.

I was scared that if I went away to the States, I wouldn’t have anywhere to come home to. That broke my heart. It was horrible, especially knowing how much my mum wanted me there at Grandma’s funeral with her.”

Edelsten and her 70-year-old ex continue to share their Melbourne penthouse apartment as the details of their divorce are ironed (which sounds like an incredibly juicy premise for the next season of Brynne’s reality show, My Bedazzled Life ). Geoffrey is reported to sleep on the couch, while there have been rumours Brynne has held wild parties at the residence using his money — something she refutes.

“There is no housekeeping money and no wild parties. The honest truth is that I don’t have an income right now, Geoff has cancelled all the joint credit cards and I don’t have anywhere to go. I don’t have family here, I don’t have the money for bond and I can’t afford any rent.”

Edelsten also uses her interview with New Idea to issue a bitterly ironic plea for privacy.

“Divorce is so personal and it should be very, very private,” she says.

I am calling bulls**t on both sides of this divorce. If she was so desperate to go to her grandmother’s funeral why did she not sell some of the stuff she would have from her marriage like her jewellery or ask her parents for a loan. OK so she may have had to fly economy -big deal.

Also if she is so worried Geoffrey is going to change the locks why is she comfortable and relaxed going out to nightclubs and events as Geoffrey could change them anytime.

Anyway I am sure more tales of woe will emerge from both sides.


1 Andrea { 02.11.14 at 5:44 pm }

RR, she also said in the article that “My mum offered to buy me a ticket , but that wasn’t possible either”
She did not explain what she meant by that. If her mum offered to pay for her to go over for the funeral, then why didn’t she accept?

Her car has disappeared too, as well as some of the many tv’s in the apartment.
There is another bedroom apparently, but Geoff prefers to sleep on the couch so its his fault so she says.

I still like her though for some reason.

2 Littlepetal { 02.11.14 at 10:33 pm }

She is not very smart. Should have ask for a monthly allowance and save some of the allowance. Didn’t I read in the papers that she had been partying hard? Who is paying? She said she has some good friends. Won’t the friends help out?

3 Dr T { 02.12.14 at 10:18 am }

Sooner these two are off the seen the better. Brynne is Australia’s piss poor version of someone like Paris Hilton, who is piss poor in her own right anyway

4 JK { 02.12.14 at 2:13 pm }

Gawd, what is she wearing in that pic?