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My Kitchen Rules – Chloe And Kelly Show They Do Have Some Skills

Is David a fake contestant, like an actor, as no one can be that much of a knob jockey. Last night at Chloe and Kelly’s instant restaurant he was contrary about everything including a dish that scored ten from the judges.

Also he admitted to playing tactics when he said to the camera that the intruders were new to the game and were looking for positives.

Some of his more over the top comments last night were when he saw the entree of Poached Marron on Crab Pillow and Truffle Emulsion that it was just basic stuff. After he ate it he thought the pasta was too dry, there was a shell in his ravioli and he could not taste the truffle. He declared it below average.

No wonder Corinne doesn’t say anything as she is probably speechless with embarrassment. Or maybe that is why she is always trying to go the pash at the table just to try and stop him talking for a moment.

Chloe and Kelly kicked off their second instant restaurant feeling very confident and it was all going smoothly until Chloe started trying to roll out the pasta. It appeared to be more the machine then her as it was clunking and it seemed strange that she did not attempt to roll it out with a rolling pin. All those Italian Nonna’s in years gone past would not have had fandangled machines to make it.

In the end Chloe re-made the pasta just before the judges were about to arrive and it would have been interesting to know how late their entree was on the table. It was a good move as Manu thought it was a three hat dish and both judges scored it ten. The dish did look amazing.

However it was all downhill from there. When will the contestants realise they don’t know as much as the judges. Kelly insisted to Manu she could confit the chicken in 45 minutes when he said it took him two hours to do. But she appeared to not be taking in the time she needed it under the grill. In the end it was not crisp enough.

They did not spend a lot of time on the confit but allowed a hell of a long time for the accompanying mushroom sauce. David thought mushroom and chicken was a strange combination. WTF? He is deluded in his food knowledge but it was amusing when he said that he saw Josh from Victoria as a worthy table mate as he knows about food as well.

To be fair there are some people competing who appear to know bugger all. Manu stupidly asked Harry what confit was and he had no idea. Also the food technology teacher Carly thought cannoli was cannelloni. Maybe this pair are a perfect match. That is if Harry has a kewpie doll fetish as she looked like one last night.

The main was also served with brussel sprouts and speck and surprisingly Pete Evans liked the chicken and the mushroom but thought the sprouts were under cooked. I thought he would be into undercooked vegetables. Manu loved the sauce.

David thought the brussel sprout was almost offensive clearly lacking the insight to realise that was what he was. Anna thought the main was pleasant  which made David wonder what they had been eating on the farm.

However positive Carly did not like it either. She gave it a complimentary sandwich, which is two positives sandwiching a negative comment. She also revealed she taught at university as well.

The WA girls thought their cannoli with orange and chocolate was  traditional Italian dessert. It is but it is no longer that exotic. These days you are more likely to see that in a cake shop then a vanilla slice. In fact what has happened to vanilla slices?

They served the cannoli with an espresso martini and Manu said he found the dessert to be disappointing and boring. Pete said he enjoyed the cannoli but not the martini as he found it over powering.

Cathy who hates sweet, sweets liked it.

It was cold and raining and as the diners were sitting outside you wonder if this affected their scoring:

Carly and Tresne – 7

Anna and Cathy – 6

Josh and Danielle – 5

Christo and Harry – 5

David and Corinne – 4

Total score 27

Manu gave the entree a ten, six for main, and four from Manu and Pete gave the entree a ten, six for main, five for dessert.

Chloe and Kelly scored a total of 68.  Sure they are currently bottom of the leader board but going off the two previous instant restaurant rounds they would be unlucky if they were eliminated.


1 Public // Health // Warning { 02.19.14 at 11:38 pm }

Kelly looks like one of those show clowns with a mouth that you push balls into. Or a Miley Cyrus knock-off.

2 Evan { 02.19.14 at 11:38 pm }

Carly and Tresne in comparison – really nice girls, I love their positivity, and their ability to think outside the square.

3 daisy { 02.19.14 at 11:46 pm }

True, Jay 100. Thank goodness for that.

4 brain dead dave { 02.19.14 at 11:51 pm }

Kelly’s smile is a nasty smile and it says a lot more about her than a lot of garbage she talks. I want her to fail , if in fact she hasn’t already ~ and in the worst way possible.

I think there will be confected back stories , with the attendant syrupy computer generated muzak but it’s a little early yet.

I certainly expected more from tonight’s Heston necrophiles. Never trust a knife licker.

5 daisy { 02.20.14 at 12:02 am }

Re Kelly BDD: yes, like the nasty twin on Dr Phil today.
Dr Phil had to hit her right between they eyes and she still came out smiling.

6 brain dead dave { 02.20.14 at 12:06 am }

That is exactly what I mean,daisy. Like Kelly, that twin was proud to be a despicable bitch. I wanted Dr.Phil to king hit her. I note he made no “resources” available as she was a lost cause.

7 daisy { 02.20.14 at 12:18 am }

Surely Doc Phil, couldn’t have been the first to call her toxic. I can’t believe that others wouldn’t have told her she was being a bitch.
I’m not buying that everyone else likes her. Not at all.

8 Jay { 02.20.14 at 12:23 am }

BDD 104 – honestly you do make me laugh! More like infected back stories!

9 brain dead dave { 02.20.14 at 12:38 am }

Thanks Jay. All I want to see is some good cooking with honest scoring and judging~ but $hine seem hell bent on delivering a culinary dog fight.

10 Jay { 02.20.14 at 12:45 am }

Well they’ve certainly delivered the bitches for a culinary dog fight! Oops did I type that out loud.

11 Smythe { 02.20.14 at 2:55 am }

Lickable paintings……that’s really healthy and sanitary. 😉 Gross.

The Heston Blumenthal wannabes tried but failed. Although I didn’t like most of their flavor combinations I was hoping they would score higher than Chloe & Kelly. Would like to see those Queen B’s knocked out of the competition on their arses.

As for Capt. Jack, looks like he is going to go down with his ship.

12 Sandii { 02.20.14 at 8:48 am }

I am still suss about the scoring, if Manu says the salmon was “perfection” and salad was nice, why give them a 5 if the Mayo and cinnamon biscuit weren’t right. He gave a 7 ( or so) for that mint slice . The scoring is giving me the shits with the inconsistency.

13 Georgie { 02.20.14 at 8:58 am }

Another thing that gets me with the scoring is having Pete and Manu critique the food before the scoring. If they say anything negative, it gives the wannabes a hook to hang their bias on. Let them decide for themselves if something is too sweet or the flavours don’t go together – that would show how much they actually know about food.

14 Gabby { 02.20.14 at 9:52 am }

That horrid Kelly, she was laughing and sniggering outright at the table as Pete and Manu criticised one of the courses, so rude, ignorant and definitely shows what a bogan she is.

15 drb123 { 02.20.14 at 9:55 am }

Only in a two shot, never in the same frame as the judges.

Plausible, but potentially an editing trick

16 Culinary Boner { 02.20.14 at 10:06 am }

Does molecular gastromony have to entail horrendously clashing flavour combos like those on show last night?

If so, then I nominate Mrs Letitia Cropley, “The Queen of Cordon Bleurgh” from Vicar of Dibley, as a pioneer in this culinary field. And in support of my nomination I point to Letitia’s chocolate cake with Marmite icing.

17 Sandii { 02.20.14 at 10:32 am }

Yea that makes sense Georgie, I think it would be good if the judges giave their views at the end of the evening.

18 Gabby { 02.20.14 at 10:39 am }

I know girls, half the time the other contestants just mimic what the judges have said, it’s so obvious. Except David who goes the complete other extreme which is just so ridiculous.

19 Muffin { 02.20.14 at 10:48 am }

#85, 86-Sorry gice but the power was off at my place last night due to storms, so no tv and no books. I had no choice but to get on the sores as I was starting to think. Few drinks in and I was getting my W.A bitches confused. Sorry! (hiccup).

20 daisy { 02.20.14 at 11:09 am }

I hope you didn’t fall over in the dark Muffin.

Agree with everyone on what appears to be some dodgy scoring from P&M.

Thanks again CB. If I ever go on MKR, I’ll remember not to make cake with vegemite icing. Or will I? I quite like garlic salt on oranges.

21 PoRk ChOp { 02.20.14 at 2:42 pm }

Gotta love “Vicar of Dibley.” “no,no…no, yes, no, yes… yes, no, no, yes, yes…mmm.” Can’t recall that character’s name, but he was almost as funny as the Vicar, herself.

Agreed too, that the judges, shouldn’t critique the food before the guests have a crack at it. That definitely has to influence their opinions.

Well, Hes and Blu certainly made a right royal mess of things. After that almighty c/ck-up, and if Heston was no longer with us, he would be rolling in his grave of edible dirt. In fact, apart, from the “eat if you dare” dirt, it seems that the only semi edible offering was the dessert, which looked, not unlike, a slice of spew. On that note, vanilla slices are still available in Sydney, but are probably called millefeuille with a passionfruit icing drizzle.

So, if the salmon was zo vunderfool, instead of whining “I’m starving,” why didn’t that motley bunch of “foodies,” just chow down on that, and eat the menus for dessert? But then, there is no accounting for stupid, or commonsense, for that matter.

On the subject of stupid + looking, the astute blogger that observed Kelly is reminiscent of those ball swallowing sideshow clowns, was very accurate. I suspect Kelly’s head would be just as thick too.

If the previews are accurate, then it does seem that Jack and The Beak will sail off into the sunset at their next IR. It’s doubtful that he’ll go down with the ship tho. What is much more likely is that, he’ll stay ashore guarding his red wine, whilst leaving The Beak to drown in the inevitable critique. Another scenario, is that, in a fleeting moment of benevolence, he secrets his Budgie into his smugglers, and disappears from our screens, forever. Although, at some future point in time, we could see him sharing some brewies with Thommo at the cricket, or as “the face” of Surgeon-General adverts, warning against the fate of our organs, if we continue raping and pillaging them. Jack, and his witty repartee (NOT) will be missed tho…similar to losing our favourite, yet most embarrassing sozzled uncles from the Chrissy parties…but only when said uncles have succumbed to cirrhosis etc.

I do hope that Jack departs with a bang and not a whimper. I also hope he serves up the ineluctable seafood with a red wine juzz/jus/gism that he neglects to reduce. My guess is he will be so smashed by that point, that he will just chuck the wine at the lobster/prawns/cray/oysters etc.

The following link is prefaced by a warning to the bloggers, that it is a little rude. I like to call it “The Happy Couple.”

22 PoRk ChOp { 02.20.14 at 3:06 pm }

Seems that my blog went into the ether!

This is all I have now…if you are squeamish, or opposed to something a little risque, please don’t open this link. I like to call this “The Happy Couple” –

23 daisy { 02.21.14 at 11:30 pm }

True story. That’s what happened to my son when he was about 3. He had speedos on though. We were relaxing in our yard after a trip to the beach when to his surprise and delight a baby willie wagtail (apt) perched on his perch and stayed there for ages.
But I think doing it naked and with a parrot is dangerous. We have lots of parrots here and they love chewing nuts.

24 mkr lover { 03.18.14 at 8:15 pm }

Chloe and Kelly are dogs. One has a fugly joker mouth and the other is just pug fugly with their snide smiles. What maggots.