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So You Think You Can Dance – What Is With The Voting?

Paula in tears

OK so I don’t vote so I really should not be whinging about this, but how did Blond and Renelle land in the bottom six the other night.

I had thought those two were standouts the week before. Jason Gilkison exclaimed ” I can’t believe the six of you are standing there” when the dancers who would have to vote for their life was announced. Well say who you think should have been there instead.

Joel was in the bottom three again alongside Chris. Chris was collateral damage from previous  week where he had done a ballroom routine with the since eliminated Kathleen. She had been pretty sloppy the week before. Joel ended up being the one the judges eliminated along with hip hop dancer Sally. A factor in why she would have been eliminated was this week she was dancing in her genre with Jordan and they did not pop.

What about Jordan’s dad contacting him for the first time? What a dick. Was this because he saw him on TV? So now Jordan is being dumped with all that emotional baggage, hopefully it is not going to hinder his focus and concentration.

The highlights of this week’s episode was Shannon Holtzapffel dancing with the top 18 to Blurred Lines and Ashleigh and Jay dancing the Debbie Ellis routine. Paula Abdul was crying as was Jay who had revealed that he had drawn his mother’s suffering of depression and how they had feared losing her. Go here to check it out.

Blond and Eden were another highlight with their ballroom/bolero type dance as was Nadiah and Michael. Also good to see Adam Williams found time from his Asian Next Top Model commitments to choreograph a colourful and fun broadway routine.

What was your favourite routine?


1 Anonymous { 03.11.14 at 2:47 pm }

I am loving the show and hope enough people with ratings meters watch it, so that the ratings improve and 10 sticks with it! 10 actually have some really good shows (IMO) but people have just tuned out to them- sad :(

2 Eliza { 03.11.14 at 5:26 pm }

I am really enjoying this, too. People must have forgotten about it after the hiatus and are too busy watching mean people try cook! I must admit I have been watching silly people try renovate…

I always ask the same question, RR when they say how shocked they are about the bottom voted contestants! If it wasn’t these people, then who? It HAS to be someone!

I was shocked too about Renelle and Blond being in the bottom. I wasn’t shocked about Chris though as his routine with Kathaleen the previous week wasn’t great, but I knew he would be saved by the judges.

The whole Jordan fiasco I thought was inappropriate to bring up on TV. I thought it would have been more dignified to leave that for off camera.. It just didn’t rub me the right way and I don’t think it will necessarily do Jordan any favours with all the drama surrounding him. Who knows the whole story though and I don’t think Australia should have been told anything, as it would make it harder for Jordan.

I am loving the routines and everyone is really strong this year. I think that the two weakest dancers left were eliminated on Sunday.