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My Kitchen Rules – Harry And Christo Again Show Why They Should Not Be In The Competition

Harry and Christo continued to show that they are unable to cook with dishing up a hamburger in last nights My Kitchen Rule’s instant restaurant. When Colin Fassnidge queried how much people would pay for their burger they assured him $20. He retorted “You are no Neil Perry”. Indeed there was nothing special about the burger no fancy bun or accompaniments. Sure they replaced bacon with pancetta but it was one you would get from your local milk bar if they still existed.

Though you would get more chips at a milk bar as they ended up only putting 6-8 on a plate why did they not peel more potatoes? They did not have that much to do in prep time.

Christo even managed to further prove his incompetency by putting pancetta on a vegetarian burger. If they don’t go this week expect to see them serving up Spaghetti Bolognese next Sunday.

The boys were in the White Apron group headed by Tresne and Carly who have now revealed to the papers they are a couple. Interesting that on the My Kitchen Rules bio it states they are friends. However in this article here it says they live together in a house they own and also own the house next door. The word “couple” is mentioned also.
Not sure why it was so hidden on the show as no one would care and when it is the most popular show on TV it would be pretty hard to keep it a secret.

Chloe and Kelly also on their team were making OPen Crab Lasagne with Pea Puree. This would have been a great dish if they could have managed to prep enough crab between cutting themselves. However Pete said the Pasta was great but the filling bland.

Uel and Shannelle were heading up the black team. They were cooking Spiced Gazpacho with Ling. Shannelle was the head chef and realised she was so uptight tasting everyone elses dishes she had not tasted her own. Manu said it was vinegary. Pete Evans said it needed some work.

The Tassie girls are showing they can actually cook. This time they were not doing dessert and were making Middle Eastern Lamb with Smokey Eggplant and they only razzled out their own flat bread. Colin did tell them to rub off some of the spice flavour as it was over powering. The advice must have been right as Manu said he could say nothing wrong about this dish.

Bree and Jessica also got glowing reviews for their Pan Seared Swordfish with Green Curry. It could have been a calamity if she had over or under cooked the fish as she only had 37 portions when they needed 35.

Josh and Danielle helped the white team with a very nice Deep Fried Apple Pie, the judges thought it was near perfect.

Paul and Blair’s dessert was not quite so good making Ginger Cake with Caramelised Peaches. Not sure why Paul thought it was a good idea to put a chopping board on them to try and make them all the same size. Pete thought the flavours were there but the execution were off on the ginger cake.

It was no surprise the black team headed by Shannelle and Uel won and hopefully it will be Harry and Christo sent to sudden death against Vikki and Helena tonight.


1 daisy { 03.18.14 at 3:48 pm }

Layla@46, you had me imagining some fabulous girl on girl that would really make a good hook.
The girls generating their own steam and then cooking dumplings.
Instead poor Tresna looks a bit supressed.