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My Kitchen Rules – Tassie Girls Slay It

Thali and Bianca the young students from Tasmania showed they could cook, but I wonder if people were surprised by their capabilities so marked them generously.

Well Harry and Christos were always going to be generous as they think they are cute and if Woman’s Day is correct Christos and Bianca have hooked up.

David was sceptical of the girls ability saying” we can cook and we got 4 and 5’s” and Corinne chimes in and said “we can handle the pressure”. Yes because David was pissed. David thought the brown paper on the table of their “Market Kitchen” instant restaurant was too simple. However it looked fabulous but I suspect there were unseen hands assisting as they do with all the restaurants as there is no way people can make rooms and tables to look like that in the limited timeframe given.

The girls menu was pretty technical except for the main. For entree they made Grandma’s Brandy Pate with homemade brioche and chutney. It was an ambitious entree and they did have some technical difficulties. However Bianca fixed the runny pate by adding in the lumps and they still scored a ten from each judge. Also all the anti-offal diners liked it as well. The brioche looked great.

The main was fish and chips with a twist. It was salmon baked in paper and chips with chilli, rosemary and parmasen. They looked nice. Their problem was they could not fit everything  in the oven and the chips were taking far longer then envisaged. It was well over an hour before they got it on the table. As Pete said ” That he had expected something more” and Manu thought more flavour needed to be wrapped up with the fish. He was lucky he even got salt and lemon as Bianca forgot to put that in at first.

It was ironic that David was whinging about being starving when he had made his diner wait over two hours for the main. If Jason had been there he would have started eating the market produce there were some nice looking raspberries there.

He also thought his fish was undercooked at the bottom, but it did not look like it. Jess was “devastated” which in her langugage means “thrilled” that hers was overcooked.

For dessert the girls made Bombe Alaska. As David was the only one who remembered the seventies he was considered an authority. However all he remembered was it being lit up. Which is Bombe Alaska Flambe. Lighting up 12 individual desserts would probably be beyond anyones capabilities except for a professional chef.

They made each element and the white chocolate and raspberry icecream looked amazing.  However it was melting faster then they could get the egg white on and to blow torch it. This is difficult when you are doing individual serves for twelve people that you are meant to serve at once.

Pete said the cake was dry and needed a syrup. He thought it was good but not great but liked that they had made every element on the plate. Note to Queensland the Tassie team had fruit on the plate.

The scores were high probably because the diners were grateful for a decent feed:

NSW – 8

Vic – 8

SA – 8

Qld – 8 David wanted to give them a 7 but Corinne said 8.

WA – 7

Total score of 39/50 which meant after the first ten from Pete Evans for their entree they knew they were safe.

Manu scored the pate a 10, the main a 6 and dessert a 6. Pete was more generous scoring the entree a 10, main a 7, and dessert a 7.

They shot to the top of the scoreboard with a total of 85.

Deluded David thought he should have got a ten for one of his dishes but he did not elaborate which one of his train wreck dishes he should have scored it in.


1 Gabby { 02.12.14 at 10:18 am }

If I was Corinne I would be sitting there wanting to hide under the table if that was my other half, not her, with every idiotic, rude comment that comes out of his mouth, she sits there nice and tall, backing him up, foolish, foolish girl.

2 Littlepetal { 02.12.14 at 10:25 am }

What I can’t stand D&C is that they keep saying they are better cooks or they have more techniques in their dishes. Keep saying we served crayfish or crabs, we are better. When you have fresh seafood, you don’t even need to do anything with it. Just cook and serve. Does it mean you are a great cook? Looking forward to see them sink lower in the next round

3 Windsong { 02.12.14 at 10:40 am }

Why don’t the other contestants stand up to him, though? That’s the thing that gets me. The other teams are all talking to the camera about how obnoxious and awful David is. Are they that worried about the voting that they’re going to let him bully them? If I had to listen to him whine night-after-night, I would’ve stood up to him by now, and politely told him that his meal sucked, and he needs to shut the hell up.

4 Ginny { 02.12.14 at 10:43 am }

I find it amazing and it’s not only on this show that people do not have table manners. Some have no idea how to eat with a knife and fork. What is that all about? I was taught from childhood how to eat at the table. Some people do not know how to hold a fork it seems so uncomfortable for them too.