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So You Think You Can Dance – First People Eliminated – No More Ballroom Dancers Left

Thabang was a surprise elimination on Sunday night on So You Think You Can Dance. He was in the bottom three with Stephen and Joel. His Viennese Waltz with Maddie attracted critcism due to his partnering style. The judges think he is not a supportive partner, however to be fair he was also grappling with 60 metres of material as well so no wonder the lift looked awkward.

It was interesting that this had a bigger impact then the dance for you life solos. As Thabangs was the most outstanding quite hard considering he is ballroom. Stephen even though he is technically fantastic lacks a little charisma and Joel the hip hop guy did a dance that had nothing new or orginal in it.

With Kathleen also being eliminated from the girls it also means there are no ballroom dancers left in the competition. And this is not a positive thing.

It was surprising to see Nadiyah having to dance for her life tonight as she has received a lot of air time unlike Zoey and Stephen.  However in hindsight she did not have a lot to work with last week in her hip hop routine. Kathleen should be eliminated as her footwork was again sloppy in her Samba this week. Surely there must have been better ballroom dancers audition.

You wonder if they were so keen to have the ex-partners in as a story line they overlooked some better technical female dancers.

After having to work out if Paula Abdul was wearing a shirt it was time for the couples to dance together for the first time.

To survive in this show you have to have talent but also you have to get lucky with the choreographers/routines you get and again we saw the impact this had.

Ashlee and Jay were first to dance to Happy by Pharrel. The choreographer was Simon Lind.What was weird about the routine it took awhile for it to get going. They were in one spot of the stage for the first half of the dance. Aaron said people won’t appreciate how fast and frenetic the routine was. Jason G said it took them until halfway through the routine to get into their groove, and  Shannon got out of the chair to explain what he meant when he said they were over dancing. They will be at risk of bottom three this week.

Eden and Blond danced a contemporary jazz routine by Stephen Tannous. Blond was lucky he got teamed with Eden one of the smaller girls in the competition and it was the highlight of the night. The mesmerising routine was to Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Lorde and it was very clever of Stephen to use the sticks. Blond was fantastic as was Eden and they received standing ovations. Stephen Tannous was knocked out of his season far too early but it is great to see him back as choreographer and it looks like they will be calling him up every week if this is what he is going to deliver. Go here to see the routine.

Sally and Jordan did contemporary and choreographer was Jason Winters. Rehearsals were not good and Jordan was not happy about the steps on stage. His he a little high maintenance? The song was Addicted To You by Avicil. There were no obvious bloopers but the dancers did not look to happy at the end. Shannon thought the emotion over took the cleanliness. Jason G said Jordan could have drawn on so many more emotions and Paula thought they technically nailed the steps then told Jordan to lift his shoulders.

Jason G then asked what was clearly a set up question about what was blocking him this week and he said it was close to home the dance this week and he wept. Not sure what that was all about.

Patric and Lauren were danced Urban to Chris Scott routine. It was to Fast Car by Tracey Chapman.  It was lyrical hip hop apparently. It was not the most riveting of routines but everyone else loved it. Lauren is the golden child of the competition with Aaron telling her she was one of the best dancers in the dance world. It will be interesting to see how she goes when lifts are involved as she has struggled with them previously.

Kathleen and Chris danced a ballroom number. It was a samba by choreographers Aric and Masha. Kathleen is a little hard to lift  as she is more Cyd Charisse then Debbie Reynolds. Also her feet were very sloppy, Mary Murphy would not be happy. Chris did well and they were told they had more chemistry then her and Thabang.

Yukino and Stephen did a Jazz number with choreographer Cameron Mitchell. Yukino has a star quality and was fabulous but not technically perfect. Whereas Stephen was technically perfect but the problem I am still not sure he has a star quality.

Maddie and Thabang  had to do a waltz to Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. Thabang said there is no chemistry between them but they were going to have to try. The problem is the waltz does not have much a wow factor. The audience gave a polite clap at one of the lips but that was probably because they were glad he was not suffocated by all the material. Shannon thought it felt vacant. Paula agreed with Shannon and thought there was no connection. Jason G said it was a beautiful routine given to you but both looked removed. Aaron told Thabang he was not a giving partner.

Renelle and Joel were given some weird Brazilian ballroom style called solculamba (sic). Have to say it was a smoking hot performance by Renelle to the song Climax by Usher. Was Joel doing something weird with his mouth as it kept on opening and closing? Maybe that was his sexy look.

Nadiah and Michael had a urban routine choreographed by Tiana Canterbury. Tiana just happened to be twerking when the pair entered the rehearsal room.  Though it all made sense when the song was revealed as #twerkit (featuring Nicky Minaj) by Busta Groove. It was an enjoyable routine but for some reason it seemed a bit Mardi Gras to me with some locker room over tone since they were dressed in footy gear. Jason G did not think it worked for him but thought it might have been his age. Shannon thought it was primarily a female dance style. Michael thought he tried to make it masculine – he didn’t. Aaron disagreed with Jason and he thought they did a great job.

Zoey and Sam were danced a contemporary by Paul Malek.It is interesting that for the second week in a row Sam has had the lucky last dance spot. The number was to Forever Young by Audra Mae.  The judges loved Zoe and said she should not be in the bottom six. The reason she is there is that no one knows who she is. She got zero camera time in the top 100 week. Well none that I can recall.

The dance for you life solos then occurred and then with minimal conferring Thabang and Kathleen were gone. There were now tears from their partners and they appeared to be quite happy they were in a new couple.


1 Gidgitvonlarue { 03.04.14 at 3:44 pm }

Seems ballroom dancers always get turfed early. One is best to be contemporary or rap. Just like there are very rarely any tap dancers. I’m amazed they have ballerinas. That’s good I guess.

2 Eliza { 03.04.14 at 6:56 pm }

@Gidgit – There was one ballroom dancer in a past series that did quite well and he ended up being quite versatile but I can’t remember his name. Agree though that as a whole, they tend to get kicked off earlier.

Thabang going wasn’t a surprise to me at all.. It never seemed as though they (the judges) really liked him (?) and I didn’t take a shine to him either. People are voting for their favourite dancer and he didn’t come across as being likable to me anyway. I prefer Joel and I love Stephen.. he is a great dancer and is adorable.

Kathaleen going also wasn’t a shock. I really wanted to see her do something other than ballroom on Sunday night to see how versatile she was but again she had a ballroom routine and didn’t nail it. Poor Kathaleen was probably thinking that she can’t get away from Thabang. I was sort of surprised by Nadiah being in the bottom but then again, I would like to see something different from her than shaking her bootay, which she is good at.

I enjoyed the routines by Ashleigh and Jay, Eden and Blond, Lauren and Patric and Renelle and Joel most.

I agree with RR about Lauren being the golden child, and Sam definitely is too.

Hopefully the ratings are picking up!

3 Reality Raver { 03.04.14 at 8:13 pm }

Gidget and Eliza was the ballroom guy who did well called Henry. I think he went to the US and worked in the Jason G Burn the Floor stage show.

4 Eliza { 03.05.14 at 12:36 am }

Yes, it was Henry, RR!

No wonder I have always remembered this performance 😉

5 Parker { 03.05.14 at 10:55 pm }

Henry’s now on the US version of ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

6 Calorie Loader { 03.06.14 at 3:19 pm }

I was loving Stephen and Yukino in their jazz routine, and then a shirtless Stephen in his solo ‘dance for you life’ segment-thank you Australia!

Eden and Blond were on fire. Thought the judges were a bit harsh on the twerking routine-they shouldn’t be commenting to the dancers on what they didn’t like in the choreography if they have no control over it. Thought they both did a great job.

Most entertaining was when Thabang disappeared under 60m of fabric-not the best performance but Thabang showed he really can dance in his solo segment-it just doesn’t seem to translate as well with a partner.

Looking forward to Shannon dancing. I hope Paula gets a go as well.