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My Kitchen Rules – Jessica And Bree Delivered A Sophisticated Menu

Finally a team with a complex menu on My Kitchen Rules delivered. Jessica and Bree the mum’s from South Australia put on a sophisticated fine dining menu in the instant restaurant ‘Sage’ and it looked delicious.

In fact David from Queensland was more positive about it then all of the diners not even criticising the dessert.

The entree was Scallops with Bittergreens and Stilton Dressing. It was interesting that most of the diners were unaware what stilton was and no one noticed the scallops were imported from Japan.

Pete loved it so much that he said he wished he could give it eleven. He said the sweetness of the scallops, combined with the sharpness of the sauce and the saltiness of the pancetta made it the best dish in the competition so far. Have to agree who would think of pairing scallops with blue cheese. Pete might think about not being so generous with the scoring early in the competition so it gives him room to move.

Some of the younger diners were also a bit of confused about what the main was. On the menu it said Salt Dough Chateaubriand with Bernaise Sauce and Pomme Frites. As Jess said it was Steak and Fries. It looked delicious and perfectly cooked. When Bree revealed she had never cooked salt dough with beef you wondered whether there would be a disaster but there was none.

The girls were panicking about only buying two fillets of beef when they meant to get four but there was no way they could fit more in the oven. It did not matter they had enough.They also just walked into the house at the 3 hour mark and they set the table in 20 minute. Yeah right. 

The girls were on time even with starting their prep late. The diners were in jovial moods joking when Jess saw the steak knife she told Christos and Harry that is what they needed to cut the veal in their restaurant. The Vic boys looked insulted.

David was also in a good mood probably because they were safe. However what is interesting is Corinne waits to see what David is going to say and then nods her head in agreement.

The main got rave reviews from everyone though Manu said the Bernaise sauce was not perfect and could have been thicker.  Pete said delicious.

What let the girls down was their dessert of Raspberry Mousse Cake they decided to put chocolate mud as a layer rather then a chocolate sponge and it was far too dense with the raspberry mousse on top. However David thought it was delicious.

The scores were high:

Tas – 8

Qld – 9

WA – 8

Vic – 8

NSW – 8

For a total 41/50

Pete gave ten points for entree, ten for main, a five for dessert.

Manu gave ten for entree, a nine for main, a five for dessert.

This gave them a total of 90 points which put them at the top of the scoreboard.


1 daisy { 02.13.14 at 8:40 pm }

As they say in IYATO; I will support him. BDD sticks up for the underdogs.

2 AwEsOmE { 02.13.14 at 8:57 pm }

Georgie – please don’t lie –
what I said was a combination of:
1. The husbands wanting the payoff for the cooking comp to be a ute and a motorbike, respectively; and
2. The awful droning voices of the SA ladies; and
3. The two ladies calling each other ‘babe’ continuously:
to me screamed ‘bogan’.
That’s my opinion, I’m entitled to hold it. Go back and check.

There was no need for you to feel personally offended, you took that on yourself.

And you misconstrue my reply about BDD. He is known in this BLOG for venom. He serves it up daily. Which is great, that’s his style. Its occasionally funny, or insightful. But, then for him to try and play Mr Caring and Sharing and hector me is the very definition of hypocrisy.

Which brings me to free speech. Hectoring someone on a blog that they can’t hold a particular opinion is drop down pathetic. Discussing/arguing points is great, but saying someone can’t hold a point of view is disgusting. This is part of the new online bullying censorship culture. There’s a good article here:

But ultimately, you’ve got what I think is your wish, I’m gone from here.

3 brain dead dave { 02.13.14 at 9:08 pm }

Georgie isn’t a liar. Who the fuck are you to say so,Mr Free $peech?

You need to show some examples of this “daily” venom instead of your usual distortions. But you can’t. It’s easy to say it.Look up a definition of “bogan” and don’t make it up as we go along would be also be a good start. Your mere opinion of what makes a bogan isn’t an axiomatic truth.

4 Georgie { 02.13.14 at 9:09 pm }

Awesome, please don’t lie. I am also entitled to my opinion which I expressed about having a ute and a motorbike. I didn’t even address you with my comment, which could have been taken in good humour if you chose. Instead you chose to tell me to get over myself and the rest is history.

5 AwEsOmE { 02.13.14 at 9:19 pm }

For BDD’s benefit – ‘your sweeping statements – that if someone has a ute and a motorbike they must be a bogan’
I didn’t say that – its a lie – learn to read.

6 Reality Raver { 02.13.14 at 9:21 pm }

This argument is getting tedious for everyone. Just ignore each other.

7 brain dead dave { 02.13.14 at 9:23 pm }

I can read just fine, especially between the lines.

8 Georgie { 02.13.14 at 9:24 pm }

Awesome, again please don’t lie. I haven’t seen anyone hector you about having an opinion and if you think I did, go back and read what I said. I referred to indiscriminate sweeping statements that net a whole range of different people who are in similar situations or lifestyles to the one you’re bagging. I included myself as guilty there or did you miss that?

Sorry RR, I hadn’t seen your comment and I’m done.

9 AwEsOmE { 02.13.14 at 9:29 pm }

I’m finished, gone.

10 Schappelle Corby { 02.13.14 at 10:03 pm }

BDD is innocent. Trust me.

11 Sandii { 02.13.14 at 10:05 pm }

Anywho! What did everyone have for tea tonight?

12 brain dead dave { 02.13.14 at 10:08 pm }

Half packet of snakes for me. To die for.

13 Sandii { 02.13.14 at 10:11 pm }

Hey BDD my mother in law always said snakes were healthy because the had real fruit in them….. Wtf?

14 Mother Superior { 02.13.14 at 10:25 pm }

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.”
Strother Martin – Cool Hand Luke

Georgie is taking sabbatical because she failed to take some of her own advice:
1. You don’t always have to be right – sometimes it’s better to just be.
2. Learn to recognise the balls that are best left to go through to the keeper.

She should be back in a year and said to say, “Sorry everyone and thanks bdd”. 😕

15 Izobel2 { 02.13.14 at 10:30 pm }

Daisy @44 – Funny you should say that. I took a photo this afternoon, after 40mL of rain, of my 3 children in their undies laying in the puddles in the gutter! After 43 degrees yesterday, I nearly stripped off and jumped in myself!!!

16 AwEsOmE { 02.13.14 at 10:58 pm }

I need my mummy!!!!!!!!!!

17 daisy { 02.13.14 at 11:01 pm }

You should have Bella. What could be better than rolling in puddles on a not too cold day.
Good luck with the washing now.

Georgie, you’ve always been a gracious lady.

18 daisy { 02.13.14 at 11:25 pm }

What happened? I’m confused. 😕

Can we go back to bagging WA? 😆

C’mon guys, we’re all cashed up bogans eating with golden cutlery.

19 Izobel2 { 02.13.14 at 11:37 pm }

Sandii, I made my own cold rolls for the first time.
So yay for me. Bet your kids and yourself are loving the down pour!

20 daisy { 02.13.14 at 11:52 pm }

Izobel, what’s a cold roll?

I make fresh spring rolls. Is it the same?

21 Linnia { 02.14.14 at 12:29 am }

Sandii @61 it’s not tea, it’s dinner. My Qlder husband is always asking me what’s for tea but tea is what you have mid afternoon not for your main meal.

22 daisy { 02.14.14 at 12:36 am }

I have tea or dinner whenever I feel like it.

Sandii tonight for tea I had some papaya and a chocolate coated ice-cream.

23 brain dead dave { 02.14.14 at 12:40 am }

Dinner/tea ,dessert/sweets . At the end of the day it’s a plate of fucking food.

24 daisy { 02.14.14 at 12:46 am }

I had my plate of fucking food at 5.00. Is that OK? 😆

25 Sandii { 02.14.14 at 7:52 am }

Izobe2 unfortunately we didn’t have one drop at our farm down south but I see there has been heaps in Adelaide. I think the fringe starts today, hopefully it is a great success as usual.

26 Sandii { 02.14.14 at 7:55 am }

Linnia @ 71. I stand corrected, my apologies.

27 Littlepetal { 02.14.14 at 8:15 am }

Many people do refer to dinner as tea. Nothing wrong with that.

28 Sandii { 02.14.14 at 8:27 am }

We call (lunch) dinner because I think maybe it goes to an old farming tradition where you have your main meal in the middle of the day. Afternoon tea is just called smoko.

29 layla { 02.14.14 at 10:31 am }

I need to clarify I don’t classify the SA mums as bogans or were insulting them by any means. My co-worker & I yesterday simply picked up on the way they pronounced certain words are different to how we pronounce them as born & bred Melbournians. I wasn’t insulting people of Adelaide/SA so apologies if it was taken that way.

30 Zhee { 02.14.14 at 10:55 am }

Totally random: Just watched 30Rock, Liz Lemon claiming her granny sang 99 Luftballons to her. I remembered my mother singing this to me when I was a baby. Thankfully I grew up to be a totally normal person. Maybe I’m able to pull a Liz Lemon tomorrow at work. Not like I didn’t do that yesterday twice. -.-

I think I would have thrown some mud cake at Pete and Manu after receiving a 5 while that old creep got nearly the same points for that mess of an Eton Mess. I had to mute the old creep but thankfully he didn’t get that much screen time like the night before.

31 Culinary Boner { 02.14.14 at 11:29 am }

Zhee, 99 Luftballons? I remember that this was such a big hit in Australia that in nightclubs you’d unfortunately see people (mainly girls) trying to sing along with it in a tone-deaf mangled attempt at German. Excruciating.

Here’s a Sesame Street favourite trying his hand – with more success – at singing along with Rammstein:

32 brain dead dave { 02.14.14 at 11:50 am }

#79 …no worries, layla. Your post was just fine. There’s a difference between scratching your arse and tearing it to pieces.

I have nothing but bad memories of 99 Luftballons and Ca Plane Pour Moi.

33 Amy { 02.14.14 at 12:49 pm }

Re. the SA ladies ‘accent’. I’m from SA and my two friends and I noticed (and imitated) it too so I wouldn’t say it’s characteristic of SA.. just a bit strange. Anywho- whatevs.

34 Amy { 02.14.14 at 12:56 pm }

Lol. I have more than two friends. Not sure why I specified that.. :)

35 daisy { 02.14.14 at 1:49 pm }

Aaawh, Amy-two-friends, duzzent madda if they’re good ones. 😀

CB, thanks for trying but I am still non the wiser on Luftbalons. Sounds German and I thought they might come in pairs.

Layla and Sandii you were both very gracious. little angel emos

As for me I haven’t eaten brekky yet because damned if I know what to call it now. 😆

36 daisy { 02.14.14 at 1:52 pm }

Oh and Zhee, ripper 30 Rock here last night. Have you seen the one where Tracy brings a monkey in yet? Can’t wait to see what happens next.

And for those watching Orphan Black…how good is it. I also started the Returned this week. So Amy, maybe I only have two good friends. 😉

37 Littlepetal { 02.14.14 at 1:58 pm }

daisy, call it brunch before someone tell you there is no such meal time!!!

38 daisy { 02.14.14 at 2:54 pm }

Littlepetal, Lotus just brought me sushi. And it’s lunch time now so it’s tyushoku. Japanese emo.

39 Zhee { 02.14.14 at 9:01 pm }

Daisy, I only can remember an episode with Jenna and the monkey. But yeah, the one with the 99 Luftballons by Nena made me laugh. In general, Liz Lemon aka Tina Fey is just wonderful. I love it when the shows on TV are a bit absurd. I think that’s why I also loved Dead like me and Pushing Daisies. Sadly these shows were way too short-living.

BDD, I can understand why you have bad memories of this song. In my case, I was just too young to get the “Neue deutsche Welle”-hype and the era itself. When I got older and listened to the old LPs of my mother I hated most of those songs. Nena with her Luftballons was okay. But there was also stuff like Trio’s “Da da da” – thanks to a Volkswagen commercial a few years ago, it got its revival.
For those who want to listen to those songs, click on my name (somehow the site always blocks my postings when I put links into them).
Damn, you should never use Youtube at work and listen to those songs. It will most likely lead to some noisy giggling which will draw the attention of your colleagues who want to know why you are laughing all the time.

40 Littlepetal { 02.14.14 at 11:50 pm }
41 daisy { 02.15.14 at 12:16 am }

Zhee well you might have that ep to look fd to. What I like about it is Jack’s storyline.

They have just started au revoir: The Returned this week. I’m already well into it.

42 Sandii { 02.15.14 at 8:05 am }

I can’t even work out what it is Littlepetal. Some sort of dessert?

43 Georgie { 02.15.14 at 9:18 am }

It’s the colour of pumpkin and it has spots – maybe it’s a spotted ‘pumpkin’ dick. 😯

44 brain dead dave { 02.15.14 at 11:07 am }

I’m confused by their dish as well.

Can’t decide if it looks like Chum or Pal.

45 Littlepetal { 02.15.14 at 11:23 am }

Its suppose to be a reconstructed sweet potatoes. For someone who know all about food, the presentation is pathetic. More like baby food.

46 PoRk ChOp { 02.15.14 at 12:49 pm }

For someone that calls himself awesome, you r extremely underwhelming, which is a very tame descriptor, indeed.

Culinary Boner, Calorie Counter, BDD & Ali, your comments are werwy cwever. Keep them coming, gice.

47 daisy { 02.15.14 at 1:01 pm }

Littlepetal @ 90 It looks like it was grown in a petri dish in a laboratory. Or else someone set their vomit in gelatin.
It really does look like gelatinized vomit.

48 Zhee { 02.15.14 at 11:26 pm }

To me it looks like an already eaten Baba au Rhum dessert….