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Survivor Cagayan – Exclusive Interview With Brice Johnston


It is a real pity  27 year old social worker Brice Johnston did not get further in the game as his personality definitely made him entertaining viewing. He was the first to be voted from the beauty tribe after his alliance with Jeremiah fell apart. Here he tells us about his strategy, why he was such a threat and just how bad the weather was out there.

Reality Ravings: I read in another interview that you did that you attended an open casting call for Survivor previously and you botched the audition. What happened?

Brice Johnston: It was the middle of winter time and it was maybe 20 degrees outside [Ed’s note: -6 degrees celsius], and I was outside for four hours. I think once I got inside in front of the producers I was so cold and so nervous that I did not know what to say in front of the camera. Gervase from Season One and Blood V Water was there and he gave me some good advice, now you know what they are looking for so you can try again next year. Sure enough after the next Survivor they had a snippet at the bottom of the screen that said send your audition videos to That is what I did. I created a three minute video and I could not figure how to convert it to my email to send a file small enough so I was only able to send in a 45 second clip of me. They were very interested and the casting process started from there.

RR: Maybe they were pleased they only got 45 seconds and that was why you got on but I am sure there were other reasons. Now going into the game did you have any strategy or a game plan?

BJ: Absolutely. I knew that if I was on a tribe with girls they would definitely connect with me. I wanted to play a strong social game and get everyone to like me and get people to turn. I did not look like much of a physical threat but I am very athletic I have been a runner all my life, and I have played soccer. I wanted to play a strong social game and surprise my tribe  that I am rather athletic. That was my thinking going in but it kind of back fired when they could see what a strong player I was so they wanted to take me out for fear that if I went further it would be harder to get me out.

RR: Whose idea was the tribe was it to do the two/two/two vote to try and flush out the “idol” if there was one? 

BJ: That would be the mastermind, LJ himself. Just in case Morgan and I had the idol to flush it out.

RR: But he had it himself. What stage of tribal council did you start getting worried or did you know before tribal?

BJ: I had an inclination that they would be targeting me before tribal. That is why I went into tribal council so strong and went in there guns a blazing because I knew they were gunning for me and I felt I had nothing to lose. I wanted to make sure I aired out all our dirty laundry.

RR: Did you think Jeremiah was in your alliance? It looked like he was flip flopping all over the place was that true?

BJ: He definitely was. I think Jeremiah wanted to take LJ out but I think he was scared to go against LJ. Jeremiah is not the brightest crayon in the crayon box.

RR: You were on the beauty tribe and there did appear to be some stereotypes playing out. One was when it was raining down and you were trying to get the shelter fixed up that the girls were not doing anything to help. Was that true?

BJ: Absolutely – 100 percent. The girls did not do anything, they laid around all day. They were willing pick me as being active around the tribe. And I was I was very active. I got water everyday, I helped with the shelter, I helped with the fire. I was a very key person in our camp life. The girls did absolutely nothing and I was the first one out.

RR: Would you go on Survivor again?

BJ: Absolutely. I don’t think my fans got enough of me.

RR: You’ve been on the show what is next for you. Do you have any media or business plans?

BJ: After being on the island and after being eliminated and taking my first shower I smelt so funk and I did not want to ever want to smell that funk again. So I came home and I am currently working on a perfume line. It will be called Fragrances By Brice Izyah available this summer. Find out more information from my instagram and Twitter pages @briceizyah.

RR: One last question, the rain coming down was dreadful. Was the shelter prepared before then? It looked like you were all scrambling to get the palm fronds on had it just collapsed or hadn’t you guys fixed your shelter up properly in the first place.

BJ: I don’t think the episode depicts how bad the rain and the wind were. We were in a typhoon, so the wind was howling and it tore  up our shelter. Our shelter held up a little bit but once the rain and the wind really started to pick up our shelter just disintegrated.

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1 Ali { 03.14.14 at 12:46 pm }

“I don’t think my fans got enough of me.”

Said without a hint of irony. I love this guy: even during a ten year Australian drought, his glass would still be half full.

I’m reminded of Pride & Prejudice and Mr Bennett’s advice to Mary after her execrable singing: “That will do extremely well, child. You have delighted us long enough. Let the other young ladies have time to exhibit.”

Who knew you could compare and contrast Jane Austen with Survivor.

2 daisy { 03.14.14 at 1:53 pm }

Good one Ali. And very literary. :)

3 brain dead dave { 03.14.14 at 2:27 pm }

Pride And Prejudice suits Survivor so well, too.

4 daisy { 03.14.14 at 2:58 pm }

Lord of the Flies?