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Lara Bingle’s “Husband” Sam Worthington Arrested For Punching A Pap


Sam Worthington will appear in court in New York on an assault charge. It is alleged he punched a paparazzi in the face after the photographer had kicked Lara Bingle.

In the middle of this kerfuffle he appeared to confirm rumours that the pair had married telling the pap “You kicked my wife”. The pair have been wearing matching wedding rings.

The big question is if they married did they sign a pre-nuptial agreement? Because once all the sexual adrenaline wears it will be interesting to see if they can make it for the long haul.

By the way if the pap did kick Lara, and he too has been arrested, it is pretty outrageous and don’t blame Sam for reacting.


1 Windsong { 02.25.14 at 12:17 am }

Even if Lara wasn’t assaulted, paparazzi are lower than scum. I hope he didn’t just shove the guy, but actually knocked his teeth out. Good on him.

Even though I still can’t really stand Lara Bingle.

2 daisy { 02.25.14 at 12:22 am }

But is there a little Worthington-Bingle the 1st inside, prompting Sam to be extra vigilant? I’m betting there is.

3 brain dead dave { 02.25.14 at 12:25 am }

Lucky LB’s got plenty of cellulite to protect those legs these days.

4 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 12:26 am }

Daisy Gee i hope not. One Bingle is one too many.

I just keep hoping Sam comes to his senses before it’s too late.

Maybe we could put him in touch with Michael Clarke.

5 daisy { 02.25.14 at 12:31 am }

I don’t know if that’s going to happen TH. I saw him on telly saying to the police officer, “I was in Avatar. Haven’t you seen Avatar?”

“Tell it to the handcuffs buddy”.

6 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 12:41 am }

LOL Daisy.

BTW Daisy and BDD I’ve just been catching up on reading the last couple of days posts and WOW you two have been copping it.

Unfortunately I’ve started studying fulltime and so I’m always a couple of days behind with shows and RR.

7 Eliza { 02.25.14 at 12:41 am }

Drama, drama, drama with these two! Good theory, Daisy.

BDD, as much as you may dislike LB, one cannot help cellulite and is a sensitive issue for us ladies! You can definitely pick on her abysmal driving though.

8 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 12:43 am }

Eliza I think we can pick on her for just being abysmal.

9 Tuff deck { 02.25.14 at 12:45 am }

After two bubs, I’ll take Lara’s “cellulite” anyday :)

10 Eliza { 02.25.14 at 12:48 am }

What are you studying, Techhater?

LOL, Daisy, have you been copping it? I tend to gloss over the ‘annon’ comments that just appear to single out individuals and not add anything to the conversation. Don’t the comments on this thread go 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 7, 8… ?

BDD, just to clarify, although I am sensitive about cellulite, my comment was tongue in cheek.. FYI. I don’t tend to take things on here too seriously :) Sometimes I forget that my sense of humour may not often translate in text.

11 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 12:53 am }

Eliza I’m doing my Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I have heaps of cellulite and it didn’t offend me either.

12 brain dead dave { 02.25.14 at 12:54 am }

Photos of said cellulite was on the front of Woman’s Day and featured on this website recently ,Eliza,which is how and why I thought of it. Mea culpa .

Yes, pathetic Pops is trolling and stalking a few of us..The very same moronic, plagiarised post # 6 was taken down earlier. You got lucky this time,didn’t you? Would be if you could be.

13 Eliza { 02.25.14 at 12:55 am }

Haha, Techhater.. I tend to never be too harsh on people though, even though I don’t like a lot of what she represents. When she had her show on, I do remember feeling as though she had some issues from family life.. I think her dad died and they were really close? Not that everyone who has family tragedy has the excuse to do whatever the heck they like, but you get what I mean. It’s late! I’ll never forget the time I bumped into Michael Clarke on a night out soon after he started dating her.. it seemed like real love.. not!

14 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 1:04 am }

Eliza Talking about “bumping” into cricketers. Back in the early 80’s I literally bumped ( well it was more like “slammed” ) into Dennis Lillee and all I could say was that I was going to miss my train……..and then I ran off.

I still regret not asking him for his autograph LOL 😛

15 daisy { 02.25.14 at 1:08 am }

Eliza, TH, it can only bother you if you care. If it ever happens to you picture them naked. Yew. I always figure they are fat, toothless bearded crones and wouldn’t be on my Christmas list so who cares.

But it’s boring when the girls just want to have fun. Still, sadly for them that’s their thing.
As long as all you guys are around, that’s all I care.

Eliza, when in doubt that your humour might be misconstrued; smiley faces, and lots of them. I am always sitting at my computer laughing….even at trolls. I really do. 😆

16 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 1:16 am }

HaHa Daisy. They’re not on my Christmas list either…….

…….if I had one. 😉

17 daisy { 02.25.14 at 1:24 am }

Oh yeah TH, you should have seen me all day with my black marker pen going “Damn. Another one off the Christmas list”.
Oh well, less cards I’ll have to buy.

Eliza@14. You always strike a good balance of kindness, humour and discernment.

18 Eliza { 02.25.14 at 1:32 am }

Sometimes I use :) for sarcasm, too.. You’ll never know. Haha.. No, I only ever do that to people I don’t take a particular shine to 😉

MC wouldn’t give me an autograph or photo.. prob too worried I would make up some salacious story and sell it to New Idea! We did get some dance floor time but let’s just say he didn’t leave a good impression, especially when I informed him that I played (a teeny bit of) cricket at school.

I am watching a movie that is quite bad, but I love when a character that you suspect is going to be bad turns out to be. You didn’t get me! Although, the one actor I am watching it for, isn’t in it too much… shame.

19 Eliza { 02.25.14 at 1:34 am }

Haha, Daisy I am actually picturing you right now, and thanks, I do my best :)

20 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 1:37 am }

Eliza What are you watching?

21 daisy { 02.25.14 at 1:40 am }

Speaking of Shame. That was a good movie. Funny how you can picture some people. You should never have told me you scurry.

And I should never have said I woke up with a lindt wrapper stuck to my belly after a late night binge.

TH@ 12, that’s what I was wondering. Mel Gibson is on here but he’s playing to an empty theatre.

I’ll let you enjoy your movie in peace now.

22 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 1:45 am }

I’m glad I’m not a chocolate eater. Waking up with wrappers stuck to my belly would be my worst nightmare. LOL

23 brain dead dave { 02.25.14 at 1:47 am }

I met Ian Chappell at a Joe Walsh gig during the 80’s and despite his reputation, he was pretty friendly. More recently in the 90’s ,I was waiting at the lights to cross the street in the cbd and there was a little bloke standing next to me….Don Bradman. Crossed the street with him.Too awestruck for words. Saw Dennis Lillee play his first Test match here. Never really liked Michael Clarke much.

24 daisy { 02.25.14 at 1:48 am }

There’s worse things you could wake up with stuck to your belly TH.

Just think of poor Corrine.

25 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 1:53 am }

BDD I always knew you were something else now I know why. Of all people “The Don” I’m in awe of you. Just to cross the road next to him. WOW.

26 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 1:55 am }

Daisy Stop it. The nightmares are getting worse just thinking about it.

27 daisy { 02.25.14 at 2:00 am }

Wait till you read the other thread TH, then and picture what I am wearing. Lucky Woolif doesn’t have a big bum.

Here’s news I just heard…Katie Holmes and Sam Fox.

28 Eliza { 02.25.14 at 2:04 am }

Ok, so I have never watched a Twilight movie.. they make me want to stab my eyeballs out but I am watching the movie based on those Mortal Instruments movies.. only because my new celebrity husband is in it. Sometimes I think I am still 16.

I must have missed that about the Lindt wrapper at some point, Daisy. Oh, you must have a pretty interesting mental image of me as someone who scurries..? HA! I always have a picture of people in my mind.. it always rattles me when they look completely different.

Don Bradman, that’s pretty cool!

29 brain dead dave { 02.25.14 at 2:05 am }

It wasn’t so rare to see him around the cbd, TH, Eliza and the Bradman mansion isn’t far from here. I’m told he’d do autographs~,but only via mail when requested. In small city like this , I’ve had odd encounters with celebs .I was in a record shop one time and I thought,”I know that voice” and there’s a bloke standing next to me looking for records of Bruckner. It’s Barry Humphries. Even weirder , I had one of his books in my backpack at the time. Again , too awestruck and don’t want to be a pain in the arse. I’ve got more but enough name dropping. Aussie icons don’t come any bigger.

30 Eliza { 02.25.14 at 2:19 am }

I don’t see too many celebs/sports people. Recently I did see Glenn McGrath.. love him! Oh and Brett Lee almost came into my work with his gf or wife (I am not sure) but they suddenly deviated.. I was devastated! I have had Deltra Goodrem come in but many wouldn’t be too phased by that! I also recently had a rather cute guy come into work who I later realised was a current Wallabies player.. whoops. I probably would have gone all 16 year old if I had realised earlier though. Everyone sees Irene from Home and Away out my way too.. pulling out the big guns now.

31 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 2:28 am }

Eliza You’re right about Delta Goodrem. In our family, if we’re listening to music and a song comes on that one of us doesn’t like we say “Delta Goodrem” and the song is skipped.

32 brain dead dave { 02.25.14 at 2:30 am }

Oh, okay, I can’t help myself. Jack Brabham, Ayrton Senna, Tommy Immanuel, Steve Cook($ex Pistols drummer),Manning Clark, Don Dunstan, Nat Bassingthwaite, Jezza, Percy Jones.

And I missed out by mere minutes on meeting the greatest of them all,who indulged and delighted a small gathering outside his hotel~ Muhammed Ali.

It’s a small world,gice. Just lucky, I guess. Mostly A listers.

33 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 2:40 am }

Ok I was going to bed but seeing as you’re all name dropping, it’s my turn.

Ian Healy, Ross Wilson, Daryl Braithwaite, Whoopi Goldberg (she was most gracious to say the least) and I have the autographs to prove it. And smoked a joint with Jimmy Barnes and his wife back in the late 70’s, although I don’t think they were married then.

34 brain dead dave { 02.25.14 at 2:48 am }

A joint with Barnesy?.I recall you saying that.That’s a beauty.I know someone who knocked him out cold after he threw an empty bottle offstage and hit his g/f. My friends here were enlisted to score some weed for Jose Feliciano.

35 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 2:57 am }

Ok you win HAHA Now that is cool. B-)

36 Littlepetal { 02.25.14 at 8:26 am }

Lara Bingle won’t get much if the marriage only last a few months. Only earnings during the marriage will be used to work out payment in the divorce

37 Gabby { 02.25.14 at 9:48 am }

Wow, TH, good work with your full time studies, big load. I take my hat off to you. I have been wondering where you were. Good luck.

Sam did right to protect his woman, good one Sam.

38 Andrea { 02.25.14 at 9:51 am }

Yes Techhater, you sound like one smart cookie, good on you!

39 Techhater { 02.25.14 at 9:58 am }

Thanks gice, it’s time to hit the books.

40 Eliza { 02.25.14 at 2:07 pm }

Ok, ok, BDD and TH, you def win on the celeb encounters although I don’t know who half of them are :p

Good luck, TH.. You know where to come when you feel like some procrastination.

41 Mia { 02.25.14 at 2:55 pm }

TMZ showed some footage from the (I’m willing to bet totally staged for publicity) ‘incident’. Didn’t capture the whole thing, but it looks like Lara was attempting to rip the pap’s camera from him before he kicked her. Doesn’t give him the right to kick her, but he’ll probably argue that he was defending his property.

42 brain dead dave { 02.25.14 at 3:06 pm }

Really stellar celebrities like John Lennon ,George Harrison ,Greta Garbo etc would get creative and would wear disguises when it suited them.

Other also rans like Lara Worthington neurotically want to be noticed and chase publicity but strictly on their terms. Most likely , this is, pun intended ~a beat up.

43 Ginny { 02.26.14 at 11:04 am }

Funny how celebs like to control the paparazzi. There is nothing wrong with them they have a job to do and they are doing it. It’s supply and demand if no one bothered buying their pics then they would be out of a job so there is a demand. Most celebs are up themselves anyway, full of it and overpaid to boot. Who really cares about them. In the scheme of things they are not important. I mean what they are doing ain’t brain surgery! As for Bingle she is just doing what she can to stay in the public eye. She is after fame and fortune and maybe now she might get it through her hubby.

44 brain dead dave { 02.26.14 at 11:13 am }

Watching Avatar, I felt I was being assaulted by Mr Worthington myself. He can’t act his way out of a paper bag. He’s done absolutely zilch of any artistic merit so far. That’s what he’s “worth”

45 daisy { 02.26.14 at 11:41 am }

Th@31 Good one. I might get shot for this but I do almost the same but with Michael Buble.

46 brain dead dave { 02.26.14 at 4:09 pm }

They’re calling her “Laura” Bingle on ET .Ouch!

No footage of the “incident” but just of Sam in cuffs.

47 Joseph Skyrim { 02.27.14 at 9:23 am }

Can’t really blame Sam, I think all paparazzo’s deserve a good punch every now and then! 😛

@42 – re: Disguises. Lady Gaga has a good way of doing this, as Lady Gaga -is- the disguise. When Stefani Germanotta steps out without the ridiculous outfits and makeup I’m not sure how many people would recognize her.

48 Sheridan { 03.02.14 at 7:59 am }

@ginny – the paps are taking it to a whole new level with stalking and harassing those in the public eye. It’s dangerous and a complete invasion of privacy, surely someone should be able to pick their kids up from school or go out for a meal without cameras being shoved in their faces.

Because I can’t resist, my name dropping is: Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Gerard Way, Diesel, Dave Hughes, Jason Donovan, Jon Stevens, James Freud, James Reyne, Wendy James, Dale Ryder, Justine Clark, Laurie Daly, Ben Elias, Ron Barrassi, others that I can’t remember off the top of my head!