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My Kitchen Rules – Did The Best Team Win?

Not sure how fair these restaurants are when the diners get to pick the winner by the amount of cash they pay. It does not look like the best team won last night.

The white team won but their dishes attracted far more criticism from the judges then the black team’s did.

The white team were told their entree of Chilled Cucumber Soup and Cerviche of Scallops was told was “a good start” and Thalia and Bianca were praised for their dessert of Orange Syrup Cake with caramelised pineapple. But most of the other dishes were criticised. Just about all of Bree and Jessica’s Sake Poached Pears were sent back as they were too hard. The judges also were not fans of the dish and said it lacked flavour.

Uel and Shannelle’s Fried Chicken dish was criticised for the lack of flavour in the noodle salad as was the Umami broth in Josh and Danielle’s Sirloin steak dish.

Whereas the black teams entree and mains were all praised. The only dish that attracted criticism was Cathy and Anna’s Macadamia Tart. It was too sweet. They were unlucky to lose. Sure in service the Dukkah Salmon was sent back because it was undercooked but if it was the judges decision then it looked like they would have backed the black team in.

Some other quick thoughts on the episode:

Uel and Shannelle’s advantage was to pick their team and then they went and selected Harry and Christo. What? They even admitted they were not great cooks;

Harry was having a hard team filling up his restaurant but this may have been more to do with it being in the blazing sun and the black team’s being more in the shade;

It is hard to know who is the biggest control freak in the competition – Anna or Bree?

Vikki and Helena barely hid their disdain for Chloe and Kelly when they were cooking with them – snarking behind their back;

What is with lamb being cooked rare or raw and the teams thinking that is fine, thankfully Colin Fassnidge picked this up and told them to cook it more.

There is going to be five strong teams going head to head in the challenge tonight to avoid landing in the elimination challenge. I think Jason and Annie will flounder.

Apologies for lack of posts over weekend and this morning I am having computer issues.


1 daisy { 03.11.14 at 5:11 am }

Good reaction Zhee.
And yeah, forced, fake fight. When t hey do this to thd characters it’s so one dimensional and boring. So we can expect each will have to continue to play their one character facet throughout the season.

2 daisy { 03.11.14 at 5:16 am }

OK Smythe. But say no more until I have had a look.
There’s no way it will match TR but I’ll give it a go.
The film they use looks so lary like CSI Miami but worse.
It looks like a a bright painting in primary colours. I prefer the natural, soft colour of the Returned And Orphan Black.

3 Zhee { 03.11.14 at 6:05 am }

Daisy, my boyfriend recently started True Detective. Looks like it’s a fantastic show, maybe it might be interesting for you:

4 Smythe { 03.11.14 at 6:32 am }

OK Daisy, won’t say anything except that the colors were bright throughout most of the program. Not that kind of natural, misty, somewhat haunting look. Also (one last comment) there were some one dimensional, cardboard characters whereas in Returned most of the characters seemed to be complex.

5 Bel { 03.11.14 at 10:22 am }

I’m also not getting the praise for scallops & cauli mash…. although I reckon I’d stuff up deep fried bone marrow. It’d melt away to nothing pretty easily.

What happened in the end? I missed the last 30 mins for 4 Corners,was a gripping one last night.

Also has anyone else noticed Bumpkin Annie seems to have a tatt on her neck under her right ear? DP is convinced there’s one there being covered with slap. I guess neck tatts aren’t very wholesome and country-girl.

6 daisy { 03.11.14 at 10:40 am }

Thanks Zhee. I ‘ll check it out.

Thanks Smythe. Critique I don’t mind. I’m just la la la la la on plot. Not that I will probably be able to stick with Res.

Bel, ah the Cou try girl; another contrived one dimensional character. If the producers would just let them cook and be themselves, I think it might stand a better chance of being interesting.

Bel I recorded 4 Corners to watch today.
People can be interesting.

7 Bel { 03.11.14 at 11:00 am }

Daisy it was 4 Corners at its best, detailed & fascinating although a sickening topic. Was more about the police work though, not too painful to watch.

Yes, I wish they’d stop engineering these contestants. Let Annie show her neck tatts & unplait that bloody hair. I bet she looks very different in her usual life.

Tonight’s promos of Carly rushing to her enemy’s assistance and everyone sobbing at the humanity of it are…just…awful. I’m starting to dislike myself for watching. Think I’ll go check when old MC is back on channel one.

8 daisy { 03.11.14 at 11:23 am }

Perhaps Annie’s meltdown last night was because she started cracking under the pressure of having to Play Annie Get Your Gun.

Or the braids were too tight.

9 Smythe { 03.11.14 at 11:31 am }

You can always watch MC New Zealand. Last 2 days involved 2 teams creating 8 course degustation menus. Except for 1 or 2 dishes the food was incredible (at least the way it looked and the way Josh Emmett and Simon Gault described it) and innovative. Much more technique and creativity than I’ve been seeing on MKR.

10 Smythe { 03.11.14 at 11:37 am }

Daisy #58 :-)

Annie…I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not in my own kitchen and there’s no place like home. Wizards Pete and Manu will help me find my way. They can also give Kelly a heart and the twins another brain.

11 Littlepetal { 03.11.14 at 11:43 am }

I saw Annie on Sunrise this morning. She has put on weight. To me she looks pregnant. Maybe that is the cause for her breakdown

12 cuisinaire { 03.11.14 at 11:53 am }

@61 And the “brain fades” (if they are unscripted).

13 daisy { 03.11.14 at 2:16 pm }

Good one Smythe, I will see if I can find an old Judy Canova dressed as a hayseed.

Littlepetal, could be.

14 brain dead dave { 03.11.14 at 2:50 pm }

Last night showed again why Four Corners has been a brave, great show for such a long time. It’ll be encored late tonight at 11.30 on ABC1 and again on ABC 24 on Sat night 7.30.

15 Bel { 03.11.14 at 4:03 pm }

Agree BDD, it’s always worth catching, but last night’s ep was exceptional. Was pretty much mandatory to skip the last half hour of MKR to watch. Thank goodness we have some decent journalism still left for free.